(Minghui.org) I would like to share the miracle that happened in my family's cultivation practice. We witnessed these extraordinary occurrences through Falun Dafa.

Curing My Son’s Incurable Disease

My son became very ill in 1997. We spent a lot of money on various treatments, but the hospital called it Behcet’s syndrome, which few people ever survive. There was no medicine that could help. His mouth and throat rotted, his esophagus deteriorated, and he could not eat any food. Emaciated, he weighed only about 70 pounds. I was in tears day and night. My mother, brothers, and sisters all wept with me—but there was no way out.

One day, out of desperation, I said to my son, “Don’t lay in bed the entire time, go visit your uncle and have a little fun.” His uncle, whose son is a Falun Dafa practitioner, told my son, “Practice Falun Dafa! Your cousin had a slipped lumbar disc, but after studying Dafa, he was cured.” My very obedient son reverently bought a copy of Zhuan Falun and read it as soon as he came home. Later that same evening he was able to eat a bowl of rice and two pieces of fish. Everyone wept with joy.

It was amazing! That night, my son read the book from cover to cover. He got better day by day, and, one by one, my family members started to practice Dafa. My family and I did the exercises and read Zhuan Falun together every day.

Then, in July 1999, the overwhelmingly evil persecution began. My sons, daughters, brothers, nephews and I went to petition in Beijing, seeking justice for Dafa. Even after being thrown in jail twice, we never wavered in our belief in Dafa—no matter how hard the persecution. No matter how difficult, bitter, and dangerous it became for us, our belief in our Master and Dafa could not be shaken.

Through our continued practice and righteousness, we made it back home. Personnel backed by the Chinese Communist Party often harassed us and demanded that we give up practicing Falun Gong. I told them that Dafa saved my family and that I would not give it up. Where were they when my son was sick? Why didn’t they come help us? My brothers burned with anger from the repeated harassment and told them, “If you come again, we will consider you thieves and robbers. It will be at your own risk.” They no longer dared to come.

My son, healthy again thanks to Falun Dafa, has now started his own family. His daughter turns ten this year.

Waking My Niece From a Coma

Let me talk about my little niece. For her sixth grade graduation, she went with her classmates to climb a mountain on a holiday trip. She had a bad fall down the mountainside and went into a coma with brain and liver damage.

She was hospitalized for over a month in Dalian City with no sign of ever regaining consciousness. We spent seventy or eighty thousand yuan on treatments, yet she did not awaken from her vegetative state. She was alive but lifeless.

I watched over her in the hospital and played Master’s lecture recordings for her every day. Hospital staff said that in a coma, she couldn’t hear the lectures. I told them that her soul was able to listen, and day after day I never stopped playing them for her.

Later, my elder brother said to me, "Sister, there is no more money, and there is no place to borrow from. What can we do?" I replied, "If you listen to me, there is a way." He said, “Whatever you say.” I told him we would have his daughter discharged from the hospital, return home, and begin reading Dafa to her. He replied, “That’s fine, but she is in a coma. How can she learn like that?” I said, “It will be all right. As long as we do not give up, she will get better.” We had her discharged immediately.

Back home, we studied the law of the universe uninterrupted and never let up. My son said, "Mom, let's have her watch Master’s DVD lectures." I said, "She has not opened her eyes yet, how would she see?" My son replied, "Don’t worry, she can see." After three days, a miracle happened: My little niece opened her eyes. Everyone was shocked. All of us shouted with joy, "She woke up! She woke up! Come and see!"

The first thing my niece told us after waking up from her coma was that Master had given her a second life. She said that she will be a studious Dafa student from now on and that she can take care of herself now.

From a vegetative state and not able to utter a word, she recovered from her injuries and now can read Zhuan Falun very well.

Just last summer, another niece of mine had a sudden lumbar disc herniation. She lay in bed, unable to move except to cry out in pain. My nephew (her husband and a Dafa practitioner) summoned all eleven family members, from eldest to youngest, to his house. Gathered around my niece, we read Zhuan Falun. In fewer than three days, she was able to get out of bed and move around. She, too, learned Dafa from us immediately and became a practitioner. Her body is completely healed now.