(Clearwisdom.net) Fellow practitioners more or less have been interfered with on their cultivation paths by sickness karma arranged by the old forces. To conquer its interference, many practitioners frequently discuss different approaches when sharing experiences. These approaches involve sending righteous thoughts to deal with spirits in other dimensions, letting go of the thought of life and death, improving their understanding of sickness karma, and others. Some practitioners still failed to overcome it and passed away, even though their lives had been extended through their cultivation practice. Why?

To answer this question, we must first understand that the Fa standards and requirements for a practitioner are much higher than those of ordinary people. Sickness is only for ordinary people. To obtain a body free of illness and eventually achieve a pure-white Buddha body, a cultivator has to eliminate attachments that only ordinary people possess. It is not enough to just understand it. You have to really do it.

I believe every genuine practitioner has experienced the feelings of eliminating attachments to fame, personal gain, and sentimentality. It was as hard as eliminating the attachment to whether one lived or died. I obtained Dafa in my 30s. During my cultivation I have experienced many challenges in sentimentality, especially in lust. One time, I was attacked by feelings of lust. It was six years after I started Dafa practice. I felt a strong desire, physically, and the desire grew stronger and stronger. To overcome this attachment, I ran into a bookstore to read when the desire reached its peak. Shamefully, all the books I opened also involved emotions and romance. Determined to pass this test, I quietly asked Master for help and decided to stubbornly refuse that lust attachment even if I had to die.

I do not know how long I struggled. When I walked back out to the street from the bookstore, I realized that I had survived and was still alive. Those bad notions disappeared completely on my way home. I believe that, because of my determination, Master must have removed the layer of lust attachment from my body. I felt I had a purer body the next day. I enlightened from this incident that all sentiments, including lust and sickness karma, are human attachments. They can be removed if you put them down firmly, with absolute determination.

A true cultivator always follows Master's requirements and is able to let go of the thought of life and death and other attachments that ordinary people possess. My personal enlightenment is: “You have to give up all ordinary people's notions if you want to become a Buddha. Sickness is only for ordinary people.”