Minghui Fahui | I was Fortunate to Obtain Dafa When I Was Desperate

On April 25, the police made an announcement that no one was allowed to practice Falun Gong anymore. Another practitioner said to me, “The government doesn't allow us to practice, so let's forget it. Don't be so serious.” I said, “Why do you listen to the government?” She said the government was more powerful than us. I said, “I used to envy your speed at reading. Didn't you read every day? How come you are still not clear about who is the stronger one. Dafa is the law of universe. How can a nation compare to Dafa? I still want to practice.”

Since I Started Practicing Falun Gong, I Have Become the Happiest Person

Whether in college, CCP detention, or on the job in the U.S., a practitioner affirms: “My life has been arranged for cultivation. There are no coincidences, and the path has been meticulously arranged by Master.”

Winnipeg, Canada: Falun Dafa Participates in Santa Claus Parade (Photos)

Practitioners received a warm welcome at the 103-year-old annual parade.

WOIPFG Releases Investigation Report on the Source of Corpses for Plastinated Human Specimens

A new report reveals the CCP's role in harvesting organs from Falun Gong practitioners and plastinating the bodies to be sold for display in international exhibitions on human anatomy.

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