(Clearwisdom.net) With a practitioner's help, I bought a computer and a printer, and learned how to log onto the Internet at the end of 2005.The computer was totally new for me, a man in his 60's. In the following years, Minghui Net gave me a lot of help and support in my cultivation way to assist Master in Fa-rectification. Reading Minghui Net, like having meals, is a necessity in my daily life. I haven't browsed any website for ordinary people in all these years.

In June 2006, a fellow practitioner asked, “Have you read Minghui Net recently?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “There is Internet blockage these days, and I haven't accessed Minghui Net for days.” I never heard the term “Internet blockage” before, and asked, “What is Internet blockage?” However, since that day, I couldn't access Minghui Net, either. Later, this problem was solved through righteous thoughts. Since then, my connection to Minghui Net hasn't been interrupted even once, and what I should do as a Dafa disciple haven't been delayed at all.

Now, on average, every four practitioners has one materials production site. Someone who received our fliers was amazed, “Falun Gong is great, with its own printing house.”

– From the author

Greetings, most venerable Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

This is the annual Internet experience sharing conference for practitioners in China, an opportunity given by merciful Master for disciples in China to rectify the Fa, an opportunity by which Master can test us, and also a special treat for disciples in China. “The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.” (Zhuan Falun) Therefore, writing down experiences and insights in cultivation is validating the greatness of Fa, validating the greatness of Master. Thus, I have written my cultivation experience to report to Master and to exchange with fellow disciples.

Persistently Encourage and Help Fellow Practitioners to Access to Minghui Net

With a practitioner's help, I bought a computer and a printer, and learned how to log onto the Internet at the end of 2005. In the following years, Minghui Net gave me a lot of help and support in my cultivation to assist Master in Fa-rectification. I can even say that my life can't continue without Minghui Net. The computer was totally new for me, a man in his 60's. However, “The cultivation is up to you, gong is up to the master.” (Zhuan Falun), so I firmly believe that under merciful Master's care, Dafa disciples can create miracles. In these years, whenever Minghui Net is mentioned, I have a special feeling, and I regard it as my “home” in the world. Reading Minghui Net, like having meals, is a necessity in my daily life; if one day I didn't read Minghui Net, I would feel incomplete. Therefore, if I go out at night, however late I get home, I will read Minghui Net, to grasp the direction for my cultivation, because at the beginning of the persecution, Master told us, “...practitioners must pay attention to the attitude of Minghui Net.” (“A Second Authentic New Article of Master Li Since July 22, 1999 Will Be Published in a Few Days”). I strictly limit my use of the computer. I haven't browsed any website for ordinary people in many years. Also, it belongs to me. My grandson even said, “Nobody can access grandpa's computer.” When others talked about websites for ordinary people, I said, “I don't browse them at all.” Fellow practitioners said, “His computer is the purest.”

In June 2006, a fellow practitioner asked, “Have you read Minghui Net recently?” I said, “Yes.” He said, “There is Internet blockage these days, and I haven't accessed Minghui Net for days.” I had never heard the term “Internet blockage” before, and asked, “What is Internet blockage?” However, since that day, I wasn't able to access Minghui Net, either. Through this experience, I realized that if I didn't have the concept of “Internet blockage” in my mind, my own dimensional field would be pure. Thus, this degenerate thing wouldn't have any place to set foot in my dimensional field, and then it would not affect me. Others mentioned it, but I didn't negate it, so my dimensional field wasn't as pure as before, which left room for the degenerate “Internet blockage”, and thus it took effect. Then, I thought, “I am a Dafa disciple who is assisting Master in Fa-rectification. I am saving sentient beings. What I am doing is the most righteous thing in the cosmos. Nothing can prevent me from connecting with Minghui Net. Nothing is able to nor dares to block my way to return “home” to Minghui Net. This righteous thought nullified the so-called “Internet blockage” by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Since then, my connection to Minghui Net hasn't been interrupted even once, and what I should do as a Dafa disciple hasn't been delayed at all.

Before I bought the computer, I didn't have a clear understanding of how materials sites should “spring up everywhere.” The main obstacle was my “ordinary people's way of thinking” – due to a sense of mystery about the computer, my activity to “spring up everywhere” was delayed. After I followed articles on the subject on Minghui Net for half a year, my way of thinking was totally changed, and I soon improved myself – we also needed to “spring up everywhere” here. A material production site was established in my home, and thus the district where I lived was separated from the district in charge of a main materials production site. I bought four all-in-one printers and donated one to a mountainous area in poverty. Every time I download articles from Minghui Net, I provided them a version, so that they could copy it by themselves. The sort of materials in this site was obviously increasing. We could immediately produce materials according to needs. For example, if people gave feedback that certain material was good, we would immediately print more. Our efforts were all to save sentient beings.

In this process, I often exchanged ideas about the importance of reading Minghui Net with fellow practitioners who help produce materials. I encouraged them to buy computers so that they could, by themselves, look through Minghui Net, download and print, and get a real sense of “springing up everywhere.” Within four months, these fellow practitioners bought computers and they could access Minghui Net by themselves. Another two months later, I helped another district to buy computers, and they could also “spring up everywhere.” At the same time, we provided other mountainous areas in poverty computers, printers, CD-burners, and other magical tools, in order to encourage and help fellow practitioners there to “spring up everywhere.” I thought the level of my comprehension was low, and I didn't know how to figure out many things about the computer. After I had the computer, I can often have access to Minghui Net, so that I can know the situation of cultivation all over the world from fellow practitioners' experience sharing. I feel as if I attend a Fa conference every day, from which I improve rapidly. Therefore, these years, I persistently encourage and help fellow practitioners to buy computers and have an access to Minghui Net by themselves. Now, on average, every four practitioners has one materials production site, from which all the materials are downloaded and printed by themselves. About two thirds of the materials production sites are equipped with laser printers and jet printers. Thus, materials we produce are of high quality, and all the distributed materials are in color printing. Someone who got our fliers was amazing, “Falun Gong is great, with its own printing house.”

Laser printers are mainly used to print high quality books. The district where I live involves both urban and rural areas, with the population of hundreds of thousands in around thirty thousands families. On average, one family has already already got one Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party printed and distributed by us (excluding DVDs of Nine Commentaries). We distribute the Minghui Series – Melding into the Light of Fa and Unexpectedly Rescued from a Desperate Situation average one version for twenty families. Other materials are distributed face to face. Bound by a cementing machine, all the books are in high quality and cherished by sentient beings. Facing such finely printed books, people think they are produced by a formal printing house, rather than by a group of elderly people! In this way, our books are cherished by sentient being and obtain the good result in saving people. Besides what is distributed in our district, a large amount of the books we produce are donated to other areas.

Because many fellow practitioners have access to Minghui Net and often look through articles about experience sharing, their xinxing improves rapidly, which forms a virtuous cycle. Since the daily group Fa-study was restored in 2003, almost all the fellow practitioners persist in it, which guarantees their time and quality of Fa-study. In addition, they have access to articles in Minghui Net themselves, so when we exchange with each other, we tend to mention some articles in Minghui Net in a natural way. Unknowingly, we as a whole get improved to a higher level.

Most of the practitioners in our area are senior ladies. Besides studying Fa for 6-7 hours, doing exercises, and sending righteous thoughts every day, they are also responsible for their housework and making materials. Thus, they all give a lot financially and physically. Dafa disciples in our district make up ten percent of the population in the whole area, but the population we are responsible to cover makes up around twenty-five percent. Master said, “...the one who loses, gains...” (Zhuan Falun) We give a lot, and correspondingly, we get a lot. I and other fellow practitioners who have benefited from Minghui Net encourage other practitioners who haven't read through Minghui yet. I understand that “springing up everywhere” is arranged by Master, which is also an ongoing topic in Minghui experience sharing, and Master hopes we realize this form as soon as possible.

Recently, I went to another area to attend an experience sharing conference. On my way home at night, I ran across a local 65-year-old practitioner who lived in the rural area. During the 15-minute drive, I exchanged with her about looking through Minghui Net online. She said, “I also want to have access to Minghui Net for myself, but the Fa-rectification proceeds fast. Do you think it is necessary for me?” I said, “Of course....” She agreed happily. Now I have helped her fix the computer. Amazingly, a senior lady from the rural area has mastered how to use the mouse within an hour, which proves that Dafa disciples are extraordinary.

Through years of cultivation experience, I have realized that based on enough Fa-study, reading Minghui Net is a stable way that helps rapid improvement, especially for practitioners like me, whose comprehension level is limited. That is, through the help of Minghui Net, we can solve a lot of problems. Therefore, I suggest all practitioners read Minghui Net; especially practitioners who are in charge of coordination. They should help and encourage fellow practitioners to use Minghui Net, in order to promote improvement as a whole.

Practitioners Must Pay Attention to the Attitude of Minghui Net”

Minghui Net is more than a simple medium. It is of great importance. It is the bridge that connects Master to disciples from all over the world. It is the Mecca for all the Dafa disciples, because we can attend the holy Fa conference here, and share our experiences. It helps convey the tremendous, everlasting grace that Master has blessed us with. It is a magical tool to disclose, frighten, and clean up the evil. Besides, why did Master at the beginning of the persecution tell us to pay attention to Minghui's attitude towards critical issues? I think Minghui Net plays an important role in coordination and action in regards to these issues. Articles on Minghui Net can reflect where we are in the Fa-rectification, what we should do in different stages, and how to follow Fa-rectification.

On July 6, the article “A Time for Fireworks and Celebration” appeared on Minghui as a lead article, clear and definite. Immediately, I realized that this was a great event in the Fa-rectification which needed us to cooperate – Jiang Zemin's death is inevitable in Fa-rectification. However, at first, I was not quite clear about how to set off fireworks, and especially how to lead other people to do this. We just widely spread this article of “A Time for Fireworks and Celebration”, but didn't obtain any obvious effects. We searched within and found that we didn't perform well. We thought of how we persuaded people to withdraw from the communist party before – we withdrew at first, then persuaded family and friends to withdraw, and at last persuaded strangers. Likewise, we set fireworks by ourselves at first, and then encouraged family to set off fireworks. Finally, we went out to set off fireworks, which, little by little, led all the people to do so.

In this process, differences appeared between me and some fellow practitioners. They didn't think it was necessary to follow this article and lead others to set off fireworks.

However, Master said,

“You cannot always rely on me to bring you up to a higher level while you, yourself do not move. Only after the Fa is explicitly stated do you make a move. If it is not taught clearly, you do not move, or move backward. I cannot recognize such behavior as cultivation practice.” (“Digging Out the Roots” from Essentials for Further Advancement)

A Hong Kong media for the first time disclosed the news of Jiang Zemin's death on the night of July 6. However, when I opened Minghui Net the next morning, I found this article “A Time for Fireworks and Celebration.” Think about it: normally, the publication of an article needs at least two days after getting the news, writing it down, polishing and editing. So why did this topical article get published within hours? I realized that it was from setting off fireworks as celebration that Master gave another opportunity for people to position themselves, and also tested how Dafa disciples believe in Master and the Fa.

Persistently Disclosing the Evil

Through reading Minghui Net, I realized that disclosing the evil is a key issue in Fa-rectification. Little by little, my understanding of the importance to disclose the evil improved. On November 15, 2003, “Master's Comment on a Student's Article” was published, but at that time, I still didn't understand any special significance. I didn't have the basic comprehension about disclosing the evil until I corrected some characters of Fa according to the notice of character-correction in 2004. In order to find the characters that needed to be replaced, I closely read the Fa word by word. I had a great feeling during this process, and studied the Fa very firmly. Recalling this process, I think it may be the reason I began to have a genuine realization of disclosing the evil.

At that time, practitioners in my area didn't begin individually disclosing the evil yet. What I did was merely write some open letters to comprehensively disclose the evil and the news of persecution against fellow practitioners. After I bought the computer and had access to Minghui Net, I really began projects to disclose the evil. Articles in Minghui Net about disclosing the evil helped me rapidly improve my understanding about disclosing the evil, especially the local evil.

At first, I published an article in Minghui Net about my understanding of disclosing the local evildoers. Subsequently, I exposed the local main persecutors, their criminal behavior, and how their day of reckoning came. That night, a storm broke with lightning flashing and thunder rumbling. It was late April, warm but sometimes still chilly in northern China, and this weather was unusual. The next day, people gathered together, “It poured heavily last night with lightning flashing and thunder rumbling, but the small meeting room (the room in which the Chinese Communist Party has more than once conspired together against Falun Gong) on the second floor of the government hotel caught fire. Even fire engines roared there.” My article was published when I opened my computer in the afternoon. In the evening, a practitioner in charge of coordination and I met in our rented room. The 100-watt bulb of the room was broken for over a year and had never lit since then. But, unexpectedly, it lit. I was enlightened all of a sudden. I understood why the storm broke and the meeting room caught fire last night – it was a fight between the good and evil in other dimensions. It is Master's encouragement for us to disclose the evil that the light bulb that never lit suddenly lit up. At that time, I really felt that Master is beside me.

I lacked layout knowledge at that time, so I asked another practitioner to design fliers for my article that exposed the main persecutors, which were widely distributed in my area. They were all about the real people and events which were familiar to the local people, therefore, we got positive feedback. People had an approach to the truth of how some local evil people and evil policemen were persecuting Falun Gong, and how tragic were their ends, which also greatly frightened those evil people and evil policemen.

Exploring the broad dimension of Minghui Net, my vision is clearer and my thoughts are more broad. Inspired by this flier and other fellow practitioners' materials production experience, I was determined to make materials disclosing the local evildoers. Lacking basic knowledge about computers, layout, and typing, I spent more than thirty days to finish the first editorial flier reflecting the local situation and articles on Minghui Net. Fifty days later, our first local edition of Minghui Weekly was published.

We finally had our materials to disclose the local persecution. However, because many practitioners had been persecuted but hadn't written down their experience of persecution, there was a shortage of contributions. I realized that I should take the lead. But due to fear, it took me over two months from writing to submitting. After it was published on Minghui Net, I immediately incorporated it into the flier and got it published. Then, I exchanged ideas with fellow practitioners, and encouraged them to let go of fear and disclose the local evil. After a year, articles to disclose the evil multiplied, which provided our local newsletter enough contributions. The level of my cultivation greatly improved in the 6 or 7 years' experience of editing materials to disclose the local persecution. I'm especially grateful for the help I received from practitioners participating in the project of Minghui Net.

We perform well in making materials to disclose the local persecution, and thus obtain ideal results. First of all, the local authorities and policemen involved in the persecution are frightened. Secondly, a relatively free environment of cultivation has been established here. Thirdly, and the most importantly, sentient beings have an opportunity to know the truth and thus be saved. Finally, from our exposure of the wrongdoings of the persecutors, both their family and friends know how evil they are, which can stop their wrongdoings against Dafa, and is also offering salvation to them.

Studying the Fa Well Is the Foundation and Guarantee to Do Anything Well

I began practicing Falun Dafa in 1998. The environment of group Fa-study was lost after the CCP persecuted Dafa on July 20, 1999, and I couldn't control myself very well at that time, so my Fa-study became a mere formality, and I couldn't even finish one lecture of Zhuan Falun in many days. I didn't study the Fa and do the exercise very often, and even had the idea that I was assured just because I didn't give up cultivation. In spite of distributing materials to clarify the truth, I had many attachments and thus was taken advantage of the old forces. I was robbed of property, arrested, illegally detained for months, fined, and went a roundabout way.

In the prison, I really felt pained because I couldn't study the Fa and do the exercises. After I came back, I searched within to find my omission. Through studying the Fa, I was clear that, despite a lot of attachments, my essential omission was that I hadn't studied the Fa well, so I got lost and regarded myself as an ordinary person. I must study the Fa more as compensation. Then, I studied the Fa more; one lecture of Zhuan Falun per day plus other Fa teachings. My department didn't assign me any work after I came back, and I grasped this opportunity to copy and memorize Zhuan Falun in my office. At the same time, I sent righteous thoughts at least ten times a day to purify my own dimensional field. Half a year later, I felt much better, gradually participated in the mainstream of Fa-rectification, and began Fa-rectification projects in my home to produce materials and disclose the evil.

One day, the leader of my department told me, “You can just stay at home and don't need to come here. Your wage and other welfare won't change.” This gave me more time to devote to save sentient beings. Later I realized that this was actually a precious opportunity Master arranged for me. I am so thankful for Master. My wife (also a practitioner) often says that I was a “specialized disciple.” I was persecuted by the CCP for ten years, and after I returned, my department doesn't require me to go to work, but pays me full wage, welfare, and year-end bonus. The first time I got the a year-end bonus, I said to my wife, “The bonus doesn't belong to me but Master. Which department will pay you welfare and bonus after you are persecuted? So we should spend the money on saving sentient beings.” At the same time I realize that this is also Master's encouragement to us.

During years of Fa-rectification and cultivation, I deeply understand the importance of “studying the Fa more, and studying the Fa well”, because Master told us to study the Fa and study the Fa more every time He taught the Fa. Later, I was aware that there were a lot of articles on Minghui Net sharing experiences of memorizing Zhuan Falun. I realized that this was the time for me to memorize and recite the Fa. From December 2006 to October 2007, I continuously recited Zhuan Falun twice. In this process, I was concentrated on the Fa, and the Fa showed me a lot of the profound inner meaning, through which I felt the level of my studying the Fa greatly improved. Every time Master's new scripture was published, I continuously recited it many times. In 2007 when I got the DVD of Master's Fa-Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners, I was very excited. I never met Master in person, and merely knew Master from lecture videos a long time ago. I cherished this video a lot, and continuously repeated His words many times. Also, I wonder why Master merely gives us Fa-Teaching Given to the Australian Practitioners among so many Fa teachings. Master's careful and delicate design is always beyond disciples' full comprehension. What we can do is just to watch more and learn more. Now four years later, I watch this video at least once every three months. Every time I watch, I obtain new inner meaning, and I can hardly tear myself away.

Master told us to study the Fa with a peaceful mind. When I studied Zhuan Falun before, I couldn't understand the inner meaning of Fa-rectification. However, when I follow Master's teaching and study the Fa firmly, I can comprehend this inner meaning, but I feel I can only understand this inner meaning in my mind, and am not able to express it in words. Maybe this is the inner meaning that Master shows me at my level.


I realize that no matter how much I have done in Fa-rectification, it is actually done by Master. On the way Master paves for me, what I've done is simply to open my mouth to say something, and to use my hands to make something. But Master bestows the magnificent mighty virtue to us. Every time I think of this, I can't help shedding tears. What I can do is to follow Master and strive forward.

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners! Heshi.