(Clearwisdom.net) I was reading “The Issue of Pursuit” in Zhuan Falun the other day,

“You have never practiced cultivation. How can you have gong after attending a qigong class? How is that possible?”

The sentence “You have never practiced cultivation” caught my attention. At that time, I was constantly looking outward. Why is practitioner A's leg still like that after more than a year? Why is it that practitioner B's state of cultivation is still unchanged? And so on. I always measured people with the Fa and thought that someone else has not been cultivating, or wondered why someone still hadn't come to understand something. With these words, Master gave me a hint that my looking outward instead of inward was not cultivation. “You have never practiced cultivation.” Indeed, I had not been cultivating myself.

Why did I see the things that I saw? Did I have similar issues? Could it be that I had not changed my human notions? I kept looking and looking, but still thought that the problem was with someone else. I became anxious and pleaded with Master to please give me some hints. I finally discovered that I had not been cultivating on the issues of vision and hearing. I was harboring the human notion of “bad vision and hearing.” I also had the mentality of pursuit and expected that Master would correct them for me.

Master stated in Zhuan Falun, “What Has Teacher Given to Practitioners?” (Lecture Three):

“Of course, some people do not want to practice cultivation and to this moment do not understand it. Accordingly, we cannot take care of them, either. We only take care of true practitioners.”

Indeed, I had not been cultivating on this issue. Someone who holds on to human notions is bound to be human. I didn't want to go out during the night because I thought - I can't see well in the dark. If someone talks in a low tone of voice, I thought - I can't hear. I therefore I didn't even listen. I haven't been cultivating myself nor have I improved my xinxing on these two issues, thus my human state remains. Sometimes I even wonder why Master has not corrected them for me.

I didn't cultivate myself and I didn't negate it. Instead, I stubbornly held on to these human notions. How could Master do anything, given that? I took the path that the old forces arranged by not firmly believing in Master and the Fa. Cultivation is such a serious matter. I must look inward. Master's statement, “You have never practiced cultivation” sounded like a warning bell. I shall continue to look inward to find any issues that I have not been cultivating on and be a true practitioner. Thank you, Master.