(Clearwisdom.net) In the winter of 2006, a practitioner with excellent technical knowledge helped me to install a satellite receiver so I could watch NTDTV programs in my home. A lot of other practitioners also wanted the satellite receivers, but the practitioner who helped me lived far away. I decided to learn how to install the receivers so that I could help other practitioners in the area with the installation.

Practitioners would usually install the receiver at home, and later recommend it to their friends and family. However, when the police arrested some practitioners, they saw the NTD receivers. Soon the state-run TV stations started displaying a rolling message on TV screens stating that such receivers were illegal, and that those who had them will be prosecuted. It was common knowledge that this was done because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) was afraid of Chinese people learning the facts about Falun Gong.

Through watching the programs on NTDTV, many ordinary people actively promoted the contents of the programs in their workplace and daily life. Many of them became less fearful of the CCP, and realized that practitioners are just trying to be good people. Some of them even became practitioners. The professional quality, rationality, high realm of thought and actions of overseas practitioners have enabled NTDTV to display the greatness of Dafa in society. The positive content of the programs has helped to inspire ordinary people, and awakened people's consciences. A person once to told me, “After watching NTDTV, we don't want to watch anything else.”

The Chinese people today are indifferent to almost everything. They usually only watch shows with distorted values. Their minds are filled with selfishness and degenerate things. Younger people like to follow the latest trends, and their minds are even more distorted. The Communist Party's propaganda is only used to mislead people.

How can these people be saved? Don't we need to show them the wonders of Dafa? We need to win their hearts and make them feel the kindness and wonderfulness of Dafa.

Some practitioners only say a few words when they clarify the facts. Sometimes they only tell people to say “Falun Dafa is good.” They may not have time to tell people that Falun Dafa is upright and can guide people in every walk of life. NTDTV can help to fill this gap.