(Clearwisdom.net) The First New Tang Dynasty Television Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference was held on February 19, 2011 in New Jersey.

Nearly 500 NTD Television staffers from around the world attended the conference where 24 Western and Chinese colleagues from different departments shared their experiences of their Fa-rectification cultivation practice and clarifying the truth by using NTD Television as a bridge.

Coordinators of several departments shared their cultivation experiences since joining NTD Television. They related cultivation stories about how they let go of human attachments when encountering conflicts, solidly cultivated and maintained righteous thoughts and actions when facing challenges, and let go of selfishness according to the Fa's requirements, while cooperating with others. The attendees were impressed by the touching stories.

Several practitioners mentioned in their sharings how they treated reputation, self-interest and emotions in the human world, and balanced their work at NTD Television with their everyday people's work. One coordinator said that when he had just come to the U.S., he thought first of how to settle down his life, and put less effort into NTD Television, and as a result he found that his everyday people's work didn't go smoothly. He later realized that he had wandered in the wrong direction and forgotten that “Life comes for the Fa,” and that NTD Television should be his main focus. He then started spending most of his time working for NTD Television. Things took a turn for the better, and several customers took initiative to contact him about purchasing houses.

In order to put more time and energy into NTDTV, another coordinator who had worked full time in his company, applied to work part time. His boss approved his application without hesitation.

An issue that generally challenges department coordinators in their work is how to expand their hearts and cultivate a great tolerance while doing coordination work. One program coordinator shared that he is introverted, and not good at communicating with others, but is striving to change himself according to the Fa's requirements, and tries his best to be considerate of his employee's feelings. He said, “Coordinators should be tolerant, enduring, think of how to resolve the problems, and be responsible at all times.”

Coordinators often reminds themselves to “practice solid cultivation and be responsible.” He said that he used to complain about other practitioners' shortcomings, but now looks within when he sees others' deficiencies. He used to complain about colleagues for not emptying the garbage, but now he empties it himself when he sees it. When the company moved to another location, the restroom floor was stained with paint spots, so he squatted and cleaned the stains bit by bit. He had a sore lower back and legs after completing the work, but he was more than happy in heart.

Several practitioners who joined in NTD Television work not long ago shared their cultivation experiences. Tang Yan, who is in charge of China news said, “The process of writing articles is also a process of removing Party culture.” Once he spent more than two hours writing an article. He had found a pile of materials related to a high-ranking official, and intended to expose this person thoroughly. Other practitioners gave him feedback, saying that this was not what the media should do. He thought of Master's Fa, and detected his strong attachment to competitiveness and Party culture, which prevents him from compassionately saving people. After realizing his attachments, he eliminated them and soon the writing was completed.

Several speakers illustrated with examples that their understanding of the basic requirements for doing well at NTD Television involves cultivating themselves well, listening to Master's teachings, and doing the three things well daily. These factors directly affect their work efficiency and help with smooth and effective cooperation. Several speakers discussed the importance of cooperation at this stage.

Coordinators of the series of NTD Television competitions shared how they improved their xinxing during the course of holding the competitions, and how they changed from being initially resentful to becoming more and more cooperative with others. A reporter shared his experience of going through a battle between good and evil in reporting Shen Yun performances in South America. A member of the sales staff talked about how he looked within to find his attachments when encountering difficulties at work.

Master said,

“If you want to run a media outlet well, you need to have a good footing in society.”

“...the station doesn’t just need to be run well, but also be run in a more regular, standard manner.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”)

Let us listen to Master's teachings,

“I just hope that you will really be able to do better, cooperate better, and work with each other better.”

“...when Dafa disciples do something they should carry it through to the end.” (“Fa Teaching Given at the NTDTV Meeting”)

When history turns this page, let us be able to say proudly, “We have fulfilled our pledges!”