(Clearwisdom.net) My job is very demanding, as I leave early in the morning and come home late at night. I don't have as much time as others to take care of my family, but perhaps because my deeds are righteous, Master has arranged things for me so that I can still do well what I am supposed to do.

Even though my husband is not a practitioner, he has been assisting me in doing the three things for the past several years. When problems surface, he says, “Falun Dafa is good.” He respects fellow practitioners and treats them well. At times, he tells me that he gets worried when he sees fellow practitioners. I know that the evil factors are afraid of Dafa practitioners and are trying to control him. When this happens, I first correct my own thoughts and then try to help him. Sending righteous thoughts for him enables him to recover quickly and overcome his fear and anxiety.

In walking my path, from long ago in history to today, I have been lucky to have such a good partner to assist me in helping Master rectify the Fa. Everything exists for the Fa-rectification and I should cherish this environment even more.

My son was born as a Falun Dafa disciple. Through my teaching him, he was able to finish reading Zhuan Falun from beginning to end at the age of four. At the age of six, he was able to read one to two paragraphs at group Fa study. When he was eight, he could read very smoothly with others at the group Fa study, knowing that if he made a mistake, he would have to correct it.

We often had xinxing tests and sometimes I have been impatient with him. I used other practitioners' words and said, “This child is only good at Fa study, nothing else.” His teachers told me, “He doesn't pay attention in class and his grades are not good.” I didn't know what to do. After several rounds of xinxing tests, I gradually came to an understanding.

These difficulties arose for us to elevate and I did poorly. It exposed my numerous shortcomings, which were the attachment to prestige, using Fa-rectification for a human purpose, selfishness, and resentment. I had notions that as long as my child obtained Dafa, everything would be all lined up and I could safely enjoy “high position and great wealth.” As a matter of fact, it is not easy to obtain the Fa and this child is also going through tests and tribulations.

After I recognized my human thoughts and notions, I became calm and improved gradually. Along with my experience sharing from fellow practitioners, I realized the following:

  1. This child is a Falun Dafa disciple and not a divine being. It is quite normal to have shortcomings. During his cultivation, I should not expect him to become a “Buddha” immediately. Master is arranging his path and taking care of him. All of my striving to achieve any purpose is a futile effort, and is disrespectful of Master. My duty is to guide and take care of him, not to change him. Only Dafa and Master can change him. What I need to do is support and encourage him, and walk on the path of cultivation to the end.

  2. I need to be understanding of my child. It's not that he doesn't want to study well or pay attention. He also realizes that his main consciousness has to be strong. This is his cultivation path and his tests and tribulations. It is more important to eliminate the evil factors causing the interference and disturbance, since the old forces are trying their best to drag him down.

After we had matured one more step on our cultivation paths, I began sending forth righteous thoughts with him. He could see scenes from the other dimensions, including the evil factors causing interference. We were able to eliminate them one by one on the basis of the Fa. We did it with clear heads and strived not to be attached to the results.

I also realized that cultivation is simple as long as we cultivate by not adding other thoughts. The difficulties lie behind the attachments that we are not aware of or do not want to let go of yet. The only solution is constant Fa study and true cultivation via overcoming hardships.

My understanding of the persecution against the Falun Dafa practitioners, from the day I restarted my cultivation, is that I firmly believe the persecution has nothing to do with me. The Fa-rectification does not require the existence of a persecution and if that is the case, the persecution should not be allowed to exist. It is most important to rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. As long as they are not able to touch me, the Fa-rectification is in progress and it is a blessing for the sentient beings. “If something is not within the scope of a time-field, it is not restricted by that time.” (Zhuan Falun). They are too minute to get ahold of me. In this way, I have denied the persecution from millions of miles away. This might be the reason that I seldom have the attachment of fear and have been able to remain safe to this day.