(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Pan Kaixiang lives in Jialulianyuan on Tongpu Road in the Xihu District of Hangzhou City, Zhejiang Province. Early on morning of September 7, 2011, Mr. Pan and his wife went outdoors. About 20 people suddenly rushed over and pushed him down, then forced him into a vehicle. They also grabbed the laptop Mr. Pan had brought with him. They did not present any identification nor give Mr. Pan's family any written or oral explanation.

Mr. Pan's wife went to the local police station to report what had happened. Yang Zhen from the station told her that it was not a kidnapping, but a seizure based on a directive from the government. However, he refused to show her the directive. Yang Zhen told her that the arrest action was a collaborative effort on the part of the neighborhood community, the local police station, and the 610 Office.

Mr. Pan's wife went to the neighborhood community association to request her husband's release. The neighborhood community association refused to tell her where Mr. Pan was, but they did say that Mr. Pan was not cooperative about writing what they wanted him to write, and that he would be released as long as he followed their instructions. Mr. Pan's wife knew that the Chinese Constitution guarantees its citizens the right to speak, publish, assemble, have parades, and protest, and that the community could not detain Mr. Pan just because he didn't write what they wanted him to.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) took away Mr. Pan's laptop and cell phone, two things necessary for the couple to run their store. A great deal of business information was stored on the computer. Mr. Pan's arrest was a great financial loss to their business. The couple had borrowed money to open the small store, and they have not paid off the debt. The business had just taken a turn for the better. The arrest made their lives very difficult.

Relevant persons:
Wang, in charge of the Gudang Neighborhood Community: 86-139580149033 (Cell)
Weng Guangyu: 86-571-88801155 (Office), 86-571-85126916