I am not well educated. With the help of my fellow practitioners, I would like to offer my experience to share with others, so that we can all improve together.

1. Chronic illnesses healed by Dafa; my life returned to the Great Way

Before I practiced Falun Gong, I had many serious illnesses, including breast cancer, neurasthenia, stomach inflammation, an ovarian tumor, and pelvic inflammation. Every day, I felt weak and wished I were dead.

Through a Falun Gong practitioner, I learned about and attended a group exercise on May 14, 1997, at the local stadium. As soon as I walked into the stadium, I saw Master's image. I saw Him sitting on a rock. There was a mountain behind Him. There were colorful clouds in the sky. A young boy was running around and playing. When I did the fifth exercise, I was able to achieve tranquility. I was sitting in the sky, surrounded by white clouds. I felt that my body was so huge that it reached heaven and earth.

I returned home and read the Falun Gong books. Every word was shining different lights. In two weeks, all of my illnesses were healed. Falun Gong gave me a second life and filled me with hope for the future.

However, the Chinese Communist Party began the persecution of Falun Gong in 1999. They would essentially be killing me if they forbid me from practicing! I went to Beijing on October 1, 2000, to appeal for the right to practice Falun Gong. When I was in Tiananmen Square, I saw myself standing on colorful clouds. People near me all wore clothes from ancient times with ribbons flying in the air. I wondered how come the people in Beijing all looked like fairies. Then I realized that it was a scene from other dimensions that I saw through my celestial eye.

2. Reincarnation

In 2001, Master gave me the ability to see the past. I was able to see my past lives. Although I am a woman in this life, I was a male general at the beginning of the Tang Dynasty. A young girl who was both short and ugly was in love with me. She wanted to marry me, but I did not agree. She cried and wouldn't let me go. I casually said, “I don't want to marry my whole life.” She wept and left. Later, I married a beautiful woman and had twin boys. When my children were only a few months old, my wife and I both died of poisoning. I was only 22 years old. My husband in this life was the ugly girl in that life. I realized that a person cannot casually promise things. I received retribution because I didn't keep my promise to never marry. The ugly girl loved me so much because we had predestined relationships. In this life we are finally a couple.

After the life as a general, I was reincarnated as a woman, but still a warrior. In order to gain power for one of the princes, I had to kill, in public, a soldier who really loved me. This soldier is now my father in this lifetime. We feel like enemies because I owed him a life. He was never kind to me. He often beat me and yelled at me when I was a young child.

The third time I was reincarnated in the Tang Dynasty, it was the end of the Tang Dynasty. I was a high general.

During the Song Dynasty, I became a female general. My favorite horse was reddish maroon. On my horse, I traveled to many places in China and killed many people. The horse is now my second daughter in this life. Because we had killed so many people, my second daughter and I were both beggars for three lifetimes and suffered a lot.

There was also one life where I was a developmentally disabled woman. All day long, I just sat and smiled. I couldn't do anything.

In one life, I was a camphor plant. A young boy broke off a branch, but he didn't know it was my leg. I was in such pain that my soul leaped out. The plant died immediately.

In one life, I stepped on a kitten. Before the kitten died, she asked me, “When are you going to pay me back for my life?” I said “I will use my life to pay it back to you.” That kitten is now my oldest daughter. She has been ill and weak since she was a young child. I spent all of my savings to treat her illnesses, and also accumulated many debts. She also used a lot of my money while in college and after graduating. Yet she is not grateful; she is still angry at me every day. She often yells at me. I know it's because I owed her a life.

During the Qing Dynasty, I was supposed to marry the man who is my husband in this current lifetime. However, the wedding didn't go through. His father resented me. Now, in this life, he is still my father-in-law. He often causes me trouble.

In the very last lifetime before this, I was a female guerrilla leader. Then I joined the Communist Party army. I traveled my whole life and died alone.

3. Return to cultivation

In 2002, because I believed the lies spread by the Communist Party, I gave up cultivation. During that time, wherever I went, dogs would bark at me non-stop. A being that I harmed before often appeared to me. She pointed at me and said with hatred, “Didn't you say you were going to cultivate to pay back my life? How come you are no longer cultivating?” I said, “I will continue.” She said, “When? When? You need to pay back my life! I tried to kill you three times with a car.” Our previous relationship was complicated. In one life, she and I were playing hide-and-seek when we were seven or eight years old. I tapped her on her forehead, and she died immediately. After she died, she asked me when I would pay back her life. I said, “I will after I complete cultivation in Dafa.” She is still waiting. In this life, she was reincarnated as a woman and was a good friend of mine. She died when she was 24 years old. Before I became a cultivator, she was the spirit that possessed my body.

I realized that through thousands of years of reincarnation, we created enormous karma. Master has resolved all of it for us because we are cultivators. The beings we harmed will have a good ending if we cultivate. But as soon as we give up cultivation, they seek revenge because they know they have no hope.

Thanks to Master's boundless compassion, I was able to again become a cultivator. My celestial eye and supernormal abilities were restored.

In 2007, I was detained by the 610 Office. At the detention center, I saw four children in other dimensions staring at me with concern. They were afraid that I wouldn't cultivate. Because my cultivation state was not stable, the next day I only saw two children. The other two were injured. I saw my responsibilities and wept. For the sake of other beings, I must cultivate well and return.

4. Righteous Thoughts

A cultivator's thoughts can change his or her environment. I experienced this when I distributed fact-clarification materials. Once when I was posting materials on the street, a person walked towards me. I thought that he should turn the other way, and he did. Sometimes a person would walk close to me, and I could control where he or she would go with my thoughts.

At night when I was distributing materials, a lot of dogs would bark. But when I thought, “Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is great,” the dogs would stop barking. Sometimes reciting “The Fa rectifies the Cosmos, the Evil is completely eliminated” can also stop the dogs from barking. Sometimes when I see a dog, I would say, “Walk away,” and the dog would. Once, seven or eight dogs chased me and barked. I said, “Freeze,” and they immediately froze. Once, before I headed out the door, I sent righteous thoughts to stop all dogs from barking and stop people from seeing me. Indeed, the trip was a complete success. No dogs barked, and there was no one in the streets. Another time when I went to a person's home to clarify the facts, I saw a big black dog sitting in front of his home. I told it, “I am here to save your owner. You should also harmonize with Truth-Compassion,-Forbearance.” The dog closed its eyes as though it were sleeping. I walked into the home. The couple saw me and was surprised. They said, “How did you get in? No one dares to come in that door. Why didn't our dog bite you? It bites everyone!”

Once I was buying something in a store when a lewd person was trying to take advantage of me. I thought to him, “Freeze,” and continued shopping. After I was finished with my business, more than two hours had passed, and I saw him still standing there. His car had been beeping for two hours. I said, “Release,” and he walked immediately towards his car.

5. Overcome lust and desire and achieve godhood

A person needs to overcome many difficulties to accomplish anything. In cultivation, it's even more critical to break through interference by demons. In today's human society, when people are bored, they resort to sex for excitement. As cultivators, we can only escape from demonic interference when we have no attachment to lust or desires. During the course of cultivation, I had several episodes of interference of this kind. Once, when I was almost asleep, I saw two fuzzy demons (lust and desire) that laid on top of me and kissed me. I immediately sat up and sent forth righteous thoughts. They soon disappeared. However, these two demons would not easily give up. They often used my husband to interfere with me. The night I learned the formulas for sending righteous thoughts, I saw a soft thing on my body, kissing me. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts. The demon was cut in half and then fell into pieces. Once I saw the demons take on a human form. I said, “If you interfere with my Fa-rectification cultivation, I will eliminate you. If you harmonize with Dafa, you can wait for me in my field, and Dafa will guide you to become beings of the future.” They left me after this. Once when my husband wanted to have sex with me, I saw a giant snake more than 45 feet long and 2 feet in diameter. I immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to kill it. When my husband wanted to have sex, I would send him thoughts of sleepiness. A lot of times he would forget about sex, turn around, and fall asleep.

Fellow practitioners, Master is leading us on the path from humanness to godhood. We have fallen from a wonderful world and have suffered so much during many lifetimes of reincarnation. The great play is almost at the end. Our beautiful future will be revealed to us soon. We must conduct ourselves well, strictly meet Master's requirements for us, and walk every step well to welcome a bright tomorrow.