1. Encountering tribulations

My wife suffered from multiple complications after a major surgery for cervical canal stenosis. She tried various treatments, including massage and physical therapy by Chinese and Western specialists, and qigong treatments by famous qigong masters. Nothing worked. She was almost paralyzed and did not get out of bed except to do her own routine cleaning and to use the toilet. During that time, her illnesses made my life miserable. In addition to my regular job, I had to do all the housework. I also had to massage her at night.

2. Hoping for miracles

When we had almost lost all hope, one of my colleagues, who had just come back from a Falun Dafa class in Tianjin, gave us a copy of Falun Gong and Master Li Hongzhi's lecture tapes. It brought us new hope. I read the whole book that night. I had been interested in the mysteries of the universe and life during my childhood and always enjoyed reading science and UFO magazines after work. But nothing could satisfy my curiosity until I read Falun Gong. It clearly illustrated all the topics I had questions about. I wished I had read it sooner.

My wife started to read the book and listened to Teacher's lectures early the next morning. With my colleague's encouragement that a miracle might happen to us, we bought tickets to the next lecture. With a strong desire to attend the class, my wife started her physical training, going from “lying” to “sitting” in a chair for a few minutes in the beginning and extending to sitting for one to two hours.

3. Master's compassion

The class started on March 27, 1994. With my colleague's help, I carried my wife into the auditorium and put her in a wheelchair in the front row of the left aisle. She quietly waited for the class to start.

Right before the class, the staff and the person in charge of the City Qigong Association persuaded us to leave the class. They said, “The energy from Qigong is too strong for a sick person.” We insisted on not leaving the class without seeing Teacher.

It was five minutes before the class started. I was in despair and desperately jumped on the platform and ran into the back stage area to see Teacher. His benevolent face looked exactly the same as the photo I saw in the book. I shook hands with him and briefly described my wife's situation. He said, “I don't treat illness.” I immediately explained, “We started to read your book and listen to your Fa lectures two weeks ago. We understand you do not accept persons with serious illness. We are here for cultivation not for illness treatment. My wife is not a mental patient, nor is she paralyzed. She can steadfastly cultivate.”

Teacher smiled and nodded, “This student has some enlightenment quality. Let me see her.” Becoming students, wow! Teacher accepted us as His students! He really became our Master.

To my surprise, Master then walked directly to my wife from backstage and started to purify her body of illness. I thought he just wanted to verify her health condition. I suddenly enlightened to the fact that Master purifies genuine practitioners so that they can practice cultivation with healthy bodies. What a compassionate and mighty Master!

4. Witnessing a miracle

Master patted my wife's head and neck a few times. He then moved his hands from her shoulder down a distance of about 10 cm from her body, clenched his fists around her heels and opened up his fists as if he threw something heavily to the ground. The whole procedure took less than 2 minutes. Master said to my wife, “Okay, try to walk.” My wife got up from her wheelchair and walked around the platform two times. Then Master said, “Now you are well enough for the class.” The whole auditorium rose and warmly applauded.

When I was ready to carry my wife out of the auditorium after the first lecture, surprisingly, she walked out to our car by herself. She held the stair railing and slowly walked up to the third floor. It was really a miracle.

She read Falun Gong, listened to the lectures, and practiced the exercises every day after that first lecture. She started practicing the full set of exercises, first sitting on a stool and gradually standing up. I reported to Master about her progress every day during the class. Master was very happy and reminded me repeatedly, “Firmly practice the exercises and study the Fa more.”

My wife steadfastly studied the Fa and practiced the exercises after the class. She gradually regained her health. She could go grocery shopping a month after the class began. Three months later, she was able to take the city bus with fellow practitioners to welcome Master at the airport when he came to Dalian for a second round of Falun Gong lectures. This is a testimony of the power of Dafa.

5. Precious memories

It has been 17 years since Master purified my wife's body. This year on May 13, it was Master's 60th birthday and the annual World Falun Dafa Day. When I think of my past experiences with Master, those precious memories still vividly stand out in my mind. Below are some of those recollections.

We realized Master's profound and broad knowledge after listening to his lectures. His lectures were concise and easy to understand. He was always so humble, peaceful, and kind.

On our way home after the first day's lecture, we saw Master walking to the hotel with his staff. He looked so modest and easy to talk to. This deeply touched us.

I asked Master near the end of the class if I could ask him questions in the future. He gave me his business card and said, “I stay with students who are an elderly couple that live in Beijing. You can come to see me if you have a chance.”

I went to visit Master in the Fall of 1995 after an academic conference at Tsinghua University in Beijing. Master was away from Beijing teaching the Fa. This elderly couple, senior engineers in aerospace technology, told me many of Master's stories that deeply educated me. They also showed me Master's bedroom, which was about 10' by 10'. Inside the room was one wooden bed, one desk, one lamp, and one big bookshelf.

Before the second Dafa Lecture series in Dalian, Master asked Mr. Gao (the coordinator) to check on the condition of my wife. Mr. Gao was waiting for us outside our house when he saw my wife coming home with a big bag in her hand. Mr. Gao was very happy and said, “I see you are carrying a heavy bag. Obviously, you have completely regained your health. I truly witnessed the miraculous power of Master and Dafa.” We are deeply grateful for Master's care. He not only purified my wife's body, but also cared about her recovery.

Master, you have done so much for us! We are forever grateful to you!