(Clearwisdom.net) I have attended group Fa study every day since I started cultivating Falun Dafa in 1997. Eventually, Fa study was hosted at my home. Watching videos of Master's lectures and listening to Master's recordings has given me a solid foundation, which in later days has enabled me to help Master in Fa rectification and save sentient beings.

Master Smiles At Me

On March 1, 2000, right before the National People's Congress Conference and the Chinese People’s Political Consultative Conference, I went to Beijing to appeal for the right to practice Falun Dafa. I wanted to tell the government that Falun Dafa is an upright practice, and that they should clear Master’s name.

I took a train from Tianjin to Bazhou, hopped onto an electric tricycle, and finished the last leg of my journey to Beijing on foot. I had a long way to go, but as I walked, I recited Lunyu from Zhuan Falun, and Hong Yin. Even though there was a bone-chilling wind, with Master's help I felt very warm and was actually sweating.

I walked from 4 p.m. in the afternoon until 5 a.m. the next morning, a total of 50 kilometers. On the last 9 kilometers, I was able to ride an electric tricycle again until I reached a toll station. I ate some cold food, and drank some cold water. I had bloody blisters on my toes and the soles of my feet, but was able to put this in the back of my mind. Finally, I reached what I thought was the “Office of Letters and Calls”.

I walked up to the door, but I noticed that the motorcycle police I saw from afar were no longer there. The uniform police who had been standing outside also were no longer there. I walked in, and instead of police I saw immigrant workers. I realized then that the office was faked, or had been secretly moved elsewhere. I searched for the real “Office of Letters and Calls”, but I never was able to find it. Although my trip did not end successfully, I truly put my heart into it.

Looking Inward

Whether it is producing CDs, printing materials, or purchasing supplies, my cultivation always seems to be intertwined with the work I do clarifying the truth. With time being so limited, it is always challenging to take care of things at home as well as do things for Dafa. I am always happy to work with my “Fa implements” such as the computer, CD burner, or printer. I like to hear the happy sound of them running. I don't pursue comfort in my daily life, but rather pay strict attention to cultivating xinxing.

I always look inward when my CD burner or printer isn't working. Sometimes, it was extremely heart-wrenching to let go of my human attachments when confronted with a xinxing test. But I was still able to look inward, even when I felt wronged. I once decided to spend three days straight just looking inward with a calm mind. During that time, I found more attachments, including my fundamental attachment. Because of that time spent, I don't feel the need to appease myself whenever my attachments are revealed. I don't try to cover up anymore. As soon as I spot the human notion, I immediately focus on eliminating it. When I do something wrong to others, or when others misunderstand me, I just sincerely apologize to the other person. I never put the blame on others, listing their faults in my mind trying to make myself feel better. My heart is open, and I treat others with compassion. Whenever I find an attachment, I'm happy because its a breakthrough for me, and I can feel my xinxing rising.

Truly Helping Master with Fa-rectification

All sentient beings have a knowing side. When we have the wish to save people, Master will arrange for us to meet people with predestined relationships so they can be saved. I have witnessed this many times.

On one particular occasion, I was returning home on a bus after sending forth righteous thoughts with others. While riding the bus, I also sent truth-clarifying text messages with my cell phone. On one of the stops, a woman got on and sat next to me. I fell asleep on the bus, but I was still aware enough to know which stops were coming. Two or three stops from mine, the woman lightly touched me and asked me where I needed to get off. She said she was worried that I would miss my stop. I opened my eyes and realized that there were just the two of us on the entire bus. I immediately realized that I was supposed to save her. Wasn't this arranged by Master? I thanked her for her kindness and told her where I was supposed to get off. I said to her with a smile, “You have a very kind heart.” Then I told her about the three withdrawals and helped her to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party and its affiliated organizations.

People are always deeply moved and thank me after I help them withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. Once, when I was with other practitioners, we were helping a lady cross the street after having helped her with the three withdrawals. But she followed us back, thanking us as if she forgot there were cars on the street. Some people don't want us to leave. In fact, when we clarify the truth well and save people, many people really thank us from bottom of their hearts.

Recalling my cultivation over the past ten years, there have been tearful moments, heartache, and times when a day felt like a year. But through everything, it is Master who was pointing the way home, out of this corrupt world. It is Dafa that guards my righteous thoughts and guides my actions so that I can fulfill my historic vows.

“Everything here in human society was established for Fa-rectification, and all that exists today exists for the sake of my Dafa disciples validating the Fa. Remember: you are the stars of today's world, you are the lives that sentient beings are watching the most intently, and you are beings who are determining the future of every person in the human world! (Applause) So, saving all beings and cultivating yourselves well are of the utmost importance for you, the Dafa disciples. It's not done just for the Consummation of your own being--it is also about fulfilling the hopes that have been placed in you by sentient beings, by more beings!” (Teaching the Fa at the 2005 Canada Fa Conference, Official translation)

I am fortunate to be alive during the Fa-rectification period. I use my cultivated side and my righteous thoughts to validate the Fa, cooperate with fellow practitioners, and follow Master’s instructions to save as many sentient beings as possible in order to be worthy of the sacred title “Fa-rectification period disciple” and return to my home.

I am grateful to Master for his merciful salvation, and grateful for fellow practitioners’ sincere help!

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