(Minghui.org) Depression is a negative feeling. When a person is dominated by this kind of sentiment, he or she may become lethargic or absent minded when working on projects. Unable to talk with anyone and feeling downhearted makes it easy to believe that no one can solve their problem and nothing can make them happy. This state is caused by strong unrealized attachments that are coming to the surface during cultivation.

Before cultivating in Falun Dafa, I had these kinds of negative feelings. Whenever I felt that way, I slept for a long time and upon awaking I had forgotten everything. After I started cultivation, this kind of feeling gradually disappeared. Yet for some reason, about two months ago it started appearing again. I wanted to figure out what is causing this depression.

To non-practitioners, depression is human sentiment coming from an unfulfilling life, or from karmic reasons. Co-existing with depression is the human sentiment of excitement, making one feel that life is interesting. To Falun Dafa cultivators, it is the demon of sentiment, trying to disturb a cultivator by weakening their determination in cultivation, with the goal of eventually ruining cultivators. Depression is an internal sentiment, so in that regard it may be hidden from others.

Depression is caused by prolonged attachments that one has been unable to resolve. When cultivators encounter tests or hardships, they may judge the facts with human notions, defend self-benefits, and focus on what they want. This kind of mentality makes one feel more and more desperate. The person may become upset due to being in a dilemma, instead of proactively eliminating these attachments. During the Fa-rectification period, if depression is not eliminated in a timely fashion, the old forces will definitely interfere, thus making it even more difficult to eliminate the attachment.

Take my case as an example. I have an easy job, but I am not happy. Several workers who I do not favor and are close with each other do not like me. I feel quite lonely and this is caused by my attachment to being liked. I was worrying about this instead of thinking about how to save them. Digging deeper, I found the attachment of protecting myself. I wanted to get along well with them so that there would be no danger to me when I clarified the truth to them. I wasn't placing saving sentiment beings as the most important, and was only thinking about my personal feelings, and my selfishness.

The more I thought with human notions, the more depressed I became. By looking at the current situation from the perspective of a cultivator, I can always treat it as a good thing and an opportunity for self-improvement. Then how could depression continue to exist?

When focusing on saving sentient beings and diligently doing the three things well, there is no depression.