(Minghui.org) I would like to share with everyone the most memorable and touching experiences in my cultivation practice of more than 10 years.

1. When I Started Practicing Falun Gong

To this day I wish I had started practicing Falun Gong sooner. My older sister lived in Changchun (the hometown of Mr. Li Hongzhi, the founder of Falun Gong) in 1992. She has been following Teacher since he started imparting the Fa teachings. She had actually invited me to Changchun, but I was too busy with work to accept the invitation. My sister then sent me Falun Gong books, videos, audiotapes, exercise music and Teacher's articles by mail, but I had such a poor enlightenment quality that I put them away. It was not until I went to Changchun in November 1996 that I started practicing Falun Gong.

I was 60 that year, burdened with many different illnesses. The most severe was early-stage stomach cancer. In addition, I suffered from rheumatism and glaucoma. I had to take handfuls of pills and administer eye drops every day. I felt I would be better off dead. I was naturally very anxious to treat my illnesses. My eye doctor suggested that I have surgery for glaucoma as it was getting worse, but I was hesitant. I decided to go to a large hospital in Changchun for a second opinion before I made a decision. It was then that I remembered my sister's words. She asked me to return all the Falun Gong books and materials to her if I decided not to practice. I traveled to Changchun with all the Falun Gong books and materials with me as I prepared to return them to her. It was quite fortuitous that a Falun Gong class was about to begin in Changchun. It was so popular that it was difficult to register. My sister told me that a friend had asked her a huge favor to reserve a spot. She added, "It's yours if she does not show up."

I thought I would use that slot until the person showed up, but she never did. I realized that it was carefully arranged by Teacher. Although I have poor enlightenment quality, Teacher never gave up on me. I cannot thank Teacher enough for what he has done for me.

There was a strange episode during my treatment at the hospital. One day an older nurse and I were talking when she asked why I was in the hospital. "Glaucoma," I told her. She then asked me to check out her eyes. "They look fine to me," I said. "My right eye is gone. I, too, have glaucoma. Don't treat it, as your vision will get worse with more treatments. There is no cure." I was shocked. I suddenly realized it must have been a hint from Teacher. After all, Teacher has explained that each person's illness is a result of his or her karma accumulated from many incarnations. I might have done something bad in a previous life to result in the glaucoma I am now suffering. Each person must suffer to eliminate his or her karma. I decided not to continue with the treatment. I made up my mind to start practicing Falun Gong.

Then a miracle happened. I found myself unable to refuse the treatment when the nurse told me to finish the remaining injections, however, the injection wouldn't go in. The nurse was puzzled. Yet I knew it was because Teacher had already accepted me as his disciple. Teacher was hinting to me patiently and guiding me towards the path of cultivation. I became all the more faithful to Teacher and Falun Gong. I checked out of the hospital and began practicing Falun Gong.

Another miracle happened during the bus ride back to my sister's home, where I did not have a seat. The bus driver was speeding when he suddenly hit the brakes with such force that I was whipped into a railing. I heard a crack as I hit it. An average person would have had a broken back, but I was completely unscathed. It was Teacher that protected me from harm! I realized that I would have been done for before I had a chance to start practicing Falun Gong if it had not been for Teacher. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Teacher for saving my life and giving me a chance to start practicing Falun Gong.

I live in a household with four generations of more than 30 people. I look after my mother, who is in her 90's, and my mother-in-law, who is in her 70s. I have seven younger brothers and sisters. I also have a son and a grandson less than a year old. I have so many things to tend to every day, and I am busy from morning till night. It is a challenge for me to find time to study the Fa and practice the exercises. I became anxious after six months.

One day I had a bad thought, "I am so busy that I won't have time to cultivate unless I get sick and become bedridden." I fulfilled my own prophecy in a few days. I was so ill that I became bedridden. My feet felt as though they had been electrically shocked. My feet hurt so much that I couldn't bear to touch them. Even the weight of a quilt would hurt my feet. My mother-in-law had to bring a bed pan to my bed every day. We would both burst into tears when she brought the bed pan to my bed. One day after I studied the Fa, I realized that I mustn't allow it to continue. I told my mother-in-law, "You will not bring me the bed pan any longer. You shouldn't have to look after me, because I should eliminate my own karma." I ordered myself to get out of bed to use the bathroom from then on. Standing up and walking to the bathroom was like walking on a bed of knives, and I would be soaked in perspiration after each trip. I had to take a few breaks before I finished each of the five Falun Gong exercises. I was finally well after three months of agony. I finally prevailed over the sickness karma and was able to practice the exercises normally. I still tremble to recall those days. I know I would have been bedridden for the rest of my life if it had not been Falun Gong and Teacher removing the karma for me.

2. The Most Unforgettable Tempering of My Mind

It happened after the Chinese New Year of 2008. It was the fifth day of the Chinese New Year. My daughters invited me and the rest of the family out for dinner. My husband looked unwell that day. My son knew something was wrong, so he took my husband to the hospital the next day. He was diagnosed with a brain tumor. He had surgery at Changchun Medical College's Hospital on the 16th and was confirmed to have a malignant brain tumor. He had only three to six months left. My husband was in complete shock as he had never had any serious illness. I hid my tears from my family. I knew I was very emotionally attached to my husband. A cultivator shouldn't be like that. I told Teacher from my heart, "I am wrong. I am a Falun Gong practitioner. How can I be trapped in my emotions?" The fate of a person who does not cultivate cannot be altered. Everything is destined. I, on the other hand, am a cultivator. My fate is determined by Teacher. Teacher has altered my fate and given me the best. When I cultivate, my entire family will be blessed. I suddenly felt that a weight had been lifted off my mind. The surgery was successful.

My husband began to practice the Falun Gong exercises and study the Fa with me. He couldn't stand on his own at first, but now he is completely well. It has been five years since he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. It is a miracle. He is a living testament to Falun Gong. My family and relatives were very impressed with Falun Gong.

Another miracle happened while my husband was ill. I was very worried when he was diagnosed with a brain tumor. I found myself with shingles three days after his surgery. I was in so much pain that I could hardly stand or sit up straight. The pain penetrated deeply into my bones. I endured the pain and continued doing the Falun Gong exercises and studying the Fa. I spoke to Teacher from my heart on the sixth day, "I shall use the supernormal capabilities bestowed by the Fa to prevail over shingles. I will manifest the mighty power of Falun Gong. I will use it to prove Falun Gong is good." An average person would suffer from shingles from six months to two years, yet I prevailed over shingles in six days.

My family, relatives, and friends respect and believe in Falun Gong and are very impressed with it. Most of my family, relatives, friends, colleagues, and former classmates have quit the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its two affiliated student leagues. I firmly believe that when we truly cultivate and believe in Teacher and the Fa and share our own cultivation experiences, we will be a lot more convincing in our efforts to clarify the truth about Falun Gong.

3. Miracles Happened When I Clarified the Truth about Falun Gong

It happened in the autumn of 2004. I still remember it like yesterday. My niece on my husband's side was in her first year of high school. Influenza and scarlet fever were rampant at the time. She was in school when she developed a high fever. A classmate carried her on his back to a hospital for treatment. Yet the fever would not recede after days, and the hospital couldn't do anything for her. We were told to prepare for the worst. We fell into the depths of despair.

I brought the audiotapes of Teacher's lectures to the hospital. I asked if she believed in Falun Gong. She said, "I do. You have become completely healthy since you started practicing Falun Gong." I asked her to silently repeat, "Falun Gong is good" and "Truthfulness-Compassion-Tolerance is good." I also asked her to listen to the tapes as long as she was awake. Her fever dropped around 11 p.m. that night. The doctors were stunned and wondered what had happened. Her life was spared.

The news quickly spread to the entire ward. When I visited her the next day, I took the opportunity to clarify the truth about Falun Gong. A lady visiting her family did not believe in Falun Gong and made blasphemous remarks. Instead of arguing with her, I told her, "It is up to you to believe or not to believe. I am not forcing you to accept it." When I returned to the hospital two days later, she was the first to greet me. She said, "Two patients in this ward believed what you said and were feeling better yesterday." I responded, "That's wonderful. Those who believe in Falun Gong will be blessed. If your family starts practicing Falun Gong, she will be well, too." I returned the next day and gave them each a set of Falun Gong lectures in audiotapes. They offered to pay for the tapes, but I didn't accept it. I wished that they would start practicing Falun Gong and become completely healthy.

I have witnessed these miracles in person. I cannot see anything through my Celestial Eye, but these miracles have shown me that Teacher is right beside me at all times. Miracles will happen as long as I study the Fa and practice the Falun Gong exercises well.

My understandings are limited to my present level of cultivation. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate in my humble understanding. Heshi.