(Clearwisdom.net) I recently heard that some practitioners are saying practitioners' families or relatives have gotten him/her out of prison, a labor camp or a brainwashing facility, and that the practitioner would not be detained if their family would go to request their release.

I think fellow practitioners rely too much on everyday people. My understanding is that we are the main characters and everyday people are to be saved by us. Our families only play a supporting role. If a practitioner gets released, it is because of his or her belief in Master and Dafa and fellow practitioners' support with their righteous thoughts. It is also because Fa-rectification has progressed to this level. In the past, when the persecution was severe, even practitioners of wealth and social position weren't released regardless of the fact that their families went to request their release.

Under all circumstances, Dafa disciples should remember Master's words and play the main roles. We should not regard ourselves as the victims or accept the situation with resignation and endure the tribulations passively. I was arrested three times from January 2009 to 2010. I was sent to a detention center the first two times and to a brainwashing center the last time. The domestic security team even issued me a sentence of one year and three months of forced labor.

I was arrested when I was clarifying the truth, and the police found several dozen copies of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, truth-clarification materials, DVDs, and letters. In the detention center, the evil beings used the guards' and detainees' mouths to tell me that someone was sent to a forced labor camp with a two-year term, and someone else was sent to prison. I wasn't moved by their words. Master is taking care of me. I only walk the path Master has arranged for me.

The first time I was held in the detention center, I didn't cooperate with any orders. I refused to wear the prisoner's uniform, sign the forms, answer the roll call, queue up, etc. I went on a hunger strike and they released me on the eighth day. I was held for a total of 19 days.

I didn't cooperate again for a second time when I was held in the detention center. I exercised and sent righteous thoughts every day. I spoke loudly whenever I got a chance, whether I was in the back yard or at roll call. I told them the truth about Falun Gong and how it has been accepted around the world, and that people should quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations to be saved. The guards didn't stop me. Other people didn't stop me either. They let me sit or sleep as I chose. I was able to send forth righteous thoughts, memorize the Fa, and clarify the truth. All 13 detainees in my ward quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations and most of them praised Dafa's goodness. Later on, Master created an illusion of illness and being in critical condition for me. I was released because of that.

The police were going to detain me for 15 days the third time. I clarified the truth, sent forth righteous thoughts, and looked within every day while I was detained. I also negated the 15 days of detention arranged by the old forces. Master has arranged for me to save sentient beings during this time. It is a crime for any being to interfere with Fa validation or detain Dafa disciples with any excuse. I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings and factors that were behind the persecution of Dafa disciples and that were hampering sentient beings' salvation in that detention center. I wanted to form good predestined ties with them and resolve all the bad predestined ties with a benevolent resolution. I wished that all the beings would coordinate with Dafa disciples and have a good future.

I was transferred to a brainwashing facility on the eleventh day. I shouted, “Fellow practitioners, don't get lost! Falun Dafa is great! They're committing crimes by persecuting Dafa disciples.” I was released that afternoon after an exam found I had severe health problems. People who had been led to believe the slander and evil theories against Dafa also complained that I damaged their “group study” (brainwashing) environment.

I'm not saying that I cultivate well. There are not many evil beings left nowadays. It was my own gaps that caused the trouble. It means that I didn't cultivate well. I just want to share my personal experiences with fellow practitioners that we cannot rely on everyday people. We should rely on Master. We should believe in Master and Dafa, and cooperate as a whole. I always felt the strong field of righteous thoughts that fellow practitioners sent to me while in detention. I never thought I was alone.

Through these experiences, I know that the old forces and the evil beings have been trying to bring down the practitioners they think are no longer worthy of being a Dafa disciple, and they even take their lives. Our merciful Master didn't give up on me. He helped me to get through the tribulations and to establish my mighty virtue.

This is my personal understanding. Please point out anything that is improper.