(Clearwisdom.net) On the afternoon of August 16, three practitioners from Shenjia Village, Shuanglu Town in Jingle County, Shanxi Province were taken away by County and Town police and illegally detained in the county detention center. Now these three honest, country folk have been illegally sentenced to forced labor.

The three practitioners are Mr. Wang Jiuhuan, 67 years old; Mr. Shang Xiwei, 56 years old; and Mr. Shang Cunwei, 58 years old. Shang Xiwei and Shang Cunwei just recently started to practice Falun Gong. Immediately after they began practicing, they began to let others know about the benefits of the practice. However, when they clarified the facts about Falun Gong, villagers who were deceived by the regime's propaganda reported them to the police.

That afternoon, Yu Yizhong, head of the police station, and officer Yan Jianjun, Li Jinping, deputy head of the county police department, and Yang Xuefeng, head of the Political Security Section collaborated with the local 610 office. A dozen police officers were dispatched in three police vehicles to Wang Jiuhuan's house. They seized the three practitioners and also confiscated Mr. Wang's personal computer, two printers, several books and Falun Gong brochures. These practitioners are still illegally detained in Jingle County Detention Center.

Mr. Wang, who is nearly 70 years old, was tortured during interrogation. His arrest has brought pain to his family, who cannot understand why this innocent man was detained.

According to reliable sources, on August 21, local party officials illegally sentenced Wang Jiuhuan to two years' imprisonment, and Shang Xiwei and Shang Cunwei to one year in prison.

Contact numbers of the perpetrators:
Political head of Shuanglu Town Police Station Yu Yizhong: +86-13895033188
Head of Shuanglu Town Police Station Yan Jianjun: +86-13835033117
Head of Jingle County Police Station Yang Zhangang: +86-13313504001, +86-13803442528
Deputy head of Jingle County Police Station Li Jinping: +86-13835033133
Director of Jingle County Police Station Political Security Department Yang Xuefeng: +86-13835033145
Jingle County Detention Center: +86-350-7859092