(Minghui.org) I liked reading since I was a child. I read many different books and even some about Buddha and the Dao. These books led me to ponder on life and, in the second term of my first year at the university, I bought a Qigong magazine.

On the front cover was a photo of Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong, in sitting meditation. The magazine introduced the Falun Gong exercises and its theories. I was very interested after reading the article, so I began to learn the Falun Gong movements according to the pictures and explanations in the article. I felt my body get hot and energized, and I realized that this practice was very different from any other practice today. While I was learning Falun Gong by myself, sometimes I could see a column of golden light above my head stretching upwards into the sky. Later on I heard that Master Li was coming to give lectures in Harbin, so I bought the ticket a month early so as not to miss out.

On August 5, 1994, the first day Master came to give lectures and teach the exercises, I went to the venue, Feichi Hockey Hall, early. Four thousand practitioners came in one after another. Suddenly, thunderous applause broke out. A tall, strong figure appeared. Master Li was kind and majestic.

Master lectured in a plain and easily understood language. I had come to get all the answers to the questions on life that I had been pondering. I was limited by the knowledge I had gained before, in that it was understood that, in today’s cultivation practices, it would take several lifetimes at least, sometimes more than ten lifetimes, to be successful and enlighten in cultivation. Also, cultivators had to become monks or nuns before they could go beyond the three realms or end the cycle of reincarnation. But if you practiced Falun Dafa, you didn’t need to stay in a monastery. You could reach consummation and attain Buddhahood within one lifetime by cultivating in ordinary everyday society. What a rare chance this was—as they say “once in millions of years”!

The Fa lecture started at 6 p.m. and finished at 8 p.m. every day. It was during the school holidays, so I applied to stay at the university. All the male students stayed in one big dormitory, and I cycled to the lecture hall every day.

That first day I listened to Master's Fa and realized that Falun Gong was a genuine great way to cultivate Buddhahood. The lecture hall held nearly 4,000 people, but it was so quiet. Master's compassionate Fa resonated in the hall. I felt cool qi come out of my body, as it became lighter and lighter. After Master finished the lecture, one male practitioner demonstrated the exercise movements on the stage while Master came down into the hall and corrected practitioners' movements. After I went back to the dormitory, I did the first exercise again, went to bed, and fell asleep straight away. The next day I found my mind was very clear.

On the second day when Master lectured on the topic of opening Tianmu (the third eye), my head felt swollen and numb.A colored screen appeared in front of me, showing some scenes in other dimensions. Later on I gained some of the supernormal abilities Master talked about.

What surprised me was that most of the practitioners in the hall were not listening to Master lecturing in this physical dimension. Instead Master had transported them to his Heavenly Kingdom, where they were listening to the Fa. Not only practitioners but also many heavenly beings in different dimensions were listening to the Fa. Beings in the microscopic world in every particle of the air were all listening to Master's lectures.

Some of them were in the form of Buddhists, like those in the ancient paintings; some were in the form of Daoists; and some were like Western gods. The appearance of some of these gods had never been recorded in any history books. The hair of some goddesses was purple, and their pupils were the color of ripe grapes. A white halo of light circled around their heads, and their bodies were surrounded by a huge purple halo. They were dressed all in white, and their skirts were embroidered with gold at the edges that was incredibly beautiful. They wore lilac crystal crowns and had delicate decorative items around their necks and arms. They were heavenly, sacred, and their beauty was beyond description. Some of the gods were not human-like. They looked like Vajras and were equally majestic and sacred. I saw beings in countless dimensions that were listening to the Fa on their knees. Not a single being was standing or sitting while listening to Master lecturing. Only practitioners in the hall were sitting while listening to the Fa. I felt very ashamed of myself. I tried my best to remember every word of Master's Fa. I concentrated so that I didn't miss anything. I tried very hard to memorize Master's words until I managed to buy a copy of the book Zhuan Falun.

On the third day I found that Master's flesh body was here lecturing while Master's Buddha bodies at different levels were lecturing in different dimensions and showing the great hand signs all at the same time. Gong, supernormal abilities, and Falun were emitting from Master's body and falling on the practitioners' bodies in different dimensions. Some practitioners got a Falun in their lower abdomen then and there.

That night in the dormitory, I did the second exercise and a huge Falun rotated regularly between my arms. I felt electric currents flowing through my body and hands. I felt numb, but I could also experience the waves of electricity flowing into me.

Around me were 48 ancient-warrior-gods fully dressed in helmets and armor. They were serious, with their eyes opened wide and shining weapons in their hands to protect me. Closest to me were eight gods dressed in golden jackets facing outwards with sharp weapons in their hands. At the far end were 16 heavenly dragons of different colors (most of them were gold and pale blue). Each dragon was tens of meters long with awesome scales and shining eyes swimming back and forth, guarding the place majestically. The dragons could become large or small at will. In one huge dimension with no other beings, only Master's law body was standing in the air, looking at me with a benevolent smile. I could no longer control myself. Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks, and I knew I was predestined for a life of cultivation. I was now on the path of cultivation and returning home.

On the fourth day I felt sleepy while listening to the Fa. I knew Master was cleansing my body. I tried to open my eyes and not fall asleep, but soon I saw Master's law body pull a three-inch-long flesh-colored worm out of the left side of my brain. The worm was struggling and spat out a lot of saliva while making squeaky noises. All of a sudden my flesh head became light, and I no longer wanted to sleep. After Master finished lecturing, I saw a female practitioner walking past me with her immortal infant (yuanying) of 13 or 14 years old next to her. Her yuanying was also female and looked so pure and sacred. I was a bit surprised. Using my supernormal ability of precognition and retrocognition, I learned that she’d started to practice Falun Gong in 1993, and within less than two years she had already reached such a high realm. Dafa is so great! This was not possible in any other practice today on the planet.

On the fifth day in the lecture hall, Master opened up memories of my reincarnations in past lives, and they appeared in front of me. What impressed most was that, in the Ming Dynasty, I followed Master, practicing cultivation. Master put two marks on me: one was on my Tianmu and one was on my heart. One male practitioner near me came from Lingyuan Iron and Steel Plant in Liaoning Province. He was once Sakyamuni's disciple when Sakyamuni was here on earth. He came from a remote, beautiful, heavenly kingdom. When I went back to the dormitory and started to do the third exercise “Penetrating the two extremes,” I saw my bodies in other dimensions were also huge standing in the universe, and mine was not a flesh body anymore.

On the sixth day while listening to Master's Fa, I felt my body in other dimensions become larger and larger. My body and mind were bathed in Master's Buddha light, and I felt so peaceful and happy. I wished time would stop and that I could stay with Master forever. As Master kept lecturing, some new practitioners had gong columns on their heads. The gong columns on some of the veteran practitioners became brighter. Practitioners in the lecture hall were bathed in the grace of Master's great virtue and were strengthened by Master's Fa power and had been lifted to a high realm beyond our imagination on earth.

Over the next two days Master gave two lectures each day. When I was practicing the Falun Heavenly Circuit exercise, I noticed that the qi mechanism of my flesh body was moving while, in a deeper dimension, a massive star system was moving and rotating with stars twinkling. It was so spectacular and breathtaking.

When Master talked about the principle of “Whoever practices cultivation will attain Gong,” I became more determined to cultivate in Dafa. When I was learning the fifth exercise, Strengthening Divine Powers, I suddenly found that I had a golden shining immortal infant in my belly. It was three to four inches tall sitting on a lotus flower in the appearance of a Buddha with bright blue hair and a kasaya, looking very pure and sacred.

On the last day Master answered practitioners' questions. Practitioners also asked Master to show the great hand gestures for us again. When Master was doing the great hand gestures, Master's Buddha body in different dimensions were emitting strong golden light that entered practitioners' bodies. Almost every practitioner at the Fa lectures had undergone great changes, and their bodies became transparent. With Master's strengthening, practitioners' bodies were glowing with a bright light. When Master finished the great hand gestures, thunderous applause broke out again in the hall.

Master had finished his lectures in Harbin. Practitioners from every corner of the country were reluctant to leave. When I was about to leave, I saw that Buddhas, Daos, and gods in every dimension were kowtowing to Master with great gratitude and deeply reverential hearts. Countless colorful petals fell down from the air with their delicate fragrance. Even several days later I could still smell the flowers. My classmates in the dormitory asked me if I had put on any cream on my face because it looked so nice and smelled so fragrant. They, too, could smell the fragrance from the heavens. Gods then returned to their kingdoms with the joy of obtaining the Fa.

When I walked out of the lecture hall, I saw many practitioners were still there sharing experiences. Some of them were planning to go to Yanji to attend Master's classes there. I saw two Bodhisattvas in the air. One of them said, “Beings who can obtain the Fa are remarkable!” The other one said, “Yes, they have gone through countless tribulations. Only one out of tens of thousands is chosen to be a Dafa disciple.....”

I didn't quite understand the underlying meanings of what the Bodhisattvas said. Only after so many years in the Fa-rectification period cultivation did I understand some of it. At the time I felt I was so lucky to obtain the Fa.

Eighteen years have passed. The unforgettable memories of those years regularly flash into my mind. Having experienced ups and downs over the last 18 years, I've managed to break through the test of life and death and found I have turned from a selfish being into a being that can let go of myself, considers others first, and can sacrifice myself without any hesitation to protect the Fa and the interests of sentient beings. Today I use my pen to write down these unforgettable memories to share with practitioners and commemorate the glorious Fa-rectification period when we are together with Master and with millions upon millions of practitioners.

I will never forget Master's saving grace!

Master's benevolence is unforgettable!