(Clearwisdom.net) The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has employed methods that are both brutal and vicious in its persecution of Falun Gong practitioners. Its brutality and wickedness are beyond most people's imagination. One of the widely applied methods of torture on Falun Gong practitioners is the administration of nerve-damaging drugs or drugs that aggravate pain, so as to cause practitioners to suffer in ways that other torture methods fail to achieve. This is part of the CCP's goal of forcing practitioners to be “reformed” or “destroying them physically.” These crimes are committed in the regime's forced labor camps, prisons, mental hospitals, detention centers, and other facilities where Falun Gong practitioners have been illegally detained, and the practice is carried out on a broad scale.

On March 17, 2010, several human rights organizations held a seminar on China issues at the United Nations headquarters in Geneva. One topic of discussion was how the CCP uses drugs to destroy Falun Gong practitioners' ability to think, to adhere to their belief, and to maintain their conscience.

Unimaginable Crimes

Between 2002 and 2004, the Minghui website reported the cases of three Falun Gong practitioners— Mr. Ping Chunfeng, former section head at the Logistics Department of Qinghai Normal University, 29-year-old Ms. Fan Lihong, and Ms. Zhang Xuefeng— who suffered nervous breakdowns and died after being injected with or fed with unknown drugs. Qinghai Province Women's Drug Rehabilitation Center head Xiang Jianmei declared, “One shot costs more than 100 yuan.”

Before their deaths, Ms. Fan Lihong and Ms. Zhang Xuefeng told many people about what they had been subjected to, but others had difficulty believing them, as they found the horror and extent of such malice hard to fathom. Even their family members did not pay enough attention, and then regretted this after the two practitioners passed away.

Numerous reports over the past ten-plus years on Minghui confirm that drug poisoning does exist and is widely administered on Falun Gong practitioners in China. According to the Minghui Information Library, since 2004, there have been at least 1378 reported cases of practitioners who have been illegally detained being covertly, and forcibly administered unknown drugs or injected with poisonous drugs. The incidents took place in 29 provinces and cities, the most serious cases were found in provinces of Shandong, Hebei, Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Hunan, and Sichuan. There were 621 cases in which the practitioners were taken to mental hospitals and tortured by means of drug poisoning. The cases cover more than 100 mental hospitals in 27 provinces, cities, and autonomous regions. More cases have not been reported due to the CCP's information blockade.

Communist agents secretly inject practitioners with unknown drugs or put poisonous drugs in their food, which results in general malaise, difficulty walking, stunted speech, rapid decline of reaction and memory, and organ damage. Some practitioners suffer from a complete mental breakdown or cannot wake up from comatose sleep and have disordered thinking. In many cases, Falun Gong practitioners are tortured to the point of being paralyzed, suffering nervous breakdowns, and even death.

Prison guards, criminals, and related people's testimonies

Mr. Jiang Guobo used to be an official at the county deputy level of the Weifang City Political and Judiciary Committee in Shandong Province. Mr. Jiang was taken to the Weifang Forced Labor Camp in November 2005, where he held a hunger strike to protest his illegal detention. About a month after he was detained in the labor camp, an unknown drug was mixed into the food that was being force-fed to him, which made him so dizzy that sometimes he was unable to stand up or sit down. He was afraid to close his eyes because he felt as if the earth was spinning. For four months in the labor camp, all kinds of unknown drugs were fed to Mr. Jiang. Some affected his brain, making him dizzy and causing him to have headaches. Others harmed his liver, spleen, and kidneys, causing these organs to swell and causing him extreme pain around the liver area. Some of the drugs made his heart beat unnaturally fast, resulting in chest pains and difficulty breathing. Others gave him extreme stomach pain. Some made his teeth so loose they fell out. The worst ones caused him to lose strength. He felt weak and unsteady on his feet. Both his hands and feet felt like they were paralyzed, with no strength at all. He also experienced other symptoms, including sudden intense sweating, feeling extremely cold, unbearable itchiness all over, high fever, pain in his muscles and joints, diarrhea, inability to urinate or defecate, etc. These symptoms were just the ones that Mr. Jiang was able to identify. Later the unknown drugs were ground up into fine powder and mixed into hot water or into other substances to keep him from knowing when they were being forced upon him.

In mid-December 2005, after being force-fed with unknown drugs in his food, Mr. Jiang had excruciating stomach pain. He was also sweating profusely and he had heart discomfort. Around 11:00 p.m., becoming alarmed by Mr. Jiang's condition, the guard on duty called Zhu Anle (head of the Administration Section of Changle Forced Labor Camp) and the labor camp doctor, Liu, to the solitary cell to look at him. Mr. Jiang told them that he knew that drugs were being added to his food, ones that were harmful to the heart. Zhu Anle repeatedly denied this, saying that there was no drug added that affected the heart. He said, "I'm quite sure that there was no drug given to you that would affect your heart, because the doctor always lets me know what kind of drug he is going to use before he does it. They didn't tell me they were going to use such a drug lately." He suddenly realized what he was saying and stopped talking. He quickly turned around and left the cell.

Torture used at the Shandong Province' Wangcun Forced Labor Camp (Demonstration) : Falun Gong practiioners are placed in a solitary confinement cells where they are handcuffed to the window frame for more than 80 days.

During 2008 and 2009, approximately 300 practitioners were illegally detained in the Shandong Province Men's Second Forced Labor Camp's Seventh and Eighth Divisions. The camp guards instructed other inmates to mix unknown drugs into food that was fed to practitioners. The drugs debilitated them mentally, as well as physically.

According to some inmates, the prison guards secretly ordered several criminal prisoners to put unknown drugs into the food given to practitioners. The drugs caused symptoms that included headaches, dizziness, body numbness, and nosebleeds, along with swelling of the face, feet and legs. The prison guards' motives were to destroy the will and spirit of the practitioners and force them to renounce Falun Gong.

The prison guards and prisoners who were involved in drugging the practitioners include the following:

Guards: Li Gongming, Song Nan, Luo Guangrong, Zhang Qin, and Bi Haitao
Prisoners: Jiang Guocheng, Huang Wei, Cong Peikuan, Cao Ren, Yu Songliang, and Wang Yong

Ms. Gong Ruiping was an exemplary elementary school teacher. She was detained in 2003 at the Third Division of Beijing Women's Prison. She was put into long-term solitary confinement, where she was beaten and deprived of sleep. She was also brainwashed in an attempt to force her to give up practicing Falun Dafa. The division head has secretly given her a harmful drug for nearly six months. He once said, "She is forced to take the drug every day. It has been six months. Even a healthy person would be harmed."

Ms. Yue Changzhi, 70, was an electronics engineer employed by the China Aerospace Ministry. She was illegally held in Beijing Women's Prison. She has always been a very clear-headed woman, no matter how difficult her life was. When she was in prison, at the beginning of July 2004, she declared her intention to resume practicing Falun Gong. She endured huge suffering over the next four months. Although she went through a lot, her mind was clear, and her determination never wavered. By the end of 2004, she suddenly felt like she was becoming foggy-headed, and her body was in extreme pain. Ms. Yue said, “My unclear mental condition became worse at night, to the degree that I felt strangeness around me, and was unclear where I was. I was in the Tenth Ward on the fourth floor all the time, but I felt like I was in a basement. I could no longer find my way to the restroom although I had been there ten months. The most serious thing was that I had severe pain all over my body. It was like every cell was in pain; I could not bear to stand up.”

Ms. Yue Changzhi (left) in Australia, November 2008

Practitioner Ms. Xian Yuzhen from Yilong County, Nanchong City, Sichuan Province, is still swollen all over her body with leg pain and numbness, and could not walk even five months after she was released from the Nanmusi Forced Labor Camp. She also has headaches, dizziness, and loss of memory. During her detention in the forced labor camp, she was taken to the camp hospital and was administered an unknown solution intravenously for three days. At that time, a concerned camp worker warned Ms. Xian, "The CCP regime developed a toxic drug that is specifically used for Falun Gong practitioners. Any practitioner who they give it to by force gets red rashes and itching all over their bodies, and their legs will ooze pus. They also have symptoms of losing consciousness."

Some labor camps openly torture practitioners with drugs. Division head Ren from the Second Division in the Xi'an Women's Forced Labor Camp (also called Shaanxi Women's Forced Labor Camp) incites drug-addict prisoners to feed an unknown substance to Falun Gong practitioners. Practitioners who are locked in solitary confinement have eaten poisoned vegetables for an extended period of time. Some of them are swollen all over their bodies, and some of them are only skin and bones. Ms. Li Shulian from Yan'an City was once illegally detained here. At each meal, one inmate opened a capsule filled with a powdery substance that the division head gave her and poured the unknown white powder into Ms. Li Shulian's bowl, afterward mixing some broth and vegetables in it. She took the vegetables and some steamed buns to Ms. Li Shulian and the practitioners in the other solitary cells. After practitioners ate the vegetables, their stomachs ended up swelling. They felt weak, and got headaches and nausea.

Once in good health, now tortured to nervous breakdown and disability

When the torture and deception are unable to shake practitioners' firm belief, the regime resorts to using drugs as one of the most insidious means to persecute them. The practitioners have been given a great number of forced drug injections that damage the central nervous system, causing them to become disoriented or to lose their speech within a few hours.

Xishanping Forced Labor Camp Hospital, Chongqing

Mr. Kang Hong graduated from the Pediatrics Department at Chongqing Medical University. Mr. Kang spent eight years in prison for remaining steadfast in his belief in Falun Gong. Mr. Kang's shinbones were fractured at the end of August 2008. To protest this inhumane treatment, Mr. Kang began a hunger strike. Soon after, he was taken to the Xishanping Labor Camp Central Hospital, where doctors gave him injections. Shortly after, Mr. Kang lost consciousness, yelled incoherently and even rubbed feces on his face. He also could no longer recognize his mother. These are symptoms of a drug-induced nervous breakdown.

Mr. Tang Yi received a Master's degree from Southwest Transportation University. He was Bridge Engineer of the Fifth Company under the China Railroad 11th Bureau. Shortly after Mr. Kang Hong was taken to the Xishanping Central Hospital, he was force-fed and received injections. He was soon on the verge of death, and was released on medical parole. Mr. Tang developed symptoms of central nervous system damage. He became paralyzed, and lost bowel and bladder control. He died on September 22, 2009, at the age of 46.

Mr. Zhang Chunlin was an officer on Hongguang Farm in Baiyilaga Township, Qianguo County, Songyuan City, Jilin Province. He was the former head of the first division of Hongguang Farm. He is very honest and was regarded as a good officer. Because he remained steadfast in his belief in Falun Dafa, he was persecuted by the CCP. On September 1, 2008, he was injected with an unknown drug at the Qianguo County Detention Center. He fell into a deep sleep, and slept throughout the entire following day. Upon awakening, he displayed symptoms of being mentally unstable. He spoke incoherently and had a loss of memory.

Ms. Dong Jingzhe, a 32-year-old advertisement designer, was one of the practitioners who helped rescue Ms. Gao Rongrong. Ms. Dong endured brutal physical and mental torture at the Masanjia Forced Labor Camp. In March 2005, guards at Masanjia shackled her to a metal bed. They injected her with over 70 vials (five 500 ml. vials per day) of an unknown drug. The drug caused paralysis in her legs. Many practitioners became paralyzed in their limbs after being injected with the drug at Masanjia.

Ms. Dong Jingzhe before becoming paralyzed after being injected with unknown drugs. She is now unable to take care of herself

In July 2004, guard Wang Lihua from the No. 7 Division at the Heizuizi Women's Forced Labor Camp took practitioner Ms. Zhao Jinling away from her cell. Two hours later when Ms. Zhao was brought back, her eyes looked very dull and teary. She couldn't talk, she drooled uncontrollably, and her limbs were numb. She lost awareness and didn't realize that she should wear clothes. After she went to the bathroom, she forgot that she should pull her trousers back up. Ms. Zhao, 21, was a quiet, beautiful girl. But it only took two hours for the officials in the forced labor camp to put Ms. Zhao into such a horrible condition just because she firmly believed in Falun Gong. Two other practitioners, Ms. Li Wei and Ms. Liu Wenwen, also ended up in the same dreadful state as Ms. Zhao. Both of them were only in their 20s.

Complete disregard for human life

Ms. Zhang Fuzhen was a 38-year-old practitioner from Pingdu City, Shandong Province. She was employed at Xianhe Park in Pingdu City, Shandong Province. In 2001, she was arrested and sent to the 610 Office Brainwashing Center in Pingdu, and she has never returned home. According to an eyewitness, the police stripped Ms. Zhang of her clothes, and shaved her head. They tortured and insulted her. She was tied, spread eagle, on a bed; she had to relieve herself on the bed. Then they injected some unknown poisonous drug into her. As soon as she was injected with the drug, she felt unbearable pain. She struggled as if she was being driven out of her mind, and she died very painfully. 610 Office officals witnessed the entire course of Ms. Zhang's death.

Mr. Ju Yajun, 33 years old, was a farmer in Yuquan Town, Acheng City, Heilongjiang Province. He was healthy and honest, and well-known as a good man in surrounding villages. He was illegally taken to the Changlingzi Forced Labor Camp in Harbin for remaining steadfast in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance. He was carried into the clinic for force-feeding the afternoon on October 21, 2001, because he went on a hunger strike to protest his illegal sentence. During the force-feeding they injected him with unknown drugs. After he came back, he was in a stupor and could not speak proper sentences. He repeatedly pointed to his arms and said, "Needle injection, needle injection..." To evade responsibility, the forced labor camp sent him home on October 24, 2001. He died two days later, leaving behind his father in his 70s and his young child.

Ms. Zhang Dezhen, 38 years old, was a biology teacher employed by Mengyin County Sixth High School (also called Jiuzhai High School). On September 19, 2002, she was once again arrested and detained in the Mengyin County Detention Center. She went on a hunger strike to protest, and was force-fed in the Mengyin County Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital multiple times. On January 31, 2003, Chinese New Year's Eve, she died after being injected with an unknown drug.

Ms. Zhang Dezhen, high school teacher in Mengyin County. Ms. Zhang died after an injection of an unknown drug.

On January 31, 2003, Ms. Zhang Dezhen and three other practitioners (including Ms. Zhang Guifeng and Ms. Wang Xiangying) were put in a police vehicle, taken to the Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital and placed in a room on the first floor. Ms. Zhang Dezhen passed out on the way. No rescue effort was made for her, but all four practitioners were injected with an unknown drug, which caused them to feel hot, have dry mouths, pain throughout their bodies, and weakness in their legs. Ms. Wang Xiangying asked doctor Wang Chun Xiao and Detention Center Head Sun Kehai, "Exactly what kind of drug are you using on us?" Sun did not answer, but instead said happily, "Isn't this good?" The guards and doctors hung four intravenous injection bottles at the four corners of Ms. Zhang Dezhen's bed, and spoke to each other about how they were going to rescue her. Then one of the doctors gave her a shot of an unknown drug, after which Ms. Zhang went completely silent. A guard standing on the side said quietly, "Another one has ended."