I took a taxi to town for business the other day and I saw a very old book in the front seat so I picked it up. It was Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. When I opened it up, there was a hand-made book mark. When I saw it I was dumbfounded. I had made that bookmark several years ago! With a lotus flower in the background, I had written: “Read this book--it awakens your soul. Pass the book around to generate great fortune!” I gave this book to a farmer in the spring of 2005. I could not imagine that six years later, the book had reunited with me! The only difference was the book was well- worn. Obviously numerous people had read it!

I thought it must be compassionate Master's arrangement that after six years I would come upon this book which had been and is still saving people! I share this story to all to verify that the worldly people are awakening.

I asked the taxi driver: “ Have you read the book? What do you think about it?” He replied: “It is well done! Our voices have been smothered for so long. Finally there is a voice that speaks up. There should have been a book like this a long time ago, but who would dare to write it! Plus, who is able to write in such detail! This book has been passing around quickly. I did not know where it came from in the first place. I only knew it came from a truck driver who got it from a repairman. Later the truck driver passed it on to a fellow who washes cars, who passed it to his friend who is a clerk in the local government, and he passed it on to my friend, who gave it to me. This book has been passed around to so many people. As a matter of fact, there are a group of people waiting for it. An elderly gentleman estimated from the well-worn look of the book, that over a hundred people had read it. This book truly has become a treasure!”

I listened to him say so much in one breath. Looking at his delighted face, I was deeply moved: sentient beings, the peace, happiness and bright future you have been searching and waiting for have finally been found!

I asked again: “Did you withdraw from the CCP organizations as the book advised? Did your friends all withdraw? If not, can I help you to do that? I hope you will be safe and sound when heaven eliminates the CCP.”

He looked at me up and down. I looked ordinary, he was wondering: “You can? Are you connected to this book?”

I closed the book and returned it to him, I talked with him about the contents of the book and he kept nodding his head: “Yes, yes.” I also talked of things not related to the book, such as Falun Dafa and how widely it has spread worldwide. He was even more surprised: “You are extraordinary, even though you look ordinary, I believe you. I would like to quit the CCP related organizations. You can make up a name for me.”

It was time for me to go, I looked at the book and said in my heart: “A job well done, keep up the good work!” I turned around and looked at the driver: “Don't forget to tell your friends to all withdraw!” He smiled and nodded his head.

I am so happy for the sentient beings who were saved as a result of this book. I believe in the near future, this book will be glorified for ages to come.