Greetings, Master. Greetings, fellow practitioners.

I am a practitioner from Waterloo in Ontario, Canada. I would like to share from three different aspects about my experience clarifying the truth and persuading others to quit the CCP. If there is anything incorrect, please point it out with compassion.

I. Upgrading My Enlightenment Quality While Persuading Others to Quit the CCP

In May 2011, I started to make calls to persuade people to quit the Chinese Communist Party and its two youth organizations (also known as the “Three Withdrawals”). At the time, I was having a problem with my eyes. My left eye was red and I could hardly see anything out of my right eye. Whenever I opened my eyes, tears would flow like a spring. So I had to keep my eyes closed and lie in bed. For a period of time, I had to put on an eye shade, and I could not read any books. I could only listen to Master’s Fa lectures. Before, I had had a big karma-eliminating experience that involved my eyes in 2000. So this time, was it karma elimination or interference from demons? I told myself that if I did not recover in 10 days, then it must be interference from demons.

During that time, I got a call from a fellow practitioner who lived in another area asking me if I would like to join the team to make calls to persuade others to quit the CCP. I wanted to join, but I told her about my situation. This practitioner shared with me for quite some time and said, “I don’t think Master would eliminate your karma in this way. You should look inside to see if there are other reasons.” Her words inspired me. I thought it must have been Master that had her call me.

I understand that the best way to eliminate interference from demons is to do the three things well to correct any gaps in my cultivation so that the old forces would have no excuse to persecute me. I started to make quitting the CCP calls the next morning. When my right eye hurt, I closed that eye and used the left eye. After I dialed the number, I simply closed my eyes and talked to the person on the other end. Practitioners later learned that I was making these “quit the CCP” phone calls. They were very concerned and asked me, “Are you OK with your eyes?” I joked with them, “Well, I simply talked with my eyes closed.” The first day, I successfully persuaded four people to quit the CCP. From then on, I continued to do this every day, but my eyes remained a problem, being OK for a while and then becoming bad again.

I wondered what the reason was for my eye condition. We have group Fa study every Friday night in a classroom at the University of Waterloo. One day when I stepped into the classroom, tears suddenly came from my eyes. It felt like there was a stone under my eyelid causing a lot of pain. I could not open my eyes the whole night. After I came home, that moment in the classroom replayed in my head again and again. I suddenly realized that it was the old forces that were stopping me from studying Fa. The phenomenon with my eyes was fake, but I was deceived and followed what the old forces had arranged. When my eyes hurt, I tended to think that I could not read the Fa, so I turned to listening to the Fa lecture recording. Now my mind was clear: I had to eliminate this interference as soon as possible.

Even though it was very late at night, I crossed my legs and grabbed a thick layer of tissues, putting them on my lap. I said to myself, “I am reading the Fa, I don’t care how the tears flow. I will put my entire mind into studying Fa and forget about my eyes.” I did not have any tears for the next 10 minutes. From then on, my eyes totally recovered. This is just like what Master said, “If thoughts are righteous, evil will collapse.” (“What’s to Fear?” from Hong Yin Vol. II)

I used the computer to make telephone calls. One day when I sat in front of the computer, my head felt very uncomfortable. It seemed like there were waves of water inside my brain and my head was so heavy that I could hardly lift it. I felt like throwing up and could not sit there anymore, so I laid down to take a rest. I thought, “Maybe I was on the computer for too long doing other projects. Maybe I need to rest for a couple of days.” After I rested for a day, I felt a bit better. The next day, I went out to take a walk around my house and thought, “I need to go back to continue my work.” Right after I had this thought, my head started to hurt again, and I could hardly get back home. I realized the old forces had come again. I could not eliminate the interference by merely sending righteous thoughts. I needed to go forward and do whatever I should do as a practitioner. I sat myself in the chair in front of the computer and told myself, “I will sit here to work. I don’t care if I throw up or my head hurts. I just need to do what I should do.” Right after I had this thought, even before I started my work, all the symptoms disappeared.

Why was I being interfered with by the old forces? It was directly related to my cultivation state. I had been thinking about how my daughter-in-law was going to have a baby at the end of March. I had wanted to make Quit the CCP calls before, but I did not have the conditions to do it. Then I applied for a space in a senior’s home, and, with Master’s help, I was given a unit that was perfect for making calls. However, due to my attachments of sentimentality and laziness in cultivation, I put aside the task of saving sentient beings. If not for the push from my fellow practitioner, I wouldn’t have felt the urge to save people. I neglected the safety of sentient beings and failed to live up to Master’s suffering to save us. All these loopholes had been arranged by the old forces.

II. Eliminate the Mentality of Selfishness in Persuading Others to Quit the CCP

All of my various states, problems, and the effect of persuading others to quit the CCP were a constant reflection of my own cultivation state. I understood this before, but my understanding was not deep enough. Sometimes I persuaded seven or eight people to quit the CCP, but other times I would not be able to persuade anyone to quit. When I found that I had spent twice the time other practitioners were spending, but getting around half of the results, I started to think a lot about this.

I was spending a few hours more to persuade the same amount of people to quit the CCP compared to other practitioners. If I added it up, I wasted a lot of time each month. I told myself, “My cultivation is that bad.” This thought made me alert and made me feel nervous. For many days, I kept asking myself, “What’s wrong with you?” Through Fa study, I gradually realized that I had the mind of selfishness, which was not easy to discover.

Master said,

“In offering salvation to people, there is no condition or consideration for cost, reward, or fame. They are thus far more noble than the heroes of everyday people. They do it completely out of their benevolent compassion.” (Zhuan Falun)

This Fa passage inspired me. Was I calculating the time and cost to save a person? On the surface, it seemed that my cultivation was “not good,” but deep underneath was the mentality of selfishness that made me feel that I was losing something in the process of saving people. I needed to eliminate this mentality of selfishness. My determination to make calls to persuade others to quit the CCP should not be affected. Even if one person quits the CCP, I am doing the most righteous thing and showing my compassion, and I am improving. Thinking of the numerous hardships Master has endured in order to save us, I felt so ashamed about my behavior. I decided to see myself as paving the way for others to successfully help people quit the CCP. Thinking like this, I felt calmer.

By the 25th or 26th of one month, I had talked 81 people into quitting the CCP. I said to myself, “I should have no problem getting 100 people to quit the CCP by the end of the month. And at that rate, I might be able to help 1,000 people quit the CCP in one year.” I got very excited thinking about this. However, the Internet connection quit on me the next morning. I called up the Internet company to come and fix it, but the next available appointment was for the following month. I realized that it was my attachment of zealotry that had brought the old forces’ interference again.

The process of persuading people to quit the CCP is also the process of exposing my attachments and eliminating these attachments. Sometimes I felt lost when I achieved nothing. Other times I got excited when I achieved some small thing. Every time my attachment appeared, the old forces would interfere. It was like I was a toddler walking on the road of cultivation, falling down from time to time, and getting up and falling down again until I finally enlightened to it. Now my mind is clearer than before. Except for when we were promoting Shen Yun, I continued to make quitting the CCP calls every day. I found that time is very precious indeed.

III. Looking for the Person You Should Save

Master said:

“As Dafa disciples, if you can fulfill your missions; if you can, in whatever realm you are at in your cultivation, save the beings that you should save; if you can set free the beings that you should save out from among humans; and if you can fulfill the responsibilities of a Dafa disciple, then you will, upon returning, experience indescribable honor and sense the tremendous grandeur of your cosmic domain.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”).

I would like to share a few of my own experiences.

There is a club for overseas Chinese seniors in my city. This club was run by pro-CCP people. Most members are visitors to families living in the area, and many are Chinese government officials and intellectuals. These people have received benefits from the CCP and some of them have hatred towards Falun Gong. What’s more, the club regulations state that we are not allowed to talk about politics, religion, etc. To persuade people to do the three withdrawals, I could only talk to individuals. One couple was willing to accept truth-clarification materials, but whenever I mentioned the three withdrawals, they insisted that they had not joined any of the three Chinese Communist organizations. Later they went back to China but returned to Canada a year later. I continued to talk to them about the three withdrawals. It was like shaking a tree. If I kept shaking, it would fall down for sure. Finally they agreed to do the three withdrawals. They also have two daughters and sons-in-law who are all CCP members. So the whole family, six people in total all, withdrew.

A friend of my younger sister's was in the hospital for advanced stage cancer. He was a member of the Communist Youth League. I knew him from before, and when I learned that he was ill, I wrote a letter to him that night clarifying the truth and encouraging him to quit the CCP. I sent the letter to my sister. My sister took the letter to read to the patient, who the did the three withdrawals. My sister is not a practitioner, but she has righteous thoughts about Falun Dafa. I often shared with her about the truth, and also taught her how to do truth-clarification. Because she already knew the truth, she helped to persuade people to do the three withdrawals.

In the condo where I lived, an old couple downstairs was taking care of their pregnant daughter-in-law. Brother Chen was the former office head of the County Political Consultative Conference. He was also a former elementary school principal. I gave him a copy of The Epoch Times and Secret China newspapers, which he loved to read. He said they helped him to pass the time. I went to his family to chat with him and bring him truth-clarification materials, also to persuade him to do the three withdrawals. But he refused to quit the CCP, saying that he had already retired and was not involved in anything right now. Before his daughter-in-law gave birth, he suddenly decided to return to China due to health problems. I ran downstairs to talk to him. He was just leaving. I said, “Big brother, you are leaving so fast. Where can you quit after you return to China?” He responded, “Please help me to quit now.” His daughter-in-law said to me afterwards, “You were so determined that my father-in-law finally quit.” Actually, he quit the CCP after he learned the truth.

Years ago during the 2003 New Year, I was wanted by the police due to my truth-clarification efforts in my classroom in front of my students. I was in great danger at that time. With the help of Grandpa Gao, I went to the mountains. I did not know Grandpa Gao before. Half a year later I left him and went abroad. Grandpa Gao was a CCP member. There was no telephone to reach him. His daughter and grandson had already quit the CCP, but they all lived in the city and would go back to the country only once in a while. Grandpa Gao would not quit no matter who talked to him. I was very concerned about him and wanted to save him. I thought, “What should I do?” When I had this thought, Master gave me wisdom. I called my sister and asked her to write a letter to Grandpa Gao. The letter was given to Grandpa Gao's granddaughter so that she could bring it to him. Then, last winter, when I called Grandpa Gao’s son, it so happened that Grandpa Gao was there. He told me he got my letter and had quit without hesitation. I understood this was the arrangement of Master-- that he was waiting for me there. Thank you, Master; my wish came true. Tears come to my eyes whenever I think about this.

Through making calls, I have found my competitive mentality getting weaker. I won’t be interfered with no matter how badly ordinary people talk to me. Their words cannot enter my brain. I used to think that persuading people to quit or not was up to me, and to quit or not was up to him. Now I realize that persuading people to do the three withdrawals is a great opportunity and an environment that Master has arranged for us in which to cultivate. Whenever we can’t do well, we must look inside and cultivate ourselves. This is the basic requirement for saving people.

Master said:

“I have told you previously that whether or not a Dafa disciple cultivates well determines his power to save sentient beings as well as his ability to be successful in fully cooperating, here in the human world, with the Fa-rectification.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

Only when we cultivate ourselves well will the road to save people be smooth. It is difficult to save people, but when we have compassion, Master will bring to us those who have a predestined relationship with us. So far I have only persuaded over 600 people to quit the CCP. I feel ashamed that this is so few. I understand that I must make a breakthrough. I must look inside and catch up with the current stage of Fa rectification. Now I keep on sending righteous thoughts and encouraging people to quit the CCP every day.

Besides making calls to solicit the three withdrawals, I also do truth-clarification and the three withdrawals through pre-recorded voice telephone calls. About 70 people pick up this call every day. In line with cosmic changes, the situation is changing very fast in Chinese society. Last month, 13 people requested an e-copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, and five people made the three withdrawals through these pre-recorded calls. More and more people have listened to my truth-clarification. This is something that has never happened before.

Some people have never joined any CCP organization, but they still listen to the facts attentively. Once I came across a middle-aged man from the countryside of Shandong Province. When I talked to him, he responded with all sorts of nonsense and CCP propaganda. I first thanked him for his openness. Then I started to correct him with the facts. We talked for 55 minutes and, in the end, he smiled as we parted. Some people give me telephone numbers of their friends after they do the three withdrawals and ask me to help their friends quit as well. Some young people have asked me to send Dafa materials to them so they can also help to persuade other people to quit the CCP. More than 10 people have also wanted to learn Falun Gong. All sentient beings are living media. The more they know about the truth, the faster the three withdrawals will move forward, and the more people will be saved.

Master said: “...they [Dafa disciples] are emissaries of the Divine.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the 2010 New York Fa Conference”) I must keep in mind my mission and do what Master wants, to make Master’s efforts worth it.

In the process of making calls to persuade others to quit the CCP, there has been much help and support from fellow practitioners. There is a solid foundation established by mainland and overseas practitioners doing truth clarification for years. With help from Master and the power from the one body, I feel confident that we will do a better job in persuading others to quit the CCP going forward.

Thank you.