(Minghui.org) I'm a practitioner that has worked on Dafa media projects. I've been calling Chinese people on the RTC Platform (a platform on the Internet used to clarify the truth to Chinese people) to tell them the facts about Falun Gong and the persecution for a little over five months. I had no idea how to make phone calls and experienced a lot of difficulty at the beginning, but eventually it became more natural. I've improved my xinxing, let go of attachments, and elevated in my cultivation. I feel that I've benefited greatly and want to share my experiences. I sincerely hope that more practitioners can make phone calls and save sentient beings.

1. Breaking Through Notions and Making Phone Calls

I went to Chinatown to clarify the truth and urge people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations in my spare time because I had been involved in media projects. I had never heard of the RTC Platform. I joined the Platform for the first time in March 2012 after local practitioners invited me. I remember that it was a Sunday, and practitioners from around the world shared their experiences clarifying the truth on the RTC Platform. I didn't attach much importance to the project, listened halfheartedly to what they said, and felt sleepy. I had some notions that were blocking me. I thought I was good at expressing myself and explaining the facts in person. I didn't think I spoke well over the phone. I didn't know what to say when I couldn't see the expression on the other person's face. I also gave myself the excuse that this was something that the older female practitioners did. I thought that I should use my special skills to do media work. This and other notions hindered me. My thinking was off and I wanted to give up.

But practitioners were not willing to give up on me. Every week they invited me to join the platform. With their encouragement I participated now and then. Once I joined the RTC Platform with a Taiwanese practitioner at her office. Her Mandarin wasn't very good, and she had a thick accent, but she really moved a gentleman in China through her sincere efforts and good intentions to clarify the truth. She encouraged quite a few people to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations and saved many people. I was really shaken up, and my compassion was roused from beneath the layers of notions covering it.

I picked up the microphone connected to my computer and made phone calls on my own initiative for the first time when I returned home. Master had arranged for me to see this practitioner who had a pure heart and felt a sense of urgency to save sentient beings. I became aware of the obstacles in my mind. Those obstacles made me reluctant to pick up the microphone and fulfill my historic mission; I was indifferent to the perilous situation that sentient beings were facing.

2. With Master's Support I Could Clarify the Truth and Save People

I made the first phone call, but each step afterwards was incredibly difficult. I felt if my words weren't truly compassionate, I would not be able to break through the invisible wall and go to the next step. I hesitated for quite a few days but couldn't find the resolve to pick up the microphone again and make phone calls. I am very capable at clarifying the truth in person. I was so scared that I couldn't do it and trembled in fear when I picked up the phone. I couldn't believe my reaction. What was really ridiculous was that one time the call went through and was ringing at the other end, I was so frightened that I ran into the living room.

I read a paragraph of the Fa that resonated with me. Master said,

“The changes in the people in mainland China have been greater than the changes in the overseas Chinese outside the mainland, as those outside actually fear the Chinese consulate and have really been intimidated by those puny secret agents. People in the mainland make a big show of cursing the wicked CCP, and have no fear in doing so. It’s one thing to fear the wicked Party when it’s controlling you as you live in mainland China, but to still fear it when you’re living abroad, outside its control… Don’t you have any guts at all? Isn’t the mentality of these people a bit odd? ”(“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”)

I thought, “That's right! What am I afraid of? I'm an upright Dafa disciple. I'm saving people and doing the most righteous thing. Why am I still frightened? If someone hangs up the phone, I just need to call back a few more times. If someone swears at me, I just need to be compassionate. If my words aren't clear, I need to look within, prepare better, and study my notes more. There's nothing to be scared of.” I could clearly feel Master's support after I became determined to break through all these attachments to fear. Finally, I successfully made calls late one night. I clarified the truth, and two parties withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I slept very peacefully that night.

3. Clarifying the Truth by Phone Is Cultivation and Saving People

I didn't realize how many bad substances were in my energy field after doing media work for such a long time. For instance, I thought I was better than others and looked down on them. I thought I was pretty amazing. I was pretty isolated and immersed in my work on the computer. It wasn't unusual for me to go the whole day without speaking with anyone. Without the circumstances to clarify the truth, selfishness and other bad qualities thrived in my private world.

I know that it wasn't accidental that I joined the RTC Platform and made phone calls. It was directly related to my cultivation. As expected, I let go of many attachments in the first few months. I let go of the attachment to wanting to do something. I was more compassionate and kinder. I wasn't so angry. My mind became clearer and my thoughts more productive. I was broader-minded. It seemed like those bad substances fell away like petals, one after another, as I made phone calls. My body felt pure and my mind lucid. What was even stranger was that I no longer felt uncomfortable when someone cursed at me. What replaced it was compassion, which gradually grew stronger, and I found that people cursed at me less and less.

Once I helped an 80-year-old man withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. He exclaimed over the phone, “Falun Dafa is good!” I cried. There is no greater joy than hearing a person's choice to withdraw from the CCP. I'm also absolutely clear that it was Master who was doing this. We are just uttering the words and have the compassion and desire to save sentient beings.

I often deeply sense Master's guidance and support when I make calls. One night, after diligently making phone calls, I felt light, serene, and at ease. No matter how late into the night I make phone calls, it doesn't effect my daytime job. I'm more and more energetic and able to utilize the wisdom that Dafa has bestowed upon me.

4. Calling By Myself and Making Phone Calls with Fellow Practitioners

My sharing cannot really disclose how magical and wonderful it is to make truth-clarifying phone calls and the grand and profound content behind making phone calls. It was totally wrong of me to be so stubborn in not letting go of my own notions and attachments before. I told myself that it wasn't too late to realize my problems. I encouraged myself to keep moving forward in my cultivation and to continue to make calls on the platform. Everyone's cultivation is different. I sincerely hope that practitioners that have the right circumstances will join the platform. Provided that we speak, the truth of Dafa will come out like swords to dislodge the evil elements behind sentient beings that are holding them back and will give them the opportunity to be saved.

I got into the habit of calling by myself the first few months rather than calling on the platform with other practitioners. I felt it was faster that way. One day I listened to an elder practitioner making a phone call on the platform. The party she was speaking to hung up on her while she was clarifying the truth. Hearing her conversation gave birth to a desire within me to help one another make phone calls. I asked her for the phone number and called the person back that had hung up on her. He eventually agreed to withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I started practicing how to make phone calls using the microphone and letting other practitioners hear my conversation rather than calling by myself. We became one body. It was much more effective to support each other and call together with righteous thoughts than one person calling alone. During the course of an evening, we help each other, encourage each other, and share with each other when issues come up. The power of the whole body is magnificent and the energy field is extremely large and righteous.

Please compassionately point out any misunderstandings on my part.