(Minghui.org) A few days ago, practitioner A from the neighboring village was killed in a car accident when his three-wheeler collided with a speeding motorcycle. From an everyday person's perspective, the motorcyclist was at fault for drunk driving, but his death triggered many negative thoughts among everyday people and added difficulties to saving them. In addition, many practitioners who lack a solid understanding of the Fa have developed some misunderstandings and wavered. I'd like to share some background information here.

Practitioner A's health was very poor since childhood, despite many treatments. His health became even worse after he learned some qigong and began treating others. It wasn't until 1997 when he started practicing Falun Dafa that he became totally free of illnesses and his body became light. He said, "Master and Dafa have given me a second life." In the beginning, he was very diligent in studying the Fa, doing the exercises and spreading Dafa, and he strived to be a good person. Because of his high xinxing he was highly regarded by his friends and family, as well as fellow practitioners.

When the persecution started in 1999, he was illegally arrested and held in a detention center where he was tortured and heavily fined. This made his already difficult family finances even more challenging. After he was released, the wicked police harassed him at home many times and physically abused him. He experienced many tribulations; in addition to his family situation, his human attachments grew and his Main Spirit was often not conscious. He often dozed off at Fa study, group practice and while sending forth righteous thoughts.

Fellow practitioners shared their understandings with him about how dangerous his state was, but he did not improve much even though he agreed with us. When his two sons grew up and became adults, he and his wife felt the pressure of not being able to provide them with new houses. They were fearful of being looked down upon and their financial situation hindering the sons' from finding girls to marry. So he and his wife worked around the clock for several years and built two new houses. Due to his extreme fatigue, as well as external interference, practitioner A's state of cultivation deteriorated so much that he fell asleep while sending forth righteous thoughts and couldn't wake up even when others tried to wake him. According to his wife, they were so busy that they had not studied the Fa or practiced the exercises since the beginning of the year. He was still doing truth-clarification, and in particular, he was persuading people to quit the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations a few minutes before the accident.

Practitioner A is gone, leaving behind every little thing about sentiment, fame, and personal interest that he had been attached to and working so hard to get! On the third day after his death, I dreamed that he had come back to life. He had a young and rosy face but half of his head was bald (lack of hair, hair is pronounced the same as Fa), with two holes in it (loopholes taken advantage by the old forces). From the hole on the top, one could see an empty skull (no Main Spirit); and from the hole at the bottom, one could see a bunch of black stuff (human thoughts and thought karma). When his clothing was being changed, I saw his feet were made of wood! (Walking the path of cultivation, practicing and doing things with numbness.) My understanding is that when his Main Spirit left his body, he suddenly saw through the maze of the human world, and he hoped his lesson could awaken us who are still confused!

Dafa saves one's Main Spirit. When one's attachments are too strong, it is very difficult for one's original nature to take charge, not to mention have the ability to differentiate which are one's true thoughts. Giving away his body to others, if practitioner A had signed some pact with someone in history, or if a debtor was determined to claim his life and his thoughts were not righteous, even Master cannot do much. In Fa-rectification, Master does not acknowledge the old forces' arrangements, therefore practitioner A's true self returned, but with deep regrets.

Looking back, when we saw practitioner A's cultivation state was poor, we shared understandings with him many times, but with too many human thoughts. We did not put ourselves in his shoes and try to understand him; instead we blamed him and even looked down on him, and in the end let him be. From the perspective of Fa-rectification, we ignored the external interference and persecution, and regarded whatever interference practitioner A was experiencing as a result of his own shortcomings.

We know that cultivation practice is extremely serious and that no one can hold onto any attachment of pursuit, or walk on the path of Fa-rectification cultivation practice with the idea that they might be “lucky”. Additionally, we should not think that we have some kind of insurance as long as we practice Dafa. The Three Realms would have been long gone if Master hadn't started the Fa-rectification. Each of our lives has been prolonged by Master's enduring great suffering and should be completely used for assisting Master to do Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings. Master's requiring us to do the three things well is to let us soberly see through all the interference, use the divine powers Dafa has given us to remove the evil, use wisdom to resolve the knots in sentient beings' hearts and lead them to a bright future. The fundamental insurance of doing all these well is to study the Fa well, and only by doing that can one walk his path of Fa-rectification cultivation practice that Master has laid for him/her steadily and well with the righteous thoughts of a Dafa disciple.

I heard that practitioners falling asleep during group study is a very common situation in rural areas. We need to pay attention to this. Please share your understandings or point out anything improper.