(Clearwisdom.net) I benefitted a lot from reading fellow practitioners' understandings on Teacher's article, "What Does it Mean to 'Help Master Rectify the Fa'?" I, too, would like to share my humble insights.

Shortly after the New Year celebration, my vision started to blur when I studied the Fa or used the computer for just a short while. I also felt pressure in my eyes. One day when I used my eyes alternately, I discovered that half of my left eye was covered with a film and the other half was obstructed with sporadic black dots.

I've hardly had any physical reactions since starting cultivation practice. When I discovered the problem with my vision, my first response was: Here comes a tribulation from demonic interference. I quickly reflected upon myself. Teacher told us that he had already cleansed our bodies in the fourth lecture of the Falun Gong seminar. I have been practicing Falun Gong for about 16 years; my body had already been cleansed a long time ago.

In addition, Teacher said,

"Except for newer students, from July 20 of 1999 on, Master hasn't created any personal cultivation tests for you, and that's because overall your personal cultivation has changed in every respect so that it's in the direction of saving sentient beings and validating Dafa." ("Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference")

I do not have any sickness karma. Then it stands to reason that the problem with my vision was a result of demonic interference.

Meanwhile, I reflected upon my cultivation practice in an attempt to identify any test I did not prevail or any loophole I had allowed the old forces to exploit upon. But soon I realized that the old forces have no right to interfere with my cultivation practice. It is Teacher that governs my cultivation practice, not the old forces.

I started to send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the demonic interference. I didn't tell any of my family because I didn't want to worry them. But I thought about eliminating all elements that obstructed my vision.

However, my vision did not improve --- it deterioted. At around March 2011, I lost the vision in my left eye entirely. I felt as though my left eye were curtained behind thick clouds. I had to rely on my right eye. In the worst days, I could not light incense sticks that I tried to offer Teacher, or reach the keyboard because I lost the depth of my vision. When I walked, I took uneven strides between left and right.

Yet I was not scared. I thought, "You are fighting me. Then I will fight you." I have Teacher and the Fa with me. I have a steadfast faith in Falun Gong. I persisted in sending forth righteous thoughts and continued to do the three things. I completely ignored my vision problem.

After about two months in early April, I suddenly recovered vision in my left eye while I was studying the Fa. I closed my right eye and verified that I could see perfectly with my left eye. The thick layer of film had disappeared. I was overwhelmed with immense feelings of gratitude towards Teacher. I offered Teacher incense sticks and heshied towards Teacher. "Thank you, Teacher!" I said to Teacher's photograph.

I deeply felt Teacher' boundless compassion when Teacher published, "What Does it Mean to 'Help Master Rectify the Fa'?"

Please feel free to point out anything you might find inappropriate in my humble insights.