(Minghui.org) Whenever the 610 Office threatened to send me to a brainwashing center, my first step was to look inward. I found many attachments. More importantly, I realized my truth-clarification had not been sufficient. I said to the secretary of the community political and legal committee: “I am definitely not going to attend any brainwashing classes. I will speak to the director in person tomorrow morning.”

Greetings revered Master!

Greetings fellow practitioners!

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I have summarized parts of my cultivation process to report to revered Master and share with fellow practitioners. Please kindly point out anything that does not comply with the principles of the Fa.

Falun Dafa Is Good! How Can I Not Practice It?”

In the spring of 2011, a new 610 Office director took office. I knew I had a responsibility again. In October 2004, after I came home from detention, the evil Chinese communist party (CCP) continued its persecution. It suspended my pension. I also experienced frequent harassment and surveillance. I knew the 610 Office was behind all this.

In order to fundamentally disintegrate the persecution, in addition to extended Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts, I made up my mind to clarify the truth to the 610 Office and the political and legal committee face-to-face.

I clarified the truth to the secretary of the political and legal committee and the 610 Office director. This new director was the third one since I came home.

The first director sent me to a notorious province-level brainwashing center in the spring of 2005. Within an hour, I disintegrated the persecution with my righteous thoughts. They drove me home.

At the end of the year, when they couldn’t reach the “transformation” quota, I visited them to claim my pension. The 610 Office director asked me if I would go and stay a few days at the brainwashing class. He knew I wouldn’t “transform.” I solemnly refused and said: “You shouldn’t send anyone to brainwashing classes. Otherwise, you will create a lot of karma.”

Of course, clarifying the truth to the 610 Office may mean persecution. Sometimes I went to there and the director wasn’t in. I then visited other offices in the political and legal committee and clarified the truth to them. I told them about the beauty of Dafa and to not to get involved in persecuting Dafa disciples. I told them the principles of retribution.

After a few times, the director got to know about it. Once he saw me, he yelled: “In the future if I’m not in, just go home. Don’t go to other offices. This is the political and legal committee. It is not your home. You cannot enter any room as you please. You open any door you want and promote Falun Dafa! This is a law enforcement unit, not a place to promote your practice.”

I sent righteous thoughts and said to him: “Secretary, you don’t give me my pension. Every time I come, I have to spend 2 Chinese Yuan. I don’t even have enough money for my meals. Therefore, if I cannot find you, I will go to other offices to ask for your whereabouts so I can meet you after you return. They know I practice Falun Gong. They ask me if I still practice it. I say: ‘Falun Dafa is good! How can I not practice it?’”

You Can Ask My Master for Help”

In November 2010, the second 610 Office director commanded the secretary of community political and legal committee to talk to me: “Prepare to attend a transformation class. The food and meals will be covered.” During my conversation with the secretary of the community political and legal committee, the 610 Office director called her again: “Transformation classes are so good. Tell her she must go!”

Whenever the 610 Office threatened to send me to a brainwashing center, my first step was to look inward. I found many attachments. More importantly, I realized my truth-clarification had not been sufficient. I said to the secretary of the community political and legal committee: “I am definitely not going to attend any brainwashing classes. I will speak to the director in person tomorrow morning.”

After I went home, I received a call from the 610 Office director at about 5 p.m. He demanded again my attendance at the class. I told him: “It is my problem that my compassion is not strong enough. I will visit you tomorrow morning.”

The next morning, I was ready to leave for the 610 Office. When I burned incense to Master, an idea popped into my mind: “If the 610 Office is prepared for my visit, won’t I be going into a trap?” I had fully clarified the truth to the secretary of the community political and legal committee. So I called her and asked: “Are they ready to send me to brainwashing classes today?” She said: “I don’t know the arrangements of the 610 Office. However, if you suspect that it’s the case, you don’t have to go.” Therefore, I didn’t visit the 610 Office that day.

In the afternoon, I shared with other practitioners. They said: “You shouldn’t go alone. Tell us when you plan to go. We can go with you and send righteous thoughts for you outside of the 610 Office.” I thought: “We are all so busy saving sentient beings. I have troubles because I haven’t cultivated well. Now I’m even adding my trouble to fellow practitioners. I shouldn’t. I should clarify the truth with pride and dignity and save this person by dissolving the evil behind that is controlling him to commit sins against Dafa. I have Master. I have the Fa. What is there to be afraid of?”

I studied the Fa more and sent righteous thoughts more. I asked Master for his support. Two days later, I walked into the 610 Office with strong righteous thoughts and compassion.

It was a surprise for the 610 Office director. When he saw me, he paused. Then, he started walking out of his office fast while greeting me. I knew he was going to call the national security team. I thought of Master's words: “All of this is your goodness (shan) made manifest, and it is what evil fears most, as those who attack goodness are bound to be evil.” (“Rationality” from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

So I said to him kindly: “Are you busy? Are you leaving?” He was at the door. He had already opened the door of his office. He suddenly turned around and faltered: “I, I am free.” I said: “If you are busy, I can wait for you here.” He said: “No, I’m fine.” I questioned: “I saw you were getting out of the door. Do you have any urgent matter to take care of?” He said: “I wanted to go to the restroom. But now I’m OK.” As he spoke, he opened his office door wide. I knew that he was afraid that I would clarify the truth to him. When his door was open, other officers could hear our conversation. This brought inconvenience to my truth-clarification.

I made up my mind: “No matter what, I must save you today. You shouldn’t commit crimes against Dafa disciples.” I asked Master for help: “Master, please give me wisdom so I can clarify the truth well with rationality and so I can be free of persecution and he can understand the truth.” At this time, he called his deputy in. We started our conversation.

First, he said that he wanted to send me to the classes because I belonged to the “most stubborn” type. Then, he accused me of talking about Falun Gong everywhere I went when serving my sentence outside of prison.

I told him my reason of not going to brainwashing classes. He changed from “you must go” to “I will stay at the center for half a month” to “one week” to “three days” to “just a quick visit for check-up.” I refused to cooperate. In the end, he said: “Actually, I asked you to go. I thought this would be the best case. Because you could leave on your own (with righteous thoughts); others might not make it.” I said: “You shouldn’t send anyone there. Once you do it, you will create huge karma.” I then told him some true retribution stories.

At night, I tossed in bed and couldn’t go to sleep. I looked inward as to what I hadn’t done well during the day. I realized that the 610 Office director had some kindness left. He asked me to go to the brainwashing class because he knew that I could make it out but others might not. However, it was almost the end of the year and he hadn’t reached his quota yet. Maybe his supervisors would exert pressure on him. Maybe… Thinking of this, I sat up and sent righteous thoughts. I asked for Master’s support, for I would go to save him the next day.

I entered his office at 8 a.m. the next day. He was reading a newspaper. He saw me and asked: “Why are you here again?” I said: “I couldn’t go to sleep last night. I saw that you had a kind heart. You don’t want Dafa disciples to be persecuted. I don’t want to see you create karma. Therefore, I have come to tell you a solution. It would help you avoid your supervisor’s criticism and creating karma.”

He said: “What is it?” I said: “You can ask my Master for help. You don’t have to call him Master. You can call him Master Li or teacher Li. My Master will help you.” He became serious: “What did you just say? I didn’t hear you. Repeat it.” At this time, I felt a little bit uncertain but repeated my words. He picked up his cell phone on the table and said: “I am calling the national security team now! They will arrest you.”

I calmed down. I thought: “You don’t get to call the shots. My Master decides everything.” I said to him: “I have come to help you because I saw your dilemma. How can you arrest me? You won’t.” He put down his cell phone and said: “Go! Go right now!”

After the New Year, he transferred to another position. We spoke once on the phone. I told him: “You already know how to treat us. I hope you will do a good job at your new position.”

The 610 Office Director Said: I Won’t Send You to Classes during My Term

After the third director took office, I was busy and didn’t get a chance to visit him immediately.

I said to Master: “With righteous thoughts, I will deter the evil from using the new director to persecute me.” I told the secretary of the community political and legal committee: “Please say hello to the new 610 Office director for me. I will visit him once I have a spare moment. Please also pass my request. Every 610 Office director has tried to send me to province-level brainwashing classes. Now that he has taken office, please don’t plan to send me to brainwashing classes. I won’t go.” The secretary said: “OK. I will relay your words.”

A month later, I saw the secretary. She told me that she had passed on my words. The new director said that he wouldn’t send me during his term.

In the spring, I went to the 610 Office to claim my pension again. Several secretaries at the political and legal committee were having a meeting. I went into the office and saw all new people. I thought: this is a good truth-clarification opportunity.

I asked: “Who is the director?” Someone asked: “Are you a petitioner?” I said: “No. I am a Falun Gong practitioner.” She said: “Then you must have stopped practicing. What is your business?” I said: “If I had stopped, I would not have come here. I’m still practicing.”

Another person joined our conversation: “This is the political and legal committee. You dare to say you are still practicing?” I said: “What is the political and legal committee? Isn’t it an agency for the CCP to connect to the general public? Isn’t it a place to sort out injustice for people? Falun Gong is my faith. Doesn’t the constitution guarantee freedom of belief?”

Another person found the 610 Office director for me. The director asked me to go to his office and took his deputy with him. Starting from my pension issue, I talked about the CCP’s persecution. I talked about the wide spread and beauty of Dafa and true retribution stories. Often they would cut me off and ask questions. I responded with righteous thoughts and compassion. Sometimes they nodded as if they agreed with my point of view.

After I returned home, I looked inward and thought about what I had not done well. Then, I remembered some of the evil questions the deputy had asked me. I only thought about saving them compassionately but forgot the dignity of Dafa. I had to go back and talk to them again. I went again the next day.

I learned that they were “studying” Falun Gong cases in a conference room. I sent righteous thoughts silently in another office: “Dafa disciples follow the arrangements of our Master. Nobody else can make any decisions.”

The 610 Office director came and asked me to go to his office. I said: “After I returned home, I thought about your deputy's questions. Those were disguised interrogations. Do you still want to persecute me? Do you still plan to send me to brainwashing classes? You have promised me that you won’t send me to brainwashing classes during your term.”

He said: “Don’t call it brainwashing classes. They are transformation classes.” I said: “I call them brainwashing classes. I practice Falun Gong and am trying to be even better than a good person according to the standards of Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. What do you want to transform me into? Those who have transformed are confused by brainwashing!”

He said: “Well, I went to the transformation classes to have a meeting. I saw the food they served there was really good. “I made a joke and said, “The food here is so good.” He then said, “I should send so-and-so (he meant me) here in a few days.” I told him solemnly: “I definitely won’t go to any brainwashing classes. Other Dafa disciples won’t go either.” I asked him not to do such things. He said: “You won’t go to brainwashing classes. I know.”

I Am a Messenger from Heaven

After I came home from detention, the CCP wouldn’t give me my pension. In order to disintegrate this persecution, I visited many departments but hadn’t resolved it. In the end, I said to the political and legal committee and the 610 Office: “If you don’t pay me my pension, I don’t have income. I will write down my story. I will post it everywhere I go. Wherever I beg for food, I will let people know Falun Gong practitioners are good people. People will give me money as soon as they know I have been persecuted because of my practice.” So they gave me a “low-income subsidy.”

I of course didn’t want it. The secretary of the community political and legal committee told me: “You have to be able to cover your bus fees even if you go petition.” The low-income payment cards were managed by the neighborhood comprehensive management office. I had to get my payment from there every month.

In the beginning, I agreed because I wanted to clarify the truth and save people at the management office. For a few times, I thought I was cooperating with the evil CCP. I still wanted to get my pension back. People at the neighborhood comprehensive management office would then complain to me of their difficulties. I didn’t persist because we had become good friends after our monthly dealings.

Last October, the secretary of the community political and legal committee had to study for half a year at the CCP school. Her position was temporarily filled by a replacement. I asked Master for help to save the new secretary and take my pension back.

I talked to the interim secretary. During our conversation, I told her about the beauty of Dafa and the principles of retribution. She often said that she was only a temp and that important matters would all have to wait for the old secretary to handle. During the whole process, I asked for Master’s help. Later, she said that she had to get her supervisor’s approval. I asked her which one. She said I could talk to a deputy secretary at the neighborhood comprehensive management office. When I went to find him, I was told that he was out of the office.

On March 8 this year, I went to the neighborhood comprehensive management office again. They were on holiday because of the “March 8 International Women’s Day” and forgot about my issue. There was only a new guard on duty. He didn’t know my issue. He was going to call around and ask. At this moment, the deputy secretary walked in.

I thanked Master! Master arranged the environment for saving sentient beings and led him to me. I introduced myself and started clarifying the truth based on my pension issue.

In the beginning, he said to me angrily: “What is this place? The police will come with a phone call of mine.” I asked Master for help and responded with wisdom: “I haven’t been able to see you for the past several visits. Today I have met you and felt an instant connection. What I have said are all facts. Don’t you agree that the persecution is a fact? Don’t you agree that retributions are facts?”

I then shared with him some corruption stories. He joined the conversation. In the end, he said: “It was wrong that we held your pension card. Today I will pay your pension with my own money. Then I will be responsible for contacting and communicating with the leaders to return your pension card to you.”

Then he called one of the leaders. He was told that the 610 Office demanded the holding back of the pension card. He then said: “Then you ask the political and legal committee to manage this directly. It is not right that we hold others’ pension cards. In addition, we don’t have time to deal with this kind of stuff. Today the recipient has come. She doesn’t have money to live. I have paid her with my own money.”

He hung up and asked for my phone number. He asked me to visit again upon receiving his phone call to take my pension card back. I shook hands with him, thanking him for helping a Dafa disciple and choosing a good future for himself.

Half a month later, I got his phone call. I went to the neighborhood comprehensive management office. This time, they were all there, even the interim secretary of the community political and legal committee.

I knew that this was the last time. Sentient beings wanted me to clarify the truth to them for the last time. This was another compassionate arrangement of Master.

When we went through the steps, I clarified the truth to them. The deputy secretary commented: “You are so brave! You dare to say anything. We all call you ‘Sister Jiang’ or ‘Liu Hulan.’”

I said: “I am not sister Jiang or Liu Hulan. They are the products of the CCP. I am a messenger from heaven.”

After we finished the procedures, I stood up and shook hands with them one by one. With sincerity and compassion, I said to them: “From now on, there’s no need for me to come. We will not be able to see each other so often anymore. However, what I have been telling you – Falun Dafa is good – please remember it. It is our predestined relationship for us to know each other. If I didn’t tell you the truth, when the disaster comes, I would have let you down. Remember what I have told you. You will have a great future!”

I burst into tears as I was writing this. Compassionate Master has given me the rationality, wisdom and kind heart for saving sentient beings. I will carry on according to Master’s arrangements: remove my attachments, cultivate myself well, save sentient beings, do the three things well, and return with Master at the time of consummation.