“I can see that everything is heading into the final stage. It’s just that many people are afraid to acknowledge this reality and its progressive unfolding; that the number of lives to be saved before the final moment arrives has not reached the amount it should; and that there is still a portion of Dafa disciples that hasn’t kept up. That is the key reason why the end of this undertaking still hasn’t been enacted.” (“Be More Diligent”)

My understand is that, while saving sentient beings, we should find practitioners who fall behind and help them to improve. This is fulfilling what Master wants and is an aspect of helping Master rectify the Fa.

I used to be extremely unwilling to interact with “reformed” students. My first thought was not to interact with them whenever I heard that someone was “reformed” during the peak time of the persecution. Deep down in my heart, I was afraid that they would reveal my whereabouts to the police. I now can see that this thought was based on egotism and selfishness and it was a black substance in another dimension. That black substance made it worse for the “reformed” students.

Several days ago, I visited a “reformed” student who was recently released from prison. She thought that certain information on the Clearwisdom website was not accurate and said, “I printed and distributed many printouts that clarified the facts of Falun Dafa. I don't think I did well because some of the information on those printouts was inaccurate.”

I said, “You have been practicing Falun Dafa for many years and know clearly that not a single sentence in the Fa teaches people to be bad. There is not a media entity in the world that is 100 percent accurate. More than 99 percent of the content on the Clearwidsom website is accurate— much better than average. Inaccurate data in the media should not lead to us questioning Dafa. You have been studying the Fa for many years, and I do not believe that you can really be 'reformed.'”

She told me that she still had a copy of Zhuan Falun and she was able to bypass the firewall and access the Clearwisdom website. She was under a lot of pressure and lacked the courage to resume practicing. She said that the practitioners near her either blamed her or pushed her to immediately make a declaration to resume practicing. She dared not express her own opinions to them. Although I was not able to get her to resume practicing, I believe she will one day.

After this experience, I learned that I should have strong righteous thoughts when helping the practitioners who are left behind, and we should treat them with the greatest mercy. We should first use kindness to untie the knots in their hearts instead of blaming them, and expose the evil's deceit and lies. Secondly, we should pay attention to our cultivation of speech, otherwise, it may prevent them from sharing their true thoughts. Thirdly, we should have strong righteous thoughts when we communicate with them. Do not classify them as being “reformed.”

I believe that our benevolent field can rectify all that is incorrect.