(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Xia Ning(夏宁) from Liaoning Province is a Falun Gong practitioner in her 50s. She was arrested in 2008 and incarcerated in Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. During her two years in the camp, she went on a hunger strike several times. The guards force-fed her ruthlessly, making her virtually bedridden the entire time. They beat her mercilessly and subjected her to electric shocks, almost on a daily basis.

The following is Ms. Xia Ning's personal account of what she endured in the labor camp.

Arrested twice

The evening of March 11, 2008, while I clarified the truth to the public, Chengdong Police Station agents captured another practitioner and me, and took us to the local police station. They transferred us that same evening to the Xingcheng Detention Center. I went on hunger strike to protest the capture and imprisonment. Several days later, they took me to the 810 Hospital to be force-fed.

Chengdong Police Station head, the political head, and officers, along with Song Changjiang from the 610 Office and community committee secretary Zhai, ransacked my home. They took Dafa books, and then took me back to the detention center and sent me to Masanjia a few days later. Following a physical examination, Masanjia rejected me and sent me home. Another practitioner was admitted.

The morning of May 13, 2008, two policemen came to my home and ordered me to go with them. I refused. One police officer smashed Master's photo and pulled me downstairs. I shouted, “Falun Dafa is good! Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! Falun Gong practitioners are innocent!” After arriving at the Chengdong Police Station, they drew my blood against my will and took my photograph. Then I was put into a police vehicle. When I asked where we were going, I was told that I was sentenced to one year of forced labor.

Once at Masanjia, division head Zhang Jun told me after reading my admission papers that my term was for two years. She also insulted me. Then they took off my clothes and handcuffed my left hand to a bed.

Brutal force-feeding and additional gross abuse by hanging up

In the morning Zhang Jun and Zhang Zhuohui entered the room and unlocked my handcuffs. They pulled my hair, slapped my face, and dragged me to the force-feeding bed. I was handcuffed to the bed and brutally beaten. They tried to open my mouth with a metal tool. I shut my mouth tightly. Whenever my mouth opened, I would shout, “Falun Dafa is good!” Zhang Jun left at noon. Zhang Zhuohui still tried to pry my mouth open but failed. She left as well. They brutally beat me for half day. I lost much hair, and my face was swollen. Several days later the guards used a mouth gag to force-feed me.

The first time I endured this excruciating treatment, Zhang Jun handcuffed me to the bed. The next day Dong Bin and Zhang Zhuohui unlocked the handcuffs. They noticed a ring of blisters around my wrist that made it difficult to handcuff me again. But they did so anyway, this time to the metal triangle at each side of a bed. The guard on duty would not let me use the restroom or take a shower.

I went on a protest hunger strike. As a result they gave me intravenous injections for more than ten days. Camp head Yang and manager Zhou Qin personally participated in the abuse and mistreatment. They tied me up on the force-feeding bed, with my hands tied to either side of the head of the bed, and my legs tied to the foot of the bed. They used a gag to hold my mouth open. Nurse Chen Bin force-fed me. They left the gag in when they left. By the time they removed the gag, I was unable to move my upper or lower jaw. In the evening they forced me to stand, and they bound my hands to the upper bed and hung me from there. The torture lasted 13 days.

Intensified torture during the Olympic Games

One day, Liu Yong and another guard used an electric baton to shock me. They demanded to know why I went on a hunger strike. I told them that I was not a criminal. They shocked me for a while and locked my hands to the upper bed and hung me there. They also lifted my clothing to shock my skin. One morning guard Li Jun cuffed my hands to the metal triangle on either side of a bed and covered my eyes. He forced me to bend over and tied my legs down. Another guard Liu Yong shocked me with an electric baton.

The guards tied practitioner Du Lianying from Dalian City and me on the force-feeding bed and force-fed us with some red drug. The force-feeding lasted the whole morning. Right afterward, I vomited everything. Another day they force-fed me garlic water. It was spicy and choked me. Another day when they force-fed me with cold water, Chen Bin patted my belly while administering the force-feeding. They didn't stop till my belly was swollen like a drum.

Brutal beatings and hanging up

When I slept at noon, guard Fan Guoyou pulled me to the gate and used a big club to hit me in the ribs. I shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” Several guards pulled me into the torture room, handcuffed me to a bed, bent me over, and tied my legs down. My ribs hurt so much at night that I could not turn around.

In the morning I recited the Fa. When Fan Guoyou saw my mouth move, she hit me in the temple with a wooden club. My head buzzed and I felt dizzy. I didn't pay any attention to her. She then hit my nose, and my nose bled a lot. I continued reciting the Fa. She hit my mouth again. All three were heavy hits. My temple was swollen, as were the rest of my face and nose, including my lips. Fan Guoyou left the room. Pan Yuxi arrived and kept kicking me. One night after I came back from the restroom, all of my bedding was gone. Fan Guoyou threw it away since she didn't want me to sleep. When I got into bed, Fan Guoyou pulled my hair.

One morning, I took off the camp uniform. Dong Bin used an electric baton to shock me. I shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” I kept shouting while she kept shocking me. They used adhesive tape around my mouth, face and hair. They handcuffed me, bent me over, and tied my legs down. Zhang Zhuohui put me in three uniforms.

One night Fan Guoyou and Pan Yuxi were on duty. Pan Yuxi hit me with a broom, making my buttocks black and blue. I was handcuffed bent over. They kicked my chest and ribs. Later at night I found it hard to breathe. My chest, ribs, and arms hurt. It was hard for me to take off or put on my clothes.

One day I got up in the morning and practiced the meditation on the bed. Guard Pan Yuxi came over and hit my back with a wooden club so hard that it broke. Criminal detainee Liu put the uniform on me. I took it off. Liu tried to stop me, and a guard came over to help her. They forcibly put the uniform on me and handcuffed me to the bed.

Released after all kinds of torture

In July 2009, camp officials transferred “Specially Monitored” persons to a new building. It was called a small cell. It had metal bars on the windows. Outside the building was a vast farming field. Each cell had its own restroom. The head of the “Specially Monitored Team” was Pan Yuhong. At noon I sat cross-legged and sent righteous thoughts. The guards pulled me into another room and handcuffed me to a heating pipe. When I sent righteous thoughts at midnight, Fan Guoyou stepped on my head and legs. My head was swollen, and I lost skin on my legs. They beat me and took off my clothes. They forcibly put me into a uniform and again handcuffed me to the heating pipe.

One night the guard noticed that I was not asleep and reported this to the team head. They dragged me off the bed into the office. They brutally beat me for one hour, stabbed at my eyes with a needle, and kicked me. I shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” They pushed me down and cursed at me, and used adhesive tape to tape my mouth shut. Pan Yuhong also stepped on my feet. After a while they tore off the tape and handcuffed me backward to the heating pipe. When I recited the Fa in the morning, Pan Yuhong and Fan Guoyou taped my mouth shut.

Whenever I sent righteous thought at 12 o'clock, the guards would beat and kick me. As long as I recited the Fa, sent righteous thoughts, and refused to wear the camp uniform, they would shock me with an electric baton, kick or step on me, or handcuff me backwards. This lasted for a long time. In the end I took off the uniform, and they no longer put it back on me.