(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner told me, “Today when I went to distribute truth clarification materials, a strange thing happened. The person who took the brochure merely looked at the cover and then casually turned to a couple of pages. Then he picked up a lighter and burned it. This has never happened before. In the past, people who received the materials usually read them very carefully and thoroughly. What happened today?” I am responsible for producing the truth materials. After I heard what the fellow practitioner said, I knew this had everything to do with me because the brochure he mentioned had been printed and bound by me the day before.

Suddenly, I remembered that while I was binding the materials, my son and wife came back home. My wife told me that when my son was playing a ballgame with his friends, he knocked one of the friends down to the ground and the child hurt his chin. The child's parents did not demand anything. They merely asked my son to apologize to their child, but my son refused to say he was sorry because he did not knock him down on purpose. It was just an accident. However, as soon as I heard this, I became furious and shouted at my son. While I was binding the materials, I continued to scold him and “educate” him.

Now, after I heard what the fellow practitioner said, I understand why the truth-clarification brochure I made did not save the person and was even burned by him. It was my anger that burned the brochure.

I even further realized the seriousness of making truth-clarification materials. Master said, “...when we truly practice cultivation, we want positive messages...” (Lecture Eight, Zhuan Falun)

These messages play an important role in the effectiveness of the materials in saving people.

“At that time, when students went to school, they practiced sitting in meditation and emphasized good posture. When they picked up their brush-pens, they would regulate their breathing and qi. All professions believed in emptying the mind and regulating the breathing, as this was the state throughout society.” (Lecture Seven, Zhuan Falun)

Then I recalled another thing that happened. That day, my printer suddenly jammed. How could a smooth piece of paper jam the printer? I thought it must have been the old forces' interference. I asked myself, “Why would they interfere with me saving sentient beings?” Suddenly I realized that the moment the printer jammed, a quick thought flashed through my mind, “After I'm done printing the materials, I will go check my emails. I haven't surfed the Internet for a while. There might be some promotional or advertisements with beautiful models in there. I'll check it out.” Although this idea just went by very quickly, I did not seize it and eliminate it in time. Therefore, the old forces took advantage of my loophole and jammed my printer. Any interference we encounter could be related to our xinxing.

For ordinary people, burning truth-clarification materials will cause them karma. However, could I blame them when these things happen? Wasn't it because I did not act like a Dafa practitioner and did not reach the required xinxing level? I have developed a further understanding that everything in the human world may have been caused by Dafa disciples' mindset. Only when we “cultivate the internal,” will we be able to “pacify the external.”

This is my recent understanding that I wish to share with fellow practitioners. Thank you!