(Clearwisdom.net) On December 7, 2011, Liu Zhenting and other officers from the Domestic Security Division of the Harqin Banner Police Department in Chifeng City, Inner Mongolia, picked up Ms. Zhao Guichun and took her back to Chifeng from Liaoning Province. Liu had fled to Liaoning Province to avoid persecution in Chifeng City, but was arrested in Liaoning Province nevertheless. The officers didn't allow her family to visit her, and threatened to sentence Ms. Zhao to a forced labor camp or prison.

Ms. Zhao, 46, has been arrested many times over the course of the last twelve years of persecution.

In mid-September 2010, Ms. Zhao and Ms. Yang Cuiling were arrested by Liu Zhenting and several other officers. Their homes were ransacked, and they were interrogated and physically abused in an attempt to extract a false confession. They went into a coma after seven days. Their families bailed them out pending trial. After Ms. Zhao recovered, she went to the Yuanbaoshan District Domestic Security Division to request the return of her personal belongings that had been confiscated. However, the officers had divided them up and taken them, so they threatened her with a heavy sentence. Meanwhile, the officers started to harass the two women and their families. Right before the 2011 Chinese New Year's Day, Ms. Zhao and Ms. Yang had to leave home. Officer Liu Zhenting then set out to try to find them. In mid-June 2011, Ms. Yang was arrested at home.

On December 7, Ms. Zhao was arrested in her hometown in Jianping County, Liaoning Province, by officers from the Laoguandi Town Police Station. Officer Liu Zhenting took Ms. Zhao back to Chifeng that night and held her in the Jinshan Detention Center. The next morning, Ms. Zhao's husband traveled 30 miles from Pingzhuang to the Jinshan Detention Center to deliver a change of clothes and bedding after learning of his wife's detention. Liu Zhenting refused to let him visit her. Ms. Zhao's husband became worried and looked emaciated.

In the past six months, Ms. Zhao's husband has been constantly harassed by Liu Zhenting and other officers, and he has been afraid. After Ms. Zhao was arrested, her husband and his sisters had to temporarily suspend his fruit selling business.

The Harqin Banner Police Department recently announced that they would sentence Ms. Zhao to three years of forced labor or imprisonment and send her out of town very soon. Ms. Zhao's family have been worried and distressed since they learned this. The New Year is coming and families are getting together, while they have to suffer the pain of being separated.