(Minghui.org) As evidence emerges about the Chinese Communist Party's crimes of harvesting organs from living Falun Gong practitioners, more people are expressing their indignation. Member of Provincial Parliament from Ontario, Mr. Randy Hillier, accepted an interview and said, “Purposeful organ harvesting from unwilling people is offensive in the most atrocious fashion. Nobody could ever condone this kind of practice.”


MPP of Ontario Randy Hillier: Nobody could ever condone organ harvesting.

Ever since the Chinese Communist Party's crime of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners was exposed in 2006, human right lawyers David Matas and former Canadian Secretary of State David Kilgour (Asia-Pacific) have made independent investigations and found more than fifty pieces of evidence indicating that thousands of Falun Gong practitioners have been victims of organ harvesting. Mr. Hillier said, “We know the evidence is pretty substantial and overwhelming. I view it as an offense against humanity that people were executed and murdered so that they could retrieve organs for the market place. We know that most, if not all, victims are Falun Gong practitioners. We need to create the awareness in our health system that this practice does exist.”

Regarding those who want to go to China for an organ transplant, Mr. Hillier said, “If they know people are being executed for this purpose, that practice will surely end. So, I think awareness is an important element. We have to make sure people in our health system know.”

He added, “Hopefully there are many people inside the communist party who also view this practice as a horrific crime against humanity and its own citizens. For people who live in China, freedom is not there. Democracy is not there. Justice is not there. They live in a very constricted system. Although there has been improvement and opening, there seems to be more and more economic choices, but morality, conscience, sense of justice and social choices are still pretty controlled, dictated and regimented by the central government.”

However, Mr. Hillier saw hope in China. For example, during the Tiananmen Square event, “People demonstrated their outrage against activities of the government. No government can withstand the opposition of the public, no matter how well-armed. Gandhi said, 'As soon as we stand up, they must fall.' We are seeing more and more growth in people having the courage to stand up and state their opposition to injustice. I think it will continue. Everybody in the world will benefit when the Chinese people have the courage to oppose the injustice and atrocious activity of organ harvesting. China will be a better place and the people will be free and prosperous.”

Mr. Hillier said that as more and more Chinese have the freedom and encouragement to stand up, more people inside the party will also be encouraged to stand up. “Those internal struggles and conflicts will increase as well...I would like to see the Communist Party disintegrate like the Soviet Union. The Chinese people have seen the advancement of economic freedom. The transition would be more smooth than in the Soviet Union...I would like to see the transition sped up.”