(Clearwisdom.net) There was a period of time I wasn't making progress in studying Dafa teachings and was admiring those who did. Despite the efforts I put in to studying the Fa and reading many cultivation sharing articles, I did not seem to be getting the same kind of results as those practitioners in advising ordinary people to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

After continued sharing during Fa studies and asking Teacher for revelation, one day I saw in other dimensions a brick platform supported by a tower-like pillar. After I pried open the brick floor, it was empty underneath. There was another room with the same type of floor. When I pried open its brick floor, it was also empty underneath. I understood Teacher was telling me that my Fa study was superficial.

Reflecting upon how I had been studying the Fa, I noticed that I was focusing on completing a set number of pages instead of the meaning of the content. Upon returning from an interruption, I could not remember where I stopped. There were random thoughts showing up during my Fa study. I recalled a story my mother told me about a farmer going to worship a Buddha. Along the way it rained and he made a mental note to himself to remember to bring back a pail that he left in the field. After worshiping, he went back to the field. As he picked up the pail, he saw a pile of ash similar to the ash from the incense he burned. Apparently, the Buddha did not accept his worship because of his lack of sincerity.

I was determined to change my attitude toward Fa study. Before I began Fa study, I sent forth righteous thoughts to remove any interference that might occur. After I read a statement, I would ask myself what I had learned. If my attention drifted away from my study, I would start over again even if I had to repeat the same paragraph over several times. I spent four hours on just one lecture, but I did get some inner meaning from it. To me, this is the real purpose of Fa study.

Fellow practitioners doing the three things well are serious about Fa study. Teacher emphasized Fa study a lot too. At this time, I appreciated it too. Cultivation is a serious matter. There will be interference when we study the Fa. Recently, I felt as if separated from the Fa by something. I no longer had the feeling of being drawn to studying the sacred Fa. Hence, I sent righteous thoughts to remove this blockage. After a few days, I saw in other dimensions a towel flying off a machine gear. Since then, my interest and joy in studying the Fa returned.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is improper.