(Minghui.org) I planned to distribute some truth-clarifying materials on my way to work today. Last time I walked down a certain road, I saw a policeman staring at me and I became very nervous. Today I didn't want to take the same road and wanted to walk on another road. But I found there was a problem with me. I felt nervous because I was afraid and had some concerns. I realized that my “concerns” and “fear” were against the universe's characteristics. The word “Truthfulness” came into my mind. I suddenly realized that my hesitation and fear were signs that my belief in the truth was not firm enough.

Master said:

“Wavering is also a type of attachment, an attachment of being unstable—it’s also an attachment.” (“Suggestions Given at the Beijing Falun Dafa Assistants Meeting” from Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa).

Suddenly I understood a layer of the Fa: in the universe, if beings only assimilated to “compassion” and “forbearance,” that was not enough. We should be true to our basic nature and free from the influence of outside evil, low level substances, and deviated elements. That is also the cornerstone for the eternal existence of life in the universe. During my cultivation in this lifetime, there must be cultivation factors in this regard. This is a process to test whether a being can uphold the truth, stick to his righteous belief, not be confused by false external images, and not waver or be influenced by human attachments and notions. It is a process of seeking “truth” in cultivation.

My mind suddenly opened up—as a matter of fact, the human world and everything at the lower level are not truth. Because of our own attachments due to selfishness, fear, and other concerns, we have made them real. Those things are generated in lower level spaces and human beings become more attached to them once they exist. If we regard our attachments as our true selves, this is not cultivation of “truth.” Only when we break through acquired attachments and notions can our true nature be revealed and we can then return to our true selves.

I came to understand this layer of the Fa. We should firmly believe what Master said:

“This is because the principles of Dafa prohibit it, as the nature of the universe governs everything.” (“A Brief Explanation of Shan” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

Master was teaching his disciples to keep their true nature and return to their original true self. I knew theoretically that attachments and notions were not myself. But I didn't realize that they were actually the obstacles that prevented me from assimilating to the universal characteristics of “Truth-Compassion-Forbearance.” The process of eliminating them was the process of protecting my future life from deterioration and destruction. I regarded falsehoods as reality and acquired notions as myself, and they then governed my mind and actions. How could I cultivate truth?

I realized that all hindrances, tribulations, karma, and interference of any kind are caused by ourselves. They come into being because of our attachments, wrong notions, and understandings, and we must get rid of them in our cultivation. We have to free ourselves from acquired notions and deviations. With Master's help in the Fa rectification period, we can really change the defects in our innate, original life. That is assimilation to the universe's characteristics and assimilation of our indestructible body to the universe's truth. Then we can become immortal.

I quickly eliminated the notions that had interfered with me. Now I only listen to Master and do the three things that Master requires us to do. I became steady and sound in my heart. I no longer wavered or hesitated. I sent forth righteous thoughts while I walked. I cleared out my bad thoughts and the interference from other dimensions. I was able to complete the job without any hesitation.

This is my understanding of the Fa principles on my level. The Fa principles of “Truth-Compassion-Forbearance” are harmonious. That is my understanding of “Truth.” Please point out anything inappropriate.