Greetings, dear Master, dear fellow practitioners!

My name is Lotus, and I’m 7 years old. I have been practicing cultivation for 7 years now. I started cultivation in Falun Dafa together with my parents since I was born. My mommy told me that I was raising my right hand to send forth righteous thoughts when I was 8 months old lying in my crib. When I was a year and a half old, I helped my grandpa quit the CCP.

Below are some cultivation experiences I’d like to share with everyone.

When I was a little over one year old, I started remember that the NTDTV was broadcasting a documentary program -- the Nine Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party. At that time I was only able to say very few words, such as daddy, mommy, etc. But I learned “Quit CCP!” from the TV. I wanted to help my grandpa quit the CCP, and I was saying to him “Quit CCP!” every day. I became anxious, and shouted at him: “Grandpa, hurry up, quit the CCP!” Because I was very little, my grandpa didn’t take me seriously. One day, I decided I would stop eating the food cooked by my grandpa. My grandpa got very anxious and started hopping around me and trying to feed me. I turned away and didn’t eat any of his food. Finally, my grandpa gave up and came close to me and whispered to my ears: “My little sweetie, please eat, I will quit the CCP!” When I heard him saying this, I was so happy and laughed loudly. In my own way, I helped grandpa quit the CCP. This story was told to me by my dad and mom after I grew a little older.

A few months ago, on a school day, the teacher gave each student a sheet of words to copy. When I was almost done with my work, the student sitting next to me took away the sheet I was supposed to copy. I remembered the words on the sheet, so I continued to copy. I knew she did it on purpose because I always did my work faster. This time she wanted to be faster than me. But I did not remember the last word, so I looked at somebody else’s paper. But the girl who took my sheet asked him to cover it up so I couldn’t see it. But finally, I was able to remember the last word. Once I was done, I went to the teacher to hand in my work. The other students thought I was telling on them. But I wasn’t. I was asking the teacher if I could play a little by coloring. The teacher said it was fine. I remembered that I was a practitioner, so I didn’t mind the girl saying anything.

One day, the teacher passed the test results to us. I saw that the teacher marked my test score to be 100. The girl who was sitting next to me found that I had a mistake in my test, and she told me to tell the teacher. I immediately went to the teacher and told her about it. The teacher smiled at me and said: “Since you told the truth, you can keep your score.” I went back to my desk and the girl saw the teacher kept my score. She got angry and stopped talking to me. I knew she was jealous, because my score was higher than hers. Although I wanted to get 100 very much, I thought I should tell the truth. I knew that Master gave me a test and I passed it. After I came home, I told my mom about what happened in school. Mommy was very happy and said I was a good girl.

A few days ago, my mommy and I bought my favorite ice cream. I asked mommy if it was OK not to tell daddy we bought ice cream, or hide it so daddy can’t eat it. I said this because daddy always sneaks in and eats all of my ice cream. Mom said: “That doesn’t sound like a practitioner, does it?” I said no. I admitted to mommy that it was a selfish attachment. So I did not hide my ice cream and decided to share with my daddy.

Once I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that Master gave me three divine tools. One is a lotus flower, another one is a pink-blue bag, and the third one is a sharp farmer's rake. The lotus flower sucked in the frogs and other evil beings. The pink-blue bag was lying flat on the ground, and the evils didn’t know so they hopped inside the bag. Then the bag closed suddenly and caught many of them. The farmer rake was hiding in a machine. When the evil beings passed by it, the rakes came down and got them I eliminated many evil beings.

When I was little, I listened to my mom study the Fa and sometimes Master's recordings. Now that I'm older, I'm learning to read Zhuan Falun in Chinese. Although I read very slowly and it takes me a long time to finish two paragraphs, I'm improving everyday. I hope next time I can read my own sharing paper in Chinese.

Thank you, Master!

Thank you, fellow practitioners!