(Clearwisdom.net) Jia Maolin, the wife of the gatekeeper at my housing complex, reported on me to the police for distributing information about Falun Gong. On December 21, 2007, around 6 p.m., as I stepped out of my house, police officers who had been waiting followed me. Officers hiding in police cars, pretending to ride bikes, or pretending to be junk collectors had already taken my picture. When I left that evening, they followed me. One officer came up and tried to take my bag to search it, but I would not give it to him. He then notified Lang Xiaohai, security head of Guo Village. Suddenly, over 20 police officers rushed over, seized me, and took me to the police station. Three of them took the keys from my pocket. Six officers went to my home in the city and took away my Dafa books, truth clarification materials, and 2000 yuan in cash. Then they went to my home in the village and ransacked it. They took my Dafa books, tapes of Master’s lectures and copies of Minghui Weekly

The officers who interrogated me were a section head, another section head named Lu, and recording secretary Yang Tao. The answer I gave to all of their questions was, “I don't know.” They ganged up on me, slapped my face, pulled out my hair, and kicked my legs. 

I was sent to Jinzhong Women's Prison on June 16, 2008, and tortured with toxic substances. The following are some of example of what I was subjected to: 

In October 2008, a murderer named Li Lirong and I shared a cell. At breakfast in the workshop, Li gave me an egg and some noodle soup. Around 2:00 p.m., I had severe pain in my back that lasted for over an hour. I realized later that she must have put poison in the food. 

When I came back from the workshop at night on November 21, 2008, at the instigation of Li Lirong, female inmates Wen Yu, Zhao Lina, Liao Xiaoyi, and Xu Jincui had smeared something on my food, clothes, towel, toothbrush, shoes, socks, and toilet paper. Deputy political instructor Wang Caiping and team lead Wang Jiling forced me to take off my jacket to sleep that night. I felt fine when I was sitting on the bed, but when I lay down, I felt as if I was being shocked with electricity, so I sat up the entire night. The night of November 22, I was covered with a cotton quilt. Bruises showed up under each eye. 

The morning of Chinese New Year's Eve in 2008, while I was taking a shower, female inmate Chen Yunying poured “shampoo” over my head. Afterward, my scalp became swollen and was covered in boils more than a centimeter long and two centimeters wide.

On March 13, Zuo Meijing poured half a pound of “liquid medicine” on my seat cushion and clothes. I sat on it for a day. At night, when I went back to my cell, I felt strange and found a lump on my buttocks. 

While I was resting in my cell on August 15, 2009, inmates Li Lirong, Pan Xiaoyanm and others put an unknown substance into my food. Afterward, I had a rash on my legs and lower back.

Inmate Zhang Hengyu put an unknown substance into my water while I was not around on March 18, 2010. After I drank the water, my stomach swelled up. 

After work, around 10 p.m. on March 21, I washed my hair and feet and then washed my underwear and socks. Inmates Li Lirong, Hu Wen, and others put a toxic substance on my underwear and socks when I went to the restroom. I then put my towel, underwear, and socks on hangers and went to bed. When I touched my left eye, it immediately began to hurt. I got up and washed my eye with cold water, but the pain did not go away. I was in great discomfort until 1 a.m. After that, I could not see clearly through my left eye, and it took more than 10 months for it to recover.