(Clearwisdom.net) Looking back at my cultivation over the past ten plus years, I would not have been able to walk every step well without the help and protection of Master. It was revered Master’s benevolence that helped me get this far. In the following, I would like to share some of my cultivation experiences.

Master's Picture Regained Its Color

Since the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) started to persecute Falun Gong on July 20, 1999, a large practice site in my neighboring village, which was located in a house, could never be used again. However, Master’s picture was still hanging on the wall. After more than one year of being in the sun, the color of the clothing and the background in the image had turned white; only Master’s hair was still black. When a fellow practitioner told me this, I said, “Let me take Master’s picture to my home.”

One afternoon, I went to pick up the picture and a practitioner said to me, “You practice cultivation very diligently. Do you think that Master will color the image?” I didn’t say anything. After I returned home, I wiped the picture with a white cloth and put it in a good place. Six days later, I took it out and planned to clean it again. When I took the picture out, I was stunned by what I saw. Master’s kasaya was golden yellow, and the background was sky blue. Master really did color the image! Thank you, Master. It was a divine display that Master revealed to me, which was a huge encouragement for me, who had obtained the Fa only about one year before, at that time.

The Police Couldn’t See Me Even Close up

One morning in November 2001, I was arrested and taken to a local police station. I thought that in no case would the evil take me away, because I needed to get out and save sentient beings. When I went to the restroom, I noticed that on the other side of the restroom was a main street. I wanted to get out, but a tall wall, over which I couldn’t climb, blocked my way. I recited “Jingang Paishan” (Vajra Toppling the Mountain) and then pushed against the wall with my hands. Immediately, three stone blocks fell down, and I successfully got out of the police station.

After I went through the wall, I noticed people in the main street, so I quickly hid in a large bundle of corn stalks, in which there was a gap just big enough for one person. I sat inside and covered the entrance with a small bundle of corn. I erected my palm and sent forth righteous thoughts, “Eliminate all the dark minions and rotten demons in other spaces, which control people to persecute me and stop me from saving sentient beings. Dissolve all of them. Master, please help me, the sentient beings in this area need me. Please don't allow the evil police to see me.”

Soon, police cars and motorcycles arrived with sirens blaring, and many police officers shouted, “Check each crossing. Don’t tell me that people that practice Falun Gong can even fly.”

Quite a few police officers removed the small bundle of corn at the entrance and looked carefully inside. I was sitting inside, but none of them could see me even though I was right in front of them! Every policeman who looked inside said that nobody was there. They started the search at 8:00 a.m. and didn’t leave until noon. I kept my palm erect the entire day and didn’t leave until evening. I understood that it was Master’s protection and a Dafa disciple’s righteous thoughts that prevented those policemen from seeing me.

Master Guided Me to a Safe Place

I went to my mother-in-law’s home that same night. In order to be safe, my brother was already warming up the car before daylight broke the following morning to drive me out of the village. However, the car wouldn’t start no matter what my brother tried. Realizing that it would be morning soon, I got a little anxious. Suddenly, I enlightened to the fact that maybe it was not safe to leave the village by car, and that's why it didn’t start. Then one thought came into my mind three times, which was about a fellow practitioner’s home being in the same village. I understood all of a sudden and said, “Brother, I won’t leave now. Master enlightened me to go to a practitioner’s home.”

I was not familiar with this practitioner, so my mother-in-law took me there. An elderly lady opened the door and said, “Master told me three days ago that I must protect the Dafa disciple, who would come to my home later. It turns out that it is you.” Afterwards, I was wanted by the police and had to leave town.

Through Mind-intent, the Police Released Me

During that time, I had to move very often because the police followed me and searched for me. My husband divorced me and I had many other tribulations as well. It was Dafa and Master that gave me the power and righteous thoughts so that I could overcome every tribulation.

Several practitioners, including myself, exposed persecution cases on the Internet and used our real names. Then I went to clarify the truth about Falun Gong to the secretary of the local 610 Office, hoping he would understand and help stop the persecution soon. In March 2003, it was raining and I was clarifying the truth to the 610 Office secretary. Half an hour later, I was arrested and taken to a detention center. While detained there, I didn’t cooperate with the guards at all. I only explained the facts to them. Once when I turned my head to the north, I saw Master smiling at me, and this happened several times. Thus my righteous thoughts became much stronger, and I really appreciated Master’s encouragement.

The next morning, officers carried me to a police car, saying that they would take me to a forced labor camp. But I didn’t pass the physical examination, so the police transferred me to a local hospital. I didn’t cooperate with any treatment. On my way to the restroom, I saw dozens of people watching me, because I was in handcuffs. So I stopped and sat on a chair and clarified the truth to these people. Feeling embarrassed, the policemen who guarded me had to leave. Just in those five days, I clarified the truth to several hundred people.

Feeling unwell after going on a hunger strike for several days, I thought that I should return home. I sent forth righteous thoughts, “Block the path to the forced labor camp. Block the path to the detention center. Block the path to the hospital.” Then I wrote a large character, “Fang” (Release), in my mind. On the sixth day, the police told my relatives to take me home.

Master Saved Me Again

After I returned home, I was coughing for several days. I went to Master’s picture, pressed my hands together in front of my chest, and said, “Master, your disciple is back.” As soon as I raised my head, I saw Master making hand gestures. I thought that Master was enlightening me to write articles in order to expose the persecution, so I immediately sat down and began to write an article using my real name. I finished the article when it was close to midnight and noticed I wasn't coughing anymore.

Fellow practitioners published my article on the Internet. Some practitioners in another area made truth-clarifying materials and adhesive stickers in three days. Then they sent the materials to us. With the effort of the whole body, practitioners posted these materials almost everywhere in the city, as well as booklets, which exposed the names of CCP officials. This scared officials from the local 610 Office, the police department, and the politics and law committee tremendously. The evil factors behind them were dissolved. In the end, none of the practitioners in my local area, who exposed the evil beings with their real names, were harassed, and none of them were persecuted again during the following years. In addition, the secretary of the politics and law committee was later dismissed.

In this way, I returned to live in my hometown. However, my husband had already remarried. I actually didn’t have a home to return to, which caused me to develop some attachments, which were taken advantage of. One day at 12:00 a.m., I was sending forth righteous thoughts at a practitioner’s home. As soon as I erected my palm, I felt dizzy and had severe pain in my abdomen. I wanted to go to the restroom, but since I felt extremely dizzy, I fell down. I could neither move nor open my eyes. Nothing was in my mind, expect one thought, “Master, I cannot leave now. I want to save sentient beings.” Suddenly, white light lit up the whole place, and a warm current went through my body. I suddenly stood up and said, “I’m fine.” The pain in my abdomen was gone. Thank you, Master, for saving me again!

Leaving the Forced Labor Camp with Righteous Thoughts

Because I was busy just doing things, I ignored studying the Fa. As a result, I was arrested and taken to a forced labor camp in March 2008 and was then given a three-year sentence. One morning on May 13, 2008, guards forced everyone to carry water. When all of us were together, I shouted, “Falun Dafa is the righteous Fa! ‘Transformation’ is wrong! Do not destroy this rare opportunity that we have been waiting for lifetime after lifetime! Master cherishes every disciple! Master is innocent! Dafa is innocent!”

The guards immediately panicked and sent a dozen drug addict prisoners to attack me. They pulled me into a restroom and severely beat me. When they removed the adhesive tape on my mouth, I shouted, “Falun Dafa is good!” One guard then told the prisoners to put a towel in my mouth, which made me feel very sick. When I thought that I could no longer bear it, a big Falun came into my mouth and kept rotating, making me feel very comfortable.

The guards had planned to “transform” me within one month, but, of course, they failed. They then put me in the restroom again and sent prisoners to watch me around the clock. They didn’t allow me to change or wash, take a rest or relieve myself, and deprived me of sleep for eight days and nights. I figured that they planned to make me muddleheaded and then force me to write a guarantee statement, but I wouldn’t let them succeed, so I laid down on the ground and tried to sleep. Two prisoners then beat me and didn’t stop until they were tired.

I fell asleep on the ground. Because I only wore thin clothes and was lying on ceramic tile, I sent out a thought, “Sleep on the Fa boat.” Warm currents flowed inside my body from my head to my feet.

Besides sending forth righteous thoughts in the forced labor camp, I also recited the Fa.

"A Great Enlightened One fears no hardship

Having forged an adamantine will

Free of attachment to living or dying

He walks the path of Fa-rectification

confident and poised"

(“Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions,” Hong Yin Vol. II)

“Cultivation is hard. It’s hard in that even when a terrible calamity strikes, even when evil madly persecutes, and even when your life is at stake, you still have to be able to steadfastly continue on your path of cultivation without letting anything in human society interfere with the steps you take on your path of cultivation.” (“Path,” Essentials for Further Advancement II)

During that time, whenever the director or the political commissar of the labor camp came to me, I just clarified the truth to him. Afterwards when they met me, their first sentence to me was, “Falun Dafa is good.” I said, “Yes. Remember that and you may be saved.”

While detained in the labor camp, I explained the truth about Falun Gong to everyone I met and helped as many people as possible to quite the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I said in my heart, “Master, it’s time for me to return home.” I sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate all the evil beings and rotten demons in other spaces that were blocking the way from the labor camp to my home. I continued to send forth righteous thoughts for three days. At 3:00 p.m. on the third day, I was suddenly terribly dizzy. My face turned greenish yellow and my heart beat very fast. I was then taken to a hospital and diagnosed with a severe heart problem. Two days later, I was released and returned home.

Under Master’s care, I returned safely and joined the team to save sentient beings again in order to fulfill my mission. Thank you, Master, for providing me salvation during these turbulent days, saving me from hell, and purifying me. Master, you work so hard. I miss you very much. Only by truly and diligently practicing cultivation can I repay Master.

Selected from “Call for Articles about Divine Occurrences in the Human World”