(Clearwisdom.net) I made two types of DVDs today. One was a local truth clarification DVD that I downloaded from the Minghui website, and the other was a music DVD.

When I played the DVD for a fellow practitioner, he said the songs were very beautiful and asked me to burn a copy for him too. So I burned a total of four DVDs, one for myself and three for this practitioner.

When I printed the covers for the truth clarification discs, everything went well, as usual. However, when I printed the covers for the music discs, the green and yellow color did not come out well.

My first thought was to look inward and assume that there was something wrong with my xinxing. When I looked within, I found that I had an attachment to music. I loved listening to music when I was very young and still enjoyed listening to beautiful music.

Before I started practicing Falun Dafa, I would hear a song, memorize the words, and then practice singing it. When I got wind of an upcoming concert or opera, I rushed to buy tickets. I simply could not resist the temptation. I also loved beautiful paintings and the arts. I even dreamed of attending art school, but this dream never materialized.

Since I have a computer at home, I often spend a lot of time downloading songs, MTV movie videos, and children’s programs, which I turn into DVDs or MP3s. Sometimes I have to change the original file format in order to make the DVDs, which takes a lot of time. Sometimes I am so attached to what I am doing that I find it hard to concentrate when I am studying the Fa or doing the exercises.

Master gave me hints about my attachments many times. Sometimes as I printed music DVD labels, the printer only used one color, sometimes the MP3s did not work, and sometimes the computer itself had problems. While I was downloading a children's program, my TV screen sometimes changed from color to black and white. But when I played the Shen Yun Performing Arts show DVD or watching Master’s lectures, everything was fine. Usually, when I found my attachments and eliminated them, everything started functioning as it should.

This time, when I looked inward, I found that I was still attached to music, even though I knew that this attachment was not part of my true self. I knew I needed to sincerely and conscientiously work on eliminating this attachment, as it wastes a lot of my precious time. I should instead concentrate on doing the three things well!

I should spend my time saving sentient beings because I am a Dafa disciple during the Fa-rectification period. Saving sentient beings should be my top priority and I should take it seriously and do it well.

When I made up my mind to remove this attachment, which did not belong to me, and straighten my righteous thoughts, the printer started working properly again. I later printed off many copies of truth clarification materials.

It really is as Master says,

“Cultivation depends upon the individual himself while the transformation of Gong is up to the master.” (Zhuan Falun)

My mother and I had previously planned to take my child downtown to relax, but after this experience with the printer, we realized that we should not waste any more time, and canceled our plans. We realized that it was much more important to do the three things well than enjoy everyday peoples' simple pleasures.