Name: Zhang Jinsheng (张晋生)
Gender: Male
Age: 62
Address: Wanbailin District, Taiyuan
Occupation: Employee of Wanbailin District Development and Reform Commission
Date of Death: November 18, 2012
Date of Most Recent Arrest: May 16, 2008
Most Recent Place of Detention: Jinzhong Prison (晋中监狱)
City: Taiyuan
Province: Shanxi
Persecution Suffered: Forced labor, illegal sentencing, imprisonment

( Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Zhang Jinsheng was arrested before the 2008 Beijing Olympics and sentenced to seven years in prison. He was in critical condition as a result of mistreatment from persecution, and was sent home on November 3, 2012. Two weeks later, on November 18, Mr. Zhang passed away.

Mr. Zhang was born in October 1950, and was an employee of the Wanbailin District Development and Reform Commission. He started practicing Falun Gong in 1994, and benefited physically and mentally from the practice. He was healthy and free of illness before the imprisonment.

Mr. Zhang was arrested by officers from the Jiancaoping Police Department on April 15, 2006, and taken to a forced labor camp to serve a one-year term.

On May 5, 2008, Mr. Zhang's sister Ms. Zhang Yueqin was arrested by officers from the Yingze Police Department, the Qiaodong Police Station, and the Chengguan Police Station. Her home was ransacked, and she was taken to the Taiyuan City Detention Center the next day.

Mr. Zhang went to the Chengguan Police Station on May 16 to clarify the truth to director Zhang Lianrong and instructor Zhao Shuangping, and to request that his sister be acquitted. He was followed and arrested after he walked out of the police station. The Yingze District Court later sentenced Mr. Zhang to seven years in prison, and he was incarcerated at the Jinzhong Prison. His sister was also sentenced.

Mr. Zhang developed stomach cancer in prison in 2010. His family requested his release on medical parole, however they could not proceed with the procedure because the local Qianfeng Police Station refused to accept Mr. Zhang. Mr. Zhang was sent to the No. 109 Hospital. He was released on November 3, 2012 due to his critical condition. Two weeks later, on November 18, he passed away.

Many Falun Gong practitioners are detained in the Jinzhong Prison. They are abused by a variety of torture methods. The guards instigate the inmates to torture them, and they lock practitioners in solitary confinement for anywhere from two weeks to several months. Practitioners are not allowed to talk to others or walk around, and they are often monitored by inmates. The guards said in a meeting of all monitoring personnel (inmates), “Do not let them [Falun Gong practitioners] talk to others. If they pass on things, even if it is just instant noodles, you should check and thoroughly examine it. If they don't follow instructions, you can beat them, as long as you don't beat them to death.” Four guards from the Jinzhong Prison took Mr. Luan Fusheng, who was on the verge of death, to the Weiming Street Police Station on March 21, 2007. The officers from the police station were shocked to see Mr. Luan's condition and sent him home directly. Nineteen days later, on April 8, 2007, Mr. Luan passed away.