Memorizing the Fa

Many practitioners are facing intense inference when studying the Fa. Some practitioners recommend memorizing the Fa, and many are doing so. However some practitioners are being hindered by human notions in the process of memorizing. I’d like to share my experiences and those of others while memorizing the Fa in the hope this it can help others.

The biggest benefit of memorizing the Fa is that the effect is immediate, even when it is difficult to just read the Fa. In my case, if I study the Fa less one day, then I experience interference when I study the Fa the next day. It feels like my brain is occupied by bad things and the bad things don't allow the Fa to penetrate. When the Fa tries to enter, the bad things just do everything they can to resist it. The interference is even greater for those practitioners who have not studied the Fa for a while. In the most severe cases, one becomes sleepy as soon as one tries to study the Fa. Even though you are not tired, you just can't focus on studying the Fa. Many practitioners feel anxious but don't know what to do. In fact, the best thing to do is to memorize the Fa.

Memorizing the Fa is like putting a nail in a wall. While you can't push it in with your bare hands, using a hammer gets the job done. A few blows will sink the nail.

However, quite a few practitioners were blocked by human notions when they tried to memorize the Fa. As a result, they lost confidence and felt that they were unable to do it.

Three major notions are relevant. First, believing that one does not have a good memory and thus is incapable of memorization. Second, one memorizes a paragraph but then forgets it right away, and is therefore not able to memorize a single lecture in a month. Third, believing that memorizing the Fa requires a lot of time and one doesn't have enough time to do it.

I’d like to introduce a method of memorizing the Fa that is suitable for everyone. I guarantee that it won’t take too much time. You can give it a try.

First memorize one complete sentence at a time. Some say, “It takes me half an hour to remember one sentence.” Then just take half an hour. After half an hour (no more than one hour), you will realize that you are no longer sleepy, and you have become more vigorous. Where your mind was muddy before, it is now clear. You will feel that it doesn’t take much effort to focus. Just continue memorizing. Remember to not go back. Many people stop because they went back trying to remember previous sentences. Just try to memorize one sentence after another. You will see that you become faster and more confident at memorizing.

The next morning when you wake up, if you don’t remember anything from the previous day, don't worry, just keep memorizing the Fa. In fact when you can't remember, it's because the particles that remembered and are in line with the Fa have been separated. Whatever remains are those that don't meet the Fa standard. That’s normal.

However, when some practitioners can't remember what they memorized before they will try to memorize the same section again. When they forget again, they keep trying to memorize the same section, and they are still working on the same part after several days. So gradually they lose confidence in being able to memorize. You need to break away from this notion. The answers regarding this issue are in the Fa. It's just that you may not realize it.

Some practitioners are very good at memorization. They can memorize one paragraph after another. That’s even better. Just remember to not go back, just keep going forward. You will find that you are able to memorize faster and faster.

In the process of memorizing the Fa, you will have unexpected gains. Memorization helps break through the interference to Fa study very quickly. The speed of memorization increases, and your memory improves. The first time, memorize one sentence at a time. The second time you can memorize one paragraph at a time, and by the third time you can memorize an entire page.

On the first try, you should work according to your own situation. Just memorize sentence by sentence regardless of your age or how good your memory is. As long as you remember one sentence, just keep going and don't go back. It is okay to be slow. After a few days, you will see that you can memorize faster. It is definitely like that.

I have met some practitioners who couldn't study the Fa well, so I told them to memorize the Fa using this method. They all saw an improvement within a week. Of course, those practitioners who pay close attention when studying the Fa can just read the Fa. This type of practitioner does not need to memorize. For those practitioners who are being interfered with, I suggest you memorize the Fa. It is an effective way and you will see improvement after trying it.

Studying the Fa in Small Groups

Some fellow practitioners told me about this method. Many practitioners like to exchange understandings of the Fa and they spend lots of time discussing one issue. Moreover some practitioners like to gather with people and exchange their understandings. There are always several cases of group arrests each year because many people attend these type of gatherings, but they don’t pay enough attention to security.

On the other hand, some practitioners organize group Fa study and put their energy into studying the Fa. After group study, if someone wants to stay behind, they can discuss their understandings. The result is very good.

One practitioner described their method, when two practitioners once had a disagreement. When they arrived at group study, they were still arguing. Another practitioner said, “Who here can speak better than Master?” Everyone looked around and no one answered. The practitioner then said, “If no one can speak better than Master, let’s hear what Master says.” Everyone started reading the Fa. Each person read a paragraph.

A group of five or six people works best. This way, everyone will read often. If someone becomes sleepy, it will soon be her turn to read and so she becomes alert. When she gets sleepy again, it is not very long before it is her turn to read again.

After two-hour of Fa study, no one is sleepy any longer. Those two practitioners who had a conflict in the above example said, “We understand. There is no longer a need to discuss our problem.” They left. Everyone else also understood that there was no need for discussion.

People with demonic interference from their own minds are the hardest to help. The method this practitioner took started with one person. When the one with demonic interference tried to talk to her, this practitioner immediately said, “Who among us can speak better than Master? Do you? Let’s hear what Master says. Let’s study the Fa.” She didn’t give the other person a chance to talk. Everyone took turns reading the Fa. They actually read a little faster than usual so that the bad things in the person’s mind did not have a chance to come out. After studying the Fa for a week, this person became completely clearheaded. She also helped others in a similar situation. As a result, many practitioners who had enlightened on an evil path returned to true cultivation.

From these true stories, we can see that the power of the Fa is boundless. Anyone who has cultivated well or has enlightened to a high realm is still not comparable to the Fa itself. Of course, there are always special cases. However, we should walk our paths straight and follow the Fa.

Some practitioners have expressed the desire to help practitioners who haven't stepped out. I suggest trying the methods described above. Any practitioners who still have fears and haven't stepped forward should study the articles published after 1999, as they may not have studied the new articles enough.

When talking with fellow practitioners, we can ask them directly how well they study the Fa, discuss the importance of studying the Fa, and suggest how they can study the Fa well.

If a practitioner can break through interference in Fa study, they will know how to do other things well. When we all have enough time to study the Fa and can study the Fa well, we will improve very quickly.

If there is anything inappropriate, please point it out.