(Clearwisdom.net) A few days ago, I saw an older practitioner fall asleep during Fa study and sending forth righteous thoughts at the large Fa-study group. Another practitioner brought it to her attention and she accepted it very well. Today, several of us coordinators got together and talked about the matter.

One said, “The reason she is so tired is because she is extremely busy, and has very little time to sleep. In her 60s, for two years already, she often rides a bicycle to places over a dozen miles away to clarify the facts, rain or shine. In addition to that, she takes on many other responsibilities including printing truth-clarification materials. Normally, being busy should not be a justification for falling asleep during sending forth righteous thoughts, however, who among us can give ourselves as selflessly as she does?”

I was shocked to hear this. I searched within my heart and wondered what I was doing while the older woman had been so busy doing Dafa things. I asked myself, “If every one of us could step up and share the workload, would she be that tired? Would she still be too busy to study the Fa with a calm mind?”

I have come to understand that, many times, things seem to be others' shortcomings, but in fact, a lot of them are caused by our not trying hard enough and our not sharing others' workloads.

When a practitioner's cultivation state is compromised, we should be considerate to him/her, and more importantly share his/her workload. We all shoulder the responsibility in the mission of saving sentient beings; it's not only one individual practitioner's mission. Isn't our attachment to reliance on others, ease, and comfort which has caused our fellow practitioners to be so busy?

Dafa practitioners are one body. Pointing out one anther’s shortcomings with compassion is what we are supposed to do, and it is the display of our being responsible to each other. At the same time, we should take the opportunity to examine ourselves as to where we have fallen short, and think about why we are allowed to see it. Haven't we all done the same thing such as not having a calm mind or falling asleep during Fa-study and sending forth righteous thoughts? We should realize that we must share more of the workload so he/she will not be overwhelmed.

What we should have in our mind is to understand each other better, share the workload and think more about what we can do for sentient beings.

This concludes my personal understandings for your reference only.