(Clearwisdom.net) As the Fa-rectification reaches closer to the surface level, many degenerate things in other dimensions are being reflected. What is manifested in this dimension are Dafa practitioners’ human notions and attachments that are being exploited by the old forces. Thus barriers have formed between practitioners. There is disharmony among practitioners, and practitioners have revealed their attachments to competition, showing off, jealousy, and self-validation. There have been arguments about who is right and arguments about how to perform the tasks. Our local group was under the arrangements of the old evil forces and was unaware of it. We were trapped, but could not find a way out. This caused tensions to go unresolved for long periods of time, our xinxing could not elevate, and co-operation amongst us became poor.

I observed that many places had this situation. Through group Fa study, we exchanged experiences based on Fa principles and realized the causes of the barriers. When our attachments, were stirred up by another practitioner, tension appeared. When we know from the Fa that these attachments are not our real selves and that we need to eliminate them, the important thing is that we should view things from the standpoint of the Fa. These bad behaviors, such as picking on another person’s faults, thinking that one is better than the others, refusing to listen to another person because one thinks highly of oneself, are exactly the reasons why we need to cultivate ourselves. But a lot of us have not looked inwards and changed ourselves; instead we have found excuses for these attachments. Thus the old forces used these to create barriers among us and to weaken the power of our whole body. We could not improve and were led into traps by the old forces, yet we did not realize it.

A very serious issue was the conflict among practitioners as to the person in charge. The practitioners did not want to listen to the person in charge. They thought that he or she did not consider matters from the standpoint of the Fa and they thought that he or she had too many human attachments.

I said, “I only provide all of us with an environment for group Fa study. Because this is my house, I am thus the person in charge in regards to this matter. This does not mean that I am better than all of you. Practitioner A is very responsible toward other practitioners. If she sees other practitioners falling behind in Fa study, she takes the initiative to guide them along. She is very responsible in this area and thus she is the person in charge in this area. Practitioner B is very capable and helps other practitioners readily. She is the person in charge in that area.”

When I said this, two other practitioners said, “Since you put it this way, we agree with you.”

I said, “There is no position and status in cultivation; a person in charge is only a title. Fighting for a title is useless, as Master only looks at our hearts. If we really do things from the perspective of the Fa and cultivate our attachments away, I think Master would be very happy to see that. What we are facing are not just fellow practitioners, but how to improve ourselves by cultivating away our human notions and attachments, and learning how to break through the arrangements of the old forces so that sentient beings can be saved. We are one body. If there are things to be done, they should be to eliminate the evil and save more sentient beings. Why are we spending time arguing among ourselves?”

My fellow practitioners also agreed with this reasoning. In this way, they looked inward and improved their xinxing. The barriers were removed and we formed one body. We then shared our good ideas and used more of our energy on doing the three things required of us.

During this process, I saw my shortcomings and realized that I had the attachment of feeling that I was better than other practitioners; I was arrogant, and thus practitioners were not willing to listen to me and barriers were created. I hope that others will learn from my shortcomings and setbacks after reading this article.