(Clearwisdom.net) Master has stated in the Fa lectures that many practitioners signed vows with Master to come to this world and assist in Fa-rectification. We each have great responsibilities during this period of time, and were given the necessary skills, expertise, and knowledge to fulfill these vows. Our environment and living conditions are bestowed to us by Master to ensure our survival, and help us assist Master and save sentient beings. Master said, “Make your own contributions based on your individual abilities and specific talents in different areas.” (“Explaining the Fa During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference”)

It is from a practitioner's heartfelt wish, that we came to this world to save sentient beings. Master has always expounded on the Fa earnestly and compassionately, so that we may voluntarily do what we are supposed to do after learning the Fa principles—Master has never forced us to do anything.

Some practitioners believe that everything they have results from their own efforts and struggles, and therefore belongs to themselves. Others say that all they have has been given by Master and Dafa, but they forget this when facing tribulations. Some practitioners are even deluded by the false impressions of human society and forget their responsibilities. They treat their truth clarification effort as their sacrifice, rather than having a clear understanding that this is what practitioners should do.

Such practitioners may not feel the sacredness and greatness of validating the Fa, and may think it is mundane and not much different from everyday people's work. If a practitioner doesn't truly recognize that everything they possess is derived from the Fa and are resources for Dafa; if a practitioner doesn't set the Fa as the main priority and continues doing things with a human mindset, how can they feel the sacredness and greatness of what we do?

Without Fa-rectification humans would no longer exist, and we would not be practitioners. Everyday people don't know this, as they are lost in delusion. As practitioners, we should not be muddleheaded.

If a practitioner doesn't fulfill their vows, they are trying to deceive Master. If we don't take our mission seriously and complete it, then other practitioners may need to shoulder the extra burden of our responsibilities. Won't we then also owe others? If we don't selflessly offer salvation to the sentient beings who we are supposed to save, won't we be failing to live up to the hopes of those beings? This is no trivial matter.

Master bestowed everything upon us not for the purpose of living well and comfortably in the human world, and not to help us compete in everyday society, but only for fulfilling our responsibilities while assisting Master in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings.

The above is my personal understanding, please kindly point out anything inappropriate.