Only Falun Gong Could Save Me

My last name is Xin and I am a relatively new Falun Gong practitioner from Lingyuan City, Liaoning Province. I began practicing Falun Gong in November 2010. I have worked at the local government office for forty years.

In April 2010, I began to experience generalized weakness, loss of appetite with weight loss, anxiety, and irritability. I did not pay attention to any of my symptoms since I was very busy. In August 2010, I had a physical exam, with all sorts of labs and tests. After that, I went back to work and thought nothing of it. The next day, the physician told me that I had a serious illness. I was both shocked and scared.

My family began collecting money for me and we took out all of our savings, and made an appointment with a large hospital in Beijing. When I got there, they suggested chemotherapy instead of surgery. The side effects from chemotherapy were unbearable! I stayed in the hospital for two months and spent a large sum of money, but there was not much change in my illness. My mother cried every day and my wife was very worried.

We did not know what to do. My wife's aunt called me and suggested that I return home and practice Falun Gong with her. She said, “Only Falun Gong can save you!” As a matter of fact, I had heard about Falun Gong, but was always busy at work and never bothered to learn it. After I was diagnosed with this terminal illness, I thought hard about whether my busy life was worth it, considering how things had ended up. I quickly signed myself out of the hospital and went back home to learn Falun Gong.

When I came home, I began eagerly studying Zhuan Falun, and learned Hong Yin and Lunyu by heart. I forgot about my illness when I studied the Fa. I was deeply fascinated by the profound meaning of the Fa, and I soon understood why we are born into this world, why we are human, and why we cultivate.

I began to understand the meaning of life, and I was so moved that I could not stop my tears. I vowed in my heart to Master Li Hongzhi: “Master, I hope it is not too late! I have the confidence that I will cultivate well in Dafa, I will be diligent in cultivation and follow Master back home.” I also changed my hot-tempered character. I am healthy now, and feel joyful every day. My facial complexion is rosy and fair, and I feel so light when I walk. My mother and wife also are very happy for me.

Thank you Master for renewing my life! I want to tell all of those people who are still deceived by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP): Falun Gong has miraculous healing power, and it is a wonderful qigong that guides people back to their original kind nature. It is against the universal law to persecute Falun Gong. I hope that you all will have a wonderful future. Please be respectful towards Falun Gong and treat Falun Gong practitioners with kindness.

All of My Symptoms Disappeared

I obtained Dafa in December 2007. I am sixty years old now. In October of 2007, I had a stroke after suffering from hypertension. After I started feeling dizzy and disoriented, my co-workers took me to the Shenyang 739 Hospital. I left the hospital after eight days because I could no longer afford the medical bill. My condition was still poor at that time: the left side of my body was weak, and part of my face was paralyzed while one of my eyelids drooped. I was drooling from the mouth and could not move my left arm. It was difficult for me to take care of myself, and I almost lost the courage to live.

When I lost hope and had nowhere to turn, I found Dafa and began to walk on a path of cultivation. I listen to Master's lectures, abide by the requirements of the Fa, study the Fa, and do the five exercises every day. Whenever a conflict surfaces, I know it is a test for my xinxing. I abide by the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance and treat others with kindness.

Without even realizing it, my body underwent an enormous change after I started practicing: I could hardly walk before, but now I walk with ease. I no longer have hypertension, nor do I experience any aftereffects of the stroke I previously had.

Before, I had begun to lose my hair, which had been turning white, but now my hair is growing back and black hair has come in! I look years younger and never would have imagined that this was possible.

Magnificent, compassionate Master gave me a new life. I will follow Master forever and assimilate to the characteristic of the universe: Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. Thank you Master for your salvation. Sometimes when I did not send forth righteous thoughts at midnight due to laziness, I would look at Master's picture and feel ashamed and disappointed in myself, feeling that I had let Master down.

I wrote this personal experience with tears in my eyes. I hope more people can learn Falun Gong and become healthy. I will try my best to walk the path of cultivation well, to pay back Master's compassionate salvation.

The Wonder of Being Illness-Free

I am an elderly farmer and Falun Dafa practitioner. Before I obtained Dafa, I smoked and drank, and I was disabled. I had severe joint pain, my knees could not bend, and I could hardly walk. I also had stomach pains, and I could not drink cold water, or a eat a number of different foods. I took medication year round. When my symptoms flared up, I drank a large portion of wine to self-medicate. I was in great distress; life was tiresome and hopeless.

One time, when I had a major argument with my brother, I lost my last hope. I left home and did not want to come back. I walked into the mountains and suddenly I had the thought of cultivation. I looked at the bare mountains and wondered where I could cultivate. I remembered that two of my younger sisters practiced Falun Dafa, so I returned home.

I went to my sister's home the next day, and she said that I could begin practicing right away. I listened to Master's Fa lectures in Jinan and felt good. I began to learn the exercises right away. When I did the second exercise, Master cleansed my body, as a warm current went from my head to my toes. The energy current must have been very strong, because I found myself being pulled back against the wall. My sister asked me what was wrong and I told her the situation. She said that it was a good thing, as it meant that Master was cleansing my body. When I meditated I saw three white patches of smoke coming from the ground, spinning and turning. I thought that my meditation mat was on fire, but when I opened my eyes, I saw that nothing had happened.

From that point on, my body went through a big change: I no longer smoke or drink, I have no more stomach pain or digestive problems, my joints no longer hurt, and I can walk with ease. I can also cross my legs to do the meditation. I am truly experiencing the incredible state of being free from illness.

I understand it was Master who cleansed my body and eliminated much of my karma. I have become a healthy person and can do just about any work. My gratitude towards Master is beyond words.

Thank you Master! Thank you Master!