(Minghui.org) Falun Gong practitioners from the Greater Detroit Area and surrounding cities, including Windsor, Canada and Toledo, Ohio held an annual Fa conference on November 11, 2012. Sixteen practitioners shared their cultivation experiences. The topics discussed ranged from letting go of the concept of life and death, deepening understandings of sending righteous thoughts, cooperating in promoting Shen Yun Performing Arts, advising Chinese people to quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations, detecting one's human attachments while caring for young practitioners, and delivering Shen Yun Special Issues. Some practitioners attending the Fa conference said that the practitioners' experience sharing papers helped them find their own similar attachments. The exposure of those attachments is tantamount to cleansing this group environment, so that everyone can improve as a whole.

Sending Righteous Thoughts to Eliminate All Unrighteous Thoughts

Several practitioners shared their experience of sending righteous thoughts. Ms. Daphne talked about her experience when she began selling Shen Yun tickets at a supermarket. She was not in a good state that day, feeling rather muddle-headed. She recognized the issue, put aside things at hand, and began sending forth righteous thoughts to cleanse her mind. As a result, people started coming to the booth and buying tickets right away. She understands that though her time spent in ticket sales at supermarkets over the past few years was not short, and she wasn't able to sell many tickets, it was actually because her dimensional field was not righteous. She said she will send more righteous thoughts going forward, not only to cleanse herself but also to clear the environment for ticket sales. Regardless if things are good or bad, she will look within more.

Roger is a local Shen Yun promotion coordinator. Every time there was a big promotion event, he expected other practitioners to send more righteous thoughts. He later realized that this was also an attachment, whether he himself sent more righteous thoughts or not. He also realized the great importance of his own 5-minute cleansing before sending righteous thoughts.

Mr. Liu said he had maintained righteous thoughts continually while delivering the Shen Yun Special Issues. He once met two particularly large dogs staring at him, but was not moved. After he hung the special issue at a proper place, the two dogs happily wagged their tails to him. At that moment, he felt Master's presence, protecting his disciple. He also realized that by participating more in group Fa study and sending righteous thoughts, he was able to let go of many unsteady states of mind and negative thoughts. His family cultivation environment has also improved a lot.

Letting Go of Self and Cooperating Well

A practitioner recalled that Master advised practitioners in Detroit many times to cooperate a little better. Mr. Xu said, “My previous understanding of cooperating well is that following the coordinator's instructions will do. My experience last week made me have a deeper understanding. I was arranged to make a speech at a business club. When I arrived there, I was told that the time had been changed, and they had informed the coordinator. Not until then did I know that the coordinator had forgotten to inform me of the time change. At the beginning, I was discontented, but I immediately realized that if I had left with resentment, this was what the old forces wanted to see. Even if I didn't make a speech, I felt I should see if there was any other things for me to do.” In the end, Mr. Xu managed to give Shen Yun materials to the local club, and visited some surrounding businesses. He found some other places where they could promote Shen Yun, which he would do when he came next time. He said, “It seems that I should only do one thing, but with Master's arrangement, I do even more things. This is my understanding of being cooperative.”

Mr. Li had always looked down upon Windsor because it is a small city. He had always wanted to go to big cities, but problems occurred when he passed through customs, making it difficult for him to take part in a group Fa study. He understands that he must abandon his attachment to fame and personal interest, solidly do things in the local area, and cooperate well with other practitioners in promoting Shen Yun.

Mr. Liu, who coordinates and leads elderly practitioners to deliver Shen Yun special issues, said, “As soon as I entered this group, I realized that it was complicated work. They are all very cooperative, and follow my arrangements. I can't guarantee that my arrangement is good, but they never question it. I needed to print maps clearly, with detailed road names, and then arrange routes which complied with everyone's speed of doing things, and the volume of materials they could carry. I marked the routes with colored pencils, with beginning and ending points, plus how many turns they should take. Moreover, the density of the houses in different areas, the terrain undulation, whether or not there were mailboxes, and time spent, as well as rhythm were all different. With Master's care and protection, we made it. We often noticed that time was very compressed, and all arrangements seemed to have been adequate. After finishing, I realized that the entire process was cultivation.”

Clarifying the Facts and Advising Chinese People to Quit the CCP Organizations to Save More Predestined People

Several elderly practitioners described making phone calls to advise Chinese people to quit the CCP organizations. On one occasion, the party on the other end of the phone swore at the practitioner at first, but at the end of the phone call that person said he wanted to practice Falun Gong. A 610 Office agent finally said, “They (Falun Gong practitioners) are all good people.” After he declared his resignation from the CCP organizations, he said that he would protect Falun Gong practitioners. Some Chinese people listened to the six-minute recording about forced live organ harvesting, and exclaimed, “Too cruel, be quick to quit the CCP organizations!” Some practitioners incorporated advising Chinese people to quit the CCP organizations into their daily lives. They brought the truth to any Chinese person who happened to be standing next to them when lining up for something. The practitioners don't want to leave behind a single person with a predestined relationship. Julia has always used the truth clarification platform (RTC) to make phone calls to Chinese people in China. She said, “Now since Master arranges me to be here, there must be predestined people waiting for me. Fa-rectification hasn't come to a close, and they still have chances. I'll come here even though I am busy.”

Mr. Jia talked about his understanding of studying Master's latest article. He said his mind fluctuated somewhat some time ago, because of the U.S. presidential election, the incident of Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun, and the CCP Party Congress. After reading Master's latest article, he felt that Master awakened him, because his time and energy are limited, he didn't use them effectively in saving people, and look at the problems with a compassionate state of mind, but was involving himself in the ups and downs of the politics of everyday people. That should not be.

Overcoming Interference with Physical Health

Several practitioners shared their experiences of overcoming interference with their physical bodies and passing the test of life and death. Ms. Wan talked about a life-and-death test she had just passed not long ago. The severe interference with her body left her bedridden. She had made an appointment with another practitioner to deliver Shen Yun special issues, but she could not even make a phone call, so she was unable to inform others. Her main consciousness realized that she should do what a Dafa disciple should do at that moment, that she should promote Shen Yun. Later on when she could get up to make a phone call to that practitioner, she learned that the practitioner had been at Ms. Wan's door to send righteous thoughts. Ms. Wan was so emotional and said, “Not until then did I realize what a whole body meant, and what fellow practitioners mean, and I know now that I could get up just because that practitioner had been selflessly sending righteous thoughts, without the slightest complaint.” Thus, Ms. Wan once again stood up and walked out of her door to deliver Shen Yun special issues.

Ms. Lin said that when she was deeply trapped by the sickness karma, she was likely to be stuck into the sickness karma itself, and hoped to find a quick solution to resolve it, but she later realized that Master's Fa changes a cultivator's body from the microscopic level, with the bad substances being at the surface molecular level. Isn't that a good thing? After she let go of her attachment, the sickness karma that is normally removed through surgery miraculously disappeared.

Mr. Xu said that when he couldn't pass the sickness karma test, what he thought of was believing in Master and the Fa. No matter what his path of cultivation was, he simply listened to Master. Master asks us to promote Shen Yun and save more people, and he definitely doesn't allow the sickness karma to take away the flesh body, even though we still have attachments yet to be removed. With firm belief in Dafa, he also broke through a big test.

During the Fa conference, practitioners opened their hearts to talk about their experiences of passing tests and improving in cultivation. Mr. Huang, coordinator of the Fa conference, said, “The Fahui is one of the cultivation forms that Master has provided for us. We hope to take such an opportunity to help more practitioners step forward, share their cultivation experiences, and discuss with and encourage each other. Improvements on even small things will benefit the large cultivation environment.”