(Clearwisdom.net) I started to read the book Zhuan Falun on April 1 of this year. Through studying the Fa, I saw hope return to my life. I very much appreciate venerable Master's merciful salvation! I am so grateful for the chance to cultivate in Falun Dafa!

So many times previously, I had thought about ending my life because I was suffering from all kinds of unknown ailments. When one type of ailment was taken care of, another one appeared. I had all kinds of hard to cure diseases, one after another.

Since learning Falun Dafa, my body has changed a lot. I recall that about ten days after I started to learn the Fa, I was taking a shower in the evening and my hand happened to touch my spine. I was surprised to find that my spinal column, which used to lean toward the left, was not as bad. Now my spinal column is almost completely straightened. I was a laid-off worker and my family was poor, so I had to do several odd jobs each day. This meant that I could only study the Fa in the early morning and late evening hours. Now all of my ailments have basically disappeared.

For example, I used to suffer from chronic throat infections, problems with my spinal column near my neck and in my lower back, a pinched sciatic nerve, inflammation of my colon, constipation, frequent stomach pain, intestinal infections, gynecological problems, and swollen eyes. All of these ailments have disappeared. I also had problems with my blood pressure and with my heart. Before I used to take traditional remedies to get rid of sunstroke every two or three days. Since I had so many health problems, when I went to the doctor, I didn't even know where to start. However, since I started to study the Fa, all of these diseases have gradually disappeared. I have experienced great improvements both physically and emotionally, and I even look better. Also, I no longer have thoughts about suicide.

During my cultivation, some of the above ailments occasionally re-appear. That is, one ailment may appear today and another may appear tomorrow. But I remember what Master said:

"Maybe you think that by practicing qigong you healed some area of your body that had a problem, or that maybe some qigong master healed it for you, and that now it's relapsed. That's because he didn't heal it, he only put it off for you. It's still right where it was, so the health problem didn't surface back then but it would later on. We have to dig all of those out, drive them all out for you, and completely get rid of them at the root. So you'll think that your problem has relapsed, and this is eliminating karma at the root-that's why you have reactions. Some people will have localized reactions in their bodies, maybe one part hurts, or maybe it's some other part, and all kinds of unpleasant sensations will come up. It's all normal." (Zhuan Falun, The Second Talk)

Although the reappearance of one of those ailments in my body makes me feel uncomfortable all of a sudden, it only lasts for a few minutes or one or two hours, and then that ailment goes away. Whenever I felt uncomfortable, especially each time I got a toothache, I would then open the Dafa book and start to read, and then everything would be OK. Fa-study will truly do wonders.

Since starting cultivation, I have not taken any medicine or had any injections. Before doing cultivation I took lots of medicine and health supplements, but that proved to be useless. Now my whole body feels very light. I think that Dafa is so wonderful and wanted to share my story.

I shall firmly believe in Dafa and follow Master forever. With my limited understanding, if anything presented here is not right, it would be greatly appreciated if you would point it out.