(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners have the ability to control their cultivation environment. The state of cultivation can be shown by the environment around practitioners especially when it comes to a practitioner's family situation. Thus, whenever we have a difficult time, it is actually a hint that we should look within and let go of any unrighteous thoughts, so that we can do well the three things Master asked us to do.

The year before last year, I experienced problems with my computer. I had to reboot it and after a while it didn't even work after rebooting it. I tried to find the reason, but failed. Then, I asked the sales department for help, but to no avail. I went to the repair center and again to no avail. It worked fine in the sales or repair center for a few days, but that was it. The result was always the same. After several months of back and forth with the repair center the problem was not resolved.

What Impeded My Getting the Computer to Cooperate?

I realized that the problem had to have something to do with me. We are different from a non-practitioner. Our cultivation environment reflects our cultivation quality. It was not simply a “computer problem.”

I was computer illiterate. After sharing my cultivation experience my son suggested I should use a computer to clarify the truth about Falun Gong, such as sharing in a forum. However, I sometimes played card or computer games instead, with the excuse of taking a break. Sometimes, I viewed something of interest for non-practitioners, including obscene pictures. I thought this could be the problem, so I diligently studied the Fa. I understood that I should do the three things first, that the computer should be a tool for doing Dafa work and I no longer should do anything unrelated to Dafa on the computer. My computer operated again normally. After my son put an eye protection sheet on the monitor, I experienced the same problem about three times. I looked within and corrected what was unrighteous. The computer operated again normally.

Besides clarifying the facts about Falun Gong on my computer, I also download Minghui articles. I no longer experienced any computer problems and the noise of the computer became much smaller.

Other Problems in My Environment

Whenever there were problems in my environment I looked inward, knowing full well that it wasn't the computer's fault. I had problems that needed to be rectified. But what? The computer worked fine, but I was faced with other problems. The electrical system malfunctioned and the light, refrigerator, air conditioner and other electrical appliances stopped working. Instead of looking within I used human ways to resolve my problems, overlooking the fundamental problems.

My colleagues had bought the same air conditioner as mine, but they didn't experience any problems. I wondered what is happening with me. The repairmen found nothing wrong and said that they should all work.

Importance of Looking Within

It is so important to browse the Minghui/Clearwisdom website as one can learn from fellow practitioners' experiences. Practitioners look within when their computer or printer malfunction when producing Falun Gong materials. They will look within to find out if they were not within the Fa or if the old forces were taking advantage of their loopholes and then eliminate the disturbance. Then, the Fa tools work normally. Practitioners' experiences in looking within alerts me to what I need to do.

I know that practitioners should understand Dafa principles, and take the Fa as Teacher! We need to ask ourselves that if the situation has changed drastically, are we moved? What is the problem? If all our actions are based on the Fa, whatever is affecting us negatively becomes very clear. Of course, practitioners should do the three things Teacher encourages us to do. Doing well the three things results from taking the Fa as Teacher.

Once I established this understanding, I looked within deeply to find my problem. I realized that I did the three things, but none of it was from within the Fa. First, I did not study the Fa diligently. I did not set aside time for Fa study daily and didn't concentrate when studying the Fa.

If I didn't study the Fa well, I didn't cultivate diligently so I could not think or consider issues based on the Fa. For example, my TV stopped working. I realized that it was wrong of me to be watching daily non-practitioner television shows. I had thought that I definitely shouldn't watch Chinese Communist Party (CCP) programs, but it was fine to watch an entertainment show occasionally. The evil tries its best to ruin practitioners.

Secondly, I didn't do well in clarifying the truth about Falun Gong and persuading people to withdraw from the CCP. I just limited myself to clarifying the truth over the Internet. I only talked to relatives about Falun Gong and the number of people who withdrew from the CCP was very limited.

The worst thing was that I didn't send righteous thoughts regularly during the set times. I didn't take sending righteous thoughts seriously. When it was cold, I normally missed the 6 a.m. righteous thoughts as I wanted to sleep more. Thus, my alarm o'clock didn't work well. I also missed the midnight sending righteous thoughts because I slept through that time. I missed the day time schedules because I either was at lunch or dinner. My family often complained that I didn't join them for meals. Then, the quality of sending righteous thought was not guaranteed. I just performed sending righteous thoughts rather perfunctorily instead of taking them seriously. To be honest, my sending righteous thoughts was just as if I didn't do it at all.

I realized that the three things were not done properly because I did not study the Fa diligently and I didn't send righteous thoughts. The evil had me in its grip. I did not take my responsibility seriously.

Dafa is sacred and not a mere human activity. My thoughts should be righteous and based on the Fa so as to do the three things well. My cultivation environment didn't exist until I rectified it. Then, all problems were gone. It was so magical and only practitioners know why it is like that!

After gaining insight in the cultivation requirements, my electrical appliances acted normal again and my family environment improved. My family members changed their attitude gradually. My alarm clock worked accurately. I send righteous thoughts on time. My family tried to have meals outside the times I send righteous thoughts and if they happened to eat around that time they understood my need for excusing myself. I didn't have to tell them to keep quiet during the time; they understood automatically. My wife has changed from interfering with me to supporting me.

It was great for my family environment to change. Then, my neighborhood environment also changed. My upstairs neighbor used to argue over their son's study habits. They interrupted my Fa study and doing the exercises. One day, I suddenly realized that it was quiet upstairs and I thought that they had moved. Later, I realized that it is a cultivator who changes the environment. There are certainly other things that were affected and a practitioner's influence spreads. When following Teacher's arrangement we could influence sentient beings, other dimensions and our entire environment.

As a Dafa practitioner, we should study the Fa diligently and take the Fa as Teacher. This affects our cultivation positively! Under this condition, we could send strong righteous thoughts and eliminate all that is evil. This in turn makes us strong enough to clarify the truth for saving sentient beings.

There is nothing that was not arranged during our cultivation and truth clarification. Anything outside the ordinary that affects our cultivation environment is either based on interference or we haven't been diligent. All our actions should be based on Dafa's principles.

If anything goes wrong I look inward and search for what I have not let go or what I have failed to do. Then, I rectify my environment and things go smoothly.