(Minghui.org) A number of practitioners have been acting irrationally lately, paying great attention to and spreading articles authored by someone named “Prophet So-and-so.” This has been happening in Hubei Province, particularly in Wuhan City. The unfortunate result is that many practitioners are feverishly paying homage to these articles, and as I understand it, this is quite inappropriate.

Mimicking Master's tone, the author has published a series of articles on Chinese websites about aliens and gods creating the Three Realms and man, prophecies, truth-clarification, and how to study the Fa. He even answered practitioners' questions, and misled practitioners to take him as Master. Those who have been misled are not only keen to read his articles, but have also been spreading his stuff among other practitioners. As soon as he publishes something, these practitioners get excited and tell others to distribute his articles instead of truth-clarification materials. If anyone points out the loopholes in his articles, these practitioners say, “Don't speak nonsense, you will receive retribution. Several others have already received retribution,” and so forth.

On the surface, this person's articles may appear to some to clarify the truth, “save people,” and tell practitioners how to cultivate their hearts, but in fact, in many aspects this is totally the opposite of what Master has warned disciples in his lectures.

For example, Master has emphasized many times in lectures that we ought not talk about high-level things when we clarify the truth, otherwise it could cause damage. However, several of this person's articles talk about high-level things. Even practitioners cannot understand them, not to mention everyday people.

Talking about aliens and gods creating the Three Realms, he appropriated Master's lectures and mixed his own understandings with them. Master has repeatedly asked us not to emphasize prophecies, but “Prophet So-and-so” published his own so-called prophecies and a number of practitioners have irrationally followed him, even going so far as to say that Fa-rectification will end this year and promoting such talk with great enthusiasm among fellow practitioners.

Master said:

“Back when the persecution first started, there were often agents of the CCP and bad people with ill intentions collecting funds from students using all kinds of excuses. It severely impacted some students’ daily lives and caused them to suffer severe persecution, by being implicated in [collecting funds]. In my previous Fa teachings I have addressed the matter of not collecting money from students. So why have you not complied? (It’s a different matter when students collaborate on their own for the purposes of making truth-clarifying materials.)” (“On the Issue of Collecting Funds”)

Someone launched a project on a website in China, and some practitioners donated money to it. Later, some realized it was wrong to do that and asked for a refund. “Prophet So-and-so” published an article titled, “To practitioners asking for a refund” to criticize them. He said, “Weren't you willingly giving your money?... Cultivators put emphasis on giving, and giving up wealth is the most important aspect. By asking for a refund doesn't it show that you are not able to give up wealth? You should think about this and examine if you're worthy of being a Dafa disciple.”

Think about it! Master said coming to learn the Fa is voluntary, “People can come to learn or leave as they please.” (“Some Thoughts of Mine” in Essentials for Further Advancement II) Master has never told us to collect money. Almost all the fund-collection incidents that have happened in China were orchestrated by spies. They are keenly watching to see if we become irrational and cease to follow Dafa's requirements. When we do, they come to fish in our troubled waters and create chaos.

This so-called prophet recently wrote an article entitled, “Looking to Minghui's attitude on major events is not Master's words.” He wrote that whoever says they are using Master's words is plundering the Fa. Misguiding practitioners and telling them not to look up to Minghui, “Prophet So-and-so” is trying to provoke practitioners to distrust Minghui, even though this man says practitioners should “take Fa as the teacher.” Isn't he, in fact, leading practitioners to take him as the teacher?

Genuine practitioners all know the role of Minghui in assisting Master to do Fa-rectification. In “Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding,” Master told us:

“It can be said that among the websites that Dafa disciples run, this is a crucial one. From the day it was set up it was firmly established as a vehicle for Dafa disciples’ cultivation and their sharing of experiences, and meant to report on the persecution of Dafa disciples in a timely manner. So the role that the Minghui website has assumed has been particularly decisive, becoming a thorn in the evil’s side.”

“Prophet So-and-so” is trying to sabotage practitioners' righteous faith in Master, and a number of irrational practitioners have come to believe that there are spies in Minghui. If you actually believe that, then will you believe Minghui's articles anymore? Will you listen to Minghui's notifications anymore? Will you read Master's new articles published on Minghui anymore? If this person tells you there have been enough people saved and you don't need to clarify the facts anymore, or even tells you that you have reached Consummation, are you really going to believe him?

Master said in the commentary article “Cleaning Up” for the article “Don't Be Self-Indulgent and Draw Demons to Ourselves” in 2009:

“Note: There are two reasons why I have not said anything about these matters all along. The first is that I wanted our students to cultivate to maturity on their own, to see these problems for themselves as they go about cultivating to maturity, and to get through them on their own. The second is that [I wanted] to see just how far those who orchestrated things would deviate. I was going to say something only when the human attachments had fully revealed themselves.”

Those practitioners who did not rectify themselves until Master pointed it out should hurry up and read more of the Fa, truly believe in Master and the Fa, and retrieve and destroy the articles written by “Prophet So-and-so” that they spread to other practitioners.

Master said in “Sifting of the Sand:”

“I would suggest to whoever has circulated the special agents' website: undo any harm you have caused as quickly as possible; find and clear things up with those whom you circulated that website to. If you miss even a single person, you will, together with him or her, be eliminated. For the cosmos's law is this: whatever a being does, he must be held accountable for it.”

In a question and answer in “Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding:”

“Disciple: Could the Clearharmony website publish Master's writings? Or should it just remain Minghui that does so?
Master: I only publish them on Minghui because doing that helps to maintain its credibility. Other sites run by Dafa disciples and meant for our own community can republish them, and it will help guard against those fake sites that cause trouble. ”

Master also said in “Stability of the Fa” in Essentials for Further Advancement:

“Let me tell you that except for the several officially published books of mine and the dated short articles with my signature that are distributed to different regions by the Research Society, everything transcribed without permission is undermining the Fa.”

To those practitioners spreading this person's words among practitioners and everyday people: You need to calm down and think about it: Isn't this man interfering with Dafa disciples' faith in Master and the Fa? Isn't he interfering with Dafa disciples' assisting Master to do Fa-rectification? The damage done may be huge!