(Clearwisdom.net) Many people in China have bravely begun practicing Falun Gong over the last eleven years despite the on-going persecution. One reason explaining their strong convictions even at the risk of brutal repression is that the symptoms of their chronic or even terminal diseases simply disappeared after practicing Falun Gong. For such people, it was only natural to embrace the practice, having personally experienced such positive benefits.

Ms. Zhao Fengxia from Guanjian Town of Tongliang County, Chongqing is one such example.

One day in February 2005 Fengxia planned to register her child at school. No sooner had she stepped out the door than her eyesight suddenly blurred and she could not see. She called her mother who immediately rushed her to Tongliang County People’s Hospital for an examination. The doctors suggested she be transferred to Chongqing, since their small hospital lacked the resources needed to treat her.

Fengxia’s parents sent her to Daping Hospital in Chongqing. After running a battery of tests, the ophthalmologist, neurosurgeon and internist involved couldn’t give a definite diagnosis. They suggested experimental treatments. Her parents were hesitant because there was not enough clinical study on the safety of such treatments.

Fengxia, a young woman in her early 30s, became blind in an instant. She felt extremely sad. Her whole family was at a loss. Then a relative visiting another patient in the ward, a Falun Gong practitioner, told them the truth about Falun Gong and advised Fengxia to sincerely recite, “Falun Dafa is good," and Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good.” Her words reminded Fengxia and her mother that before the persecution started, her mother had practiced Falun Gong for some time, and that Fengxia had occasionally joined her mother. They had read Zhuan Falun together.

Fengxia’s mother decided to read Zhuan Falun to her, but the visiting practitioner said, “If you want her to recover sooner, let her read by herself.” Hearing this, the nurse on duty couldn’t help but laugh, “She can’t see anything, how can she read a book?”

Fengxia was not deterred. Master Li's following sentence suddenly flashed into her mind,

“You know, with people who really do have health problems, 70% of it is psychological and 30% physical.” (The Sixth Talk, Zhuan Falun, Translation Version 2003)

Fengxia asked her mother where the sentence came from and was told that it was indeed from Zhuan Falun. She immediately took the book and began to read. The characters in the book started out blurry but gradually became clearer and clearer. As she read along, she suddenly realized her eyesight had returned to normal.

Her miraculous recovery left medical experts puzzled. They were amazed that she had recovered her vision. Fengxia herself completely changed her attitude toward Falun Gong and made up her mind to leave the hospital so she could go home and practice Falun Dafa. In the days that followed she never experienced any problem with her eyes.

One morning in early September 2007 Fengxia and her mother walked past Shangqingsirenmin Elementary School and clarified the truth to the guard. To their surprise, the guard took out handcuffs and secured her mother. He called the police station and agents were soon dispatched to arrest the mother and daughter. Both women were sent to a labor camp.

Fengxia and her mother were kept separately in the labor camp. The guards cut Fengxia's long hair short and forced her to leave her fingerprints, copy prison rules and write her “understanding” of Falun Gong. They also ordered her to curse Dafa and its founder and step on the photo of the founder, what she firmly refused to do. To punish her, they put her in a solitary confinement cell and had other inmates beat her. They also deprived her of sleep for long periods. Sometimes they made her squat for extended time while other times had her face the wall motionless. Any slight move would invite brutal beatings from the criminals.

Several months later the guards began to covertly put unknown drugs in her food. One time the dosage was so huge that she vomited everything. Two months later she started experiencing muddle-headedness and weakness in her legs. She had difficulty pulling herself up and standing upright. Later on her feet were so swollen that she couldn’t even put on her shoes. At the same time she had diarrhea and loss of appetite. The labor camp officials feared bearing consequences and ordered her father to file for medical parole for her and take her home. As of today, at age 37, she has to use a small stool to help her move around.

What does Ms. Zhao Fengxia’s experience tell us? A hard-to-tackle medical problem was solved after she changed her attitude toward Falun Gong and showed willingness to learn the practice. Falun Gong had restored her eyesight. Having benefited so tremendously from Falun Gong, she of course cherished the precious cultivation opportunity and told everyone she met about the wonders of Falun Gong. The Chinese Community Party, however, ruined her body while keeping her in custody.