Stay Clearheaded

Don’t harbor any false hopes about the evil CCP. This sinister demon came here to destroy mankind. As you clarify the facts, you must get the world's people to see its nature clearly. Dafa disciples shouldn’t harbor any fantasies about it. It has taken the lives of millions of Dafa disciples over these years of persecution. And over the course of a century, the wicked Party has, around the world, murdered hundreds of millions all told. The evil specter behind the wicked Party has used people in this world to harm others. If those who live under the wicked Party’s rule can manage to see it for what it is, there is hope for them. Those who refuse to forsake it will disintegrate together with it in the mass elimination. Dafa disciples need to stay clearheaded while they do their best at the three things.

9th China Fahui on Has Begun

In the upcoming days and weeks, you may look forward to seeing English translations of these heartfelt sharings by practitioners in Mainland China.

Learning to Look Within

A practitioner shares his experiences of finding his own issues when encountering problems and difficulties.

Advanced-Stage Cancer Cured after Practicing Falun Dafa

A practitioner's elderly sister recovers from terminal spleen cancer in six months after beginning Dafa cultivation.

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