Minghui Fahui | The Evil CCP Culture Must Be Eliminated

“This Fa states even more clearly how insidious the evil party culture is. I thought that Party culture only affected those most evil beings in China, but later I realized that none of the youth in China can escape the evil doctrines, and that we are all poisoned. That's why most children rebel against their parents' rules and regulations, and claim that it's because of the “age-gap.” Actually, this is a deviated notion. The conflict between young people and their parents is the clash of two cultures. We no longer have compassion, loyalty, etiquette, wisdom, or integrity, and in particular, we cannot tolerate criticism from anyone. People today are short-tempered, only concerned about themselves, and indulge in leisure. These deep-seated notions have been preventing me from elevating, and I realized it only after a dozen years of cultivation in Dafa.”

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