(Clearwisdom.net) In November 2010, four policemen from Xinbin town, Xinbin county, Liaoning province arrested Ms. Xu Chunhua, a practitioner living in Liujia village. They intended to transport her to Fushun city brainwashing center, but didn't succeed. Reportedly, police were trying to meet a quota.

At about 8:00 a.m. on November 2, 2010, while Xu Chunhua was dressing to go to work in the field, three policemen and a driver, led by Xinbin town police chief Wang Haiwei, stormed in and ransacked her home, turning everything upside down, and tearing Teacher's picture as well as a truth-clarification calendar off the wall.

When the police tried to arrest Xu Chunhua and her non-practitioner husband, she firmly said, “First, you must return my Teacher's picture and e-book, otherwise I will not go with you.” After an hour of neither side giving in, police chief Wang Haiwei finally agreed to return the picture and e-book. After that, the police arrested her and took her to the Xinbin town police station.

Other practitioners, including Wang Guihua and Jiang Yongyou, were also arrested and taken to the same police station in order for the officers to fulfill their quota. All four people were later transported to Fushun city brainwashing center.

While Xu Chunhua was complaining about policemen lying, she passed out on the bench she was sitting on. The police chief asked one of the officers to make sure she was okay, and if she wasn't, to take her home. Thus, she was released and allowed to return home.

Practitioners Chen Jingping, Wang Gueihua, and Jiang Yongyou were also arrested and taken to Fushun city brainwashing center for persecution.

Personnel involved in the persecution

Xinbin town police station:
Police chief Wang Haiwei, badge #648361: +86-413-5022891 (Office) ,
+86-413-5156373 (Home), +86-15504932853 (Cell)
Liujiacun team, Xinbin county (新宾县刘家村大队):
Chen Huiku, secretary of CCP: +86-413-5041198 (Home)