(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Gong in 1994. It is so magnificent and honorable for me to have learned the Fa at such a young age. Whenever I recall the days that I spent with Master, I feel very honored.

Listening to Master lecturing

Master came to my hometown to give the nine-day lectures in 1994, when I was eight years old. Three generations of my family were fortunate enough to go and listen to Master.

When Master had finished lecturing each day, He would teach us how to do the exercises. As I was very young, my sister and I would run up and down the stage playing. Master very patiently corrected people's exercise movements. When the nine-day lectures concluded, we all took photos with Master in front of the conference hall. My sister and I knelt down by Master, one on each side. Master talked to us, and wished for us to strive forward diligently.

Before leaving our hometown, Master visited my house with a few practitioners. He was very amiable and chatted with us. My sister and I each played music for Master. He patted me on my head and expressed some good wishes for me. Master also played a piece of music for us. Some of the practitioners present were moved to tears.

When my parents prepared the meal, Master kept saying, “You’ve already made enough food. Don’t make too much.” Master ate very simply. There was a large bowl of seafood, but Master only ate one shrimp. He also joked, “These shrimps always move right in front of my eyes.”

Back then, we did not know exactly what Master had endured for our salvation. After gaining a deeper understanding of the Fa, I have realized that Master always thinks about us, and has done a tremendous amount for us all.

Master always takes care of me

I became so busy with school as I grew up, and gradually studied the Fa less and less. When I later went to college in another city, I hardly studied the Fa at all. Fortunately, everyone in my family is a practitioner, so they often reminded me to study the Fa and do the exercises. When I went home on vacations, they encouraged me to be diligent. With their help, and through Fa-study, I made steady improvements. Sometimes, I also went out to tell people the facts about Falun Gong.

To be accepted at college on a music major, I had to pass the audition and written exams. Before the audition, I was worried that I could not find a place to practice, since all of the rehearsal rooms had been reserved. Fortunately, I met a girl on the train who was also auditioning for the same college. She invited me to practice in the room that she had reserved. The piano there was much better than mine, and I could also go to the rehearsal room any time I wanted. My audition went very well and I scored high grades.

I then worked extremely hard to prepare for the written exams, and hardly had time to sleep. When I felt dizzy and nauseous, I silently said, “Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good,” and asked Master to help me. Very soon afterward, I would feel much better.

On the last day of the exams, I was so nervous that my mind went blank. Halfway through the allotted time for the test, I still had not written anything. I hopelessly picked up the test paper and asked Master to open up my wisdom. A miracle then happened. I felt as if something in my mind had suddenly clicked. I was very quick to finish the paper, as if I somehow just knew all the answers. It usually takes around three hours to complete the exam, but I finished it in about an hour.

When the reports came out, my grades were much higher than the minimum required for admission. Master had given me the wisdom to be accepted at the college.